Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Special Gift

A great little gift appeared in my inbox recently. Check it out above. In relation to the JCAHO monster I am glad we appear to someone as a 'tank'... I think we are more like a mosquito, but nonetheless, check out the artist's homepage here, and to my friend who sent this, many thanks.


  1. Mosquitoes (sp?) can be deadly.. not quite as directly effective as a tank with explosives.. but malaria, encephalitis, and west nile virus are pretty effective host killers too. :)

  2. ahahahaha... damn, that tickled me pink. ahem. not quite sure exactly why.

  3. Oh my gosh, is the artist's name really Nacho???? If so, that's hot! Why didn't I name my kid Nacho? I may start calling him that today.

    You're right boredmed. Bugs are killaz. What is it, like 8 of the top 10 diseases that kill the most people each year are transmitted by insects?

    It's got to feel good that you're getting a little props for your efforts.

  4. amy (amie/aimee, whatever)6:43 PM, April 05, 2008

    Just a little technical comment.

    When I click on the picture, it does not get any bigger. Can you fix that? Thanks.

    It is hard to see the details... but it looks good!

  5. A tip to help blog readers with small photos and images: Double click the image, right click on it, then select "view". A box will appear asking how you want to view the image. I select Windows fax and picture viewer, then I use the plus sign to zoom in. Good luck, and be sure to check out Dr. Drackman's license photo in his profile. No wonder the chicks dig him (-:


  6. Devorrah,

    I did double click, then right click, but "view" is not an option.
    Only "save picture as" and "copy".

    Any other suggestion? I really want to see this...


  7. You could always pick the "save as," save the pic to your hard drive, then go to the paint program (under "accessories" on most computers) and open the file (saved to your hard drive) with paint. In the "view" tab in paint you can choose to zoom in.. its not a high quality picture in the paint program, but at least you can zoom in. Sorry if this explanation is hard to follow.. I have a final on monday and I think my brain is so full of factoids that I'm getting dumber by the minute..

  8. Thanks.

    I had to use a little bit of your and Devorrah's advice: save on my hard drive and open with Windows fax and picture viewer, which gave me a better view than the paint program.

    The picture is a little fuzzy once enlarged, but I could see better.

    All the best for Monday :-)

  9. Thanks. :) Keep your fingers crossed that I make a 55 or higher on the test to earn a "pass" for the class ("honors" is for people who study 24/7, which is def not me).

  10. Amy, the reason you can't blow it up is because the artist wants you to purchase it.

  11. Love the picture. But I pictured us as more like the Chinese guy in front of the tank from Tianamen 1989.