Saturday, January 27, 2007


I was inspired by my friend at "Addicted to Medblogs" (click title above to navigate there) to add some new acronyms to her list. Acronyms are useful on the ED board to let the ED staff know what the chief complaint of a particular patient is without spelling it out for the passers-by to see and puzzle over.

"CP" is chest pain, "SOB" is shortness of breath etc... Here are some others invented for the patients not fitting nicely into a medical pigeonhole...

"SPAK"- Status-post ass-kicking.
"GOK"- God only knows.
"WADAO"- Weak and dizzy all over.
"FDGB"- Fall down go boom.
"BBFB"- Bone broke, fix bone.
"AMFYOYO"- Adios MF, your'e on your own (i.e. discharge this waste of carbon).
"SLAS"- Seizing like a squirrel.
"AHD"- Acute haldol deficiency.

More later.


  1. Great Blog! Reading your stuff causes me to miss working at the hospital.I worked in ED registration for 20 years and worked closely with ED staff and patients, along with wearing some other hats as well.I even miss the crazy stuff that you are describing. :)

    Re: your Super Nanny post - I always felt sorry for the children who had such obviously slow witted or neglectful parents. I would cringe when I heard how badly they talked or shouted at their kids or say totally inane things that no respectable adult would say to a child. Sadly, these parents were oblivious to how they were wounding their child's spirit. I could go on but I know you have seen it all.

    I am blogrolling you and look forward to reading more posts. :)

  2. Those are great! I have to ask, what is a "positive cheetos sign"? I was going to Google it, but thought, what the heck, since I'm here...

    Thanks for the link.

  3. Post on the "positive cheetos sign" on the way from one of my colleagues.

  4. Thank you. MDOD is one of my favorite medblogs. Glad to see the more frequent posts.

  5. DFO - done fell out (fainted)
    FTD - fixin' to die
    TSTL - to stupid to live

  6. Don't forget DFOWIC (Done fell out while in church). My favorite:
    RTT c BBB

    Rat-a-Tat-Tat with a Base Ball Bat.

    Funny how we work in very different locales and some of the acronyms are the same (our nurses use GOK all the time)

  7. I'm very late coming into this discussion (just found the blog).

    We had an abbreviation where I worked:
    CODS-Cause of Death, Stupidity.