Friday, August 17, 2007

Private Health Care Rescues Public

Check this out. Guess we have to crash our current system, install socialized medicine, and then come back to the start like the Aussies when people start dying.

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  1. Im waiting for the day when someone opens a private practice hospital that accepts no medicare/medicaid/federal funding of any kind and begins refusing to treat those who cannot pay. IE, if your stable enough to walk in/explain your condition, then your qualified to pay. Not bleeding, still breathing? Grab your wallets people, Doc is getting paid! Looking for a 3 am ER pregnancy test? hope you got cash!!! Need that work excuse? Going rate is 250 bucks per day you want excused, extra if you need a pseudo diagnosis. Rude to the nurse? Gonna cost ya.

    On a serious note, I beleive its only a matter of time before there becomes wave of privatization in emergency care. Already hospitals that serve a large population of indigent persons are in financial distress. Slowly, someone somewhere is working on an end run around the federal meddling in healthcare funding and rates. Money will always attract the highest talent, and sooner or later that gap will become apparent. People will start carrying their health insurance notification: "In case of emergency, stabilize and transfer to nearest private hospital. Insurance number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"

    Someone needs to point out that if the government sets the reimbursement rate to low for a service, sooner or later that service is not going to attract people who want to provide it. Its happening already. Medicine, particularly emergency medicine, is either going to start costing a lot more, go private, or go out of business.

    This is a bit randomly organized, I apologize.
    Doc H, USN