Friday, August 17, 2007


So get this. I had an indigent patient today who recently was diagnosed with a DVT and pulmonary embolus. I admitted him to the hospital and he was treated appropriately (and his bill will be distributed amongst the more fortunate). When he was discharged Sanofi-Aventis provided him with a full course of free lovenox therapy. This great drug allows folks to be treated out of the hospital for this dangerous condition but the drug itself is so expensive that not many without insurance can afford it. It's probably $700 for ten doses. So he came back today without a therapeutic blood level of coumadin and was nearly out of his lovenox. He needed a few more days so I called those Sanofi-Aventis assholes and they quickly ponied up for more (probably out of guilt). The thing is that those jerks actually make money on this stuff! The gall! Money! Yeah, I'm sure they spent millions in research and development of the drug and countless man-hours and hundreds of tests on DEFENSELESS ANIMALS no doubt, but really, this stuff should be free. We surely can not expect a man who can barely afford his Marlboros (half a pack in shirt pocket, new pack in back pocket), and could clearly not afford a dentist, to pay for this can we? I mean we are the richest nation in the world for Allah's sake! Where is the federal government when you need it?


  1. "less fortunate". College professors and liberal pundits throw that term around. But fortune, according to Webster's, is "deriving good from an unexpected source". I don't think years of study, paying attention in school, not getting hooked on drugs and alcohol, and not having children till I could afford to take care of them makes me "more fortunate". It just shows i've made smart decisions. And become a target of the liberal left to take my money and give it to someone else, using the base human emotion of envy to their advantage (see socialism). And I don't think someones choice to sit on their ass, not study, be late for work, and drink and do drugs makes them "less fortunate". It just shows what stupid choices they have made in their life.

  2. Less fortunate is what I now call myself after having my checkbook emptied by those who deemed me fortunate.

  3. Oh Lynn,

    You 'winner's of life's lottery' just can't understand. We will make sure we counteract your good fortune, which has nothing to do with your genetically bestowed talent or your 'hard work', with a variety of money grabs and rules until you are as miserable as the average human. That's how we used to do it in mother Russia.

    Дайте мне вашу деньг.

  4. The government is too busy screwing up the war in Iraq to deal with ANYTHING here at home. But rest assured, when the "mission" is "accomplished", they'll be right back home, screwing stuff up here too.

    Gah. I feel your pain.