Saturday, May 24, 2008


I feel more rants bubbling up from my bezoar-distended stomach, so, as an amuse-bouche, I serve to you today the following. First, from Monkey-Girl's blog, a good question. Second, from my favorite sports blog, comedy based on the question. And third, a music-video, which, I think, encompasses our whole god-dammed raison d'etre (movie quote) here at MDOD. Enjoy!


  1. This post has an oddly Drackmanesque quality to it. I think Radgirl was right all along: The different "authors" of this blog are just alter personalities of the surprisingly lucid 911doc. I initially dismissed her suspicions as the ravings of a sleep-deprived superwoman, but now I see that I was wrong. And of course, this means my blog marriage is all a sham. I want the cats and the timeshare in the Everglades!

  2. Ahh Devo, you know better than that. Thats what all the so-called experts said about Woodward and Bernsteins "Deep Throat" character, a composite, fictional, etc etc. Turned out he was some 90 year old retired FBI agent. Now if YOU'RE 911 in drag, thats disturbing. Anyway, I let rip with part 3 over at the hideout.

  3. Whaaaa? Devorrah, you & Radgirl just might be on to something. I've had a sneaking suspicion that something like this was going on. "Mysterious Dr. X," I don't know about that guy. He's been seeming a little 911-ey lately. Plus, all of his "Russian" witticisms back-translate oddly well with google translator. You'd think that a colloquialism or 2 would throw it off. A twisted web.

    Don't give 911 all the credit though, I bet that pathologist is in on it too.........

  4. Коммунистическая или нет, он обеспечивает хорошее чтение.

  5. here's the deal gang,

    etotheipi: real person, real pathologist, real disturbed

    erdoc85: real person (not me), real ER doc, absent for a bit from the MDOD stage, we await his imminent return to glory

    schrodinger's cat: real person (not me), real ER doc, really funny and disturbed

    oldfart: real person (not me), real ER doc, real old, real mad

    lofty zahari: real person (not me), internist by training, really hot in a thong, all around good, funny, smart guy and not even disturbed

    DRX : all bets are off, never met the guy

  6. Oh wow, and I was just kidding--I can't believe I got any real information out of you guys...I'm going on fishing expeditions more often! And how about you, can anybody vouch for you? I vote for Etotheipi to write an expose.

  7. This is how I picture 911DOC.

    This is how I picture Etotheipi.

    This is how I picture Shrodinger's Cat.

    This is how I picture OldFart.

    This is how I picture ERDoc85.

    This is how I picture Lofty Zahari.

    This is how I picture Dr. X.

    Obviously, any dreams I have about MDOD are nightmares.

  8. I believe some but I'm not sure I believe all. Either way, funny as hell and it doesn't matter to me since it is funny whether it is two people or several. I'm also not positive ALL are men. But again, since I already admitted to getting crushes on women anyway, that doesn't matter either. And also the fact that I have no idea who any of them are and will most likely never meet them in real life makes it not matter.

    But see Devorrah? It's like number whatever on my list about me on my blog the other day...I'm smart but people don't always think so when they first meet me and are often shocked by the things I know when things come up.

  9. And "Frank" isn't your id cutting loose with videos and sports trivia?

  10. Frank: Maybe I am 911 in drag, but damn I look good in a dress, all 6'4 of me.

  11. 911, I like your descriptions of the guys. I appreciate the laughs, whether you're all different guys, or just multiple personalities.

    Just kidding 911. I know ya'll aren't the same!

  12. Have you ever considered adding a lady doc to your blog?

    And, have you ever revealed what the intitials of your blog name stand for? Sorry if you have, I'm new here.

  13. My friends, I am sorry for my earlier posts. Sometimes I post too much, like a child in need of discipline. Again, I am sorry.

    Earlier this morning (4:15 am), I awoke to the low drone of Rimsky-Korsakov's haunting suite "Scheherazade" playing in my living room. I stumbled out to find three men, two of husky, athletic build, and a shorter man at whom I never really got a good, clear look. The shorter man told me in a thick East-Georgian accent that he was indeed a doctor, and that he held my well-being as his highest concern. Posting too much, he told me, could actually be bad for my health. I could get carpal tunnel, go blind, or worse. Curiously enough, even just a post or two about the wrong subject could expose me to bodily harm. This was a very valuable meeting, and I wish he could have stayed to tell me more. Instead he left, mentioning something about checking on the polonium. Again, I am sorry. Very sorry.

  14. Radgirl: I have never thought you anything but brilliant, especially after you told me about Medical Dissociative Overachiever Disorder among doctor bloggers. Who knew that this was a real conditon, and that they could be so convincing? Passing as normal has been one of my major concerns, and I totally missed it.

    Meanmama: Medical Doctors OverDose, or so they say.

  15. You just went a little higher on the ole badass-O-meter there 911. It doesn't get much better than FOTC! Rock-on. I laughed so hard, It made me see the old "technicolor yawn". Google it.

  16. kids,

    MDOD was intended to stand for Medical Doctor Over Dose, ie. a whole bunch of doctors.

    alternatively, monkey girl thinks we may be Mad Doctors of Death, which i kind of like.

    currently i think it means Medical Doctors Out the Door as 'cat and i are leaving EM at our first opportunity.

    and monkey girl, that picture of me, really, i mean i get the angry scary monster thing but that beast has a walnut sized cranium and is all brainstem and testosterone. is that really me?

  17. You only describe some of the MDOD squad as disturbed. You really should address that oversight. This is an example of homeopathy. Do you really expect us to get by without a full therapeutic dose of disturbed?

  18. 911- the bigger brainstem and the testosterone help him to hunt zebras.

    He bags two or three a day. Enough to feed the whole village.

  19. Hmmm... I think I am going to side with RadGirl and Devorrah:
    This music video is very telling. Could MDOD be the mad creation of one nerdy loser? Have we entered the world of Sy Parrish?

  20. nerdy? yes.
    mad? yes.
    one loser? no.
    sy parrish? whodat?

    don't forget drop dead gorgeous, amy-65c!

  21. For the record, I love nerdy crazy men so either way I am fine with "all" (?) of you.

  22. RadGirl,
    I like nerdy too, but only a certain type of nerdy, when nerdiness and social awkwardness bring out sexiness.
    That was not the kind of nerd I was thinking about though: I had in mind the loner, still-lives-at home-with Mom at 40, spends-his- Sundays-building-battleship- models type.
    I bet he wears black socks and dress shoes with his shorts too. :-D
    Sly Parrish? Look on Wikipedia.

  23. Sorry: Sy Parrish, not "Sly"

  24. 911Doc,

    You break it down, word by word, until you get to "one loser?"

    Is the no to apply to the word "one," to the word "loser", or to both? :-)


    A Freudian slip?

    Do you want your nerds with a little Sly Stallone mixed in? :-)

  25. you're right r medic. we are, in truth, all losers.

  26. 911Doc,

    Well, then I am in the right place. :-)

  27. And it's actually true, Frank, that I'm 911doc in drag. But damn, I look good in a dress!

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  29. Rogue Medic,

    No freudian slip here, just a typo, I can assure you :-)

  30. I think it is fairly obvious that all these "separate" bloggers are one (maybe two) person(s).

    If you look at sentence structure, basic attitudes about medicine and politics, sense of humor etc... they are all quite similar, or at least conceivably different sides of one (or two) personalities.

    My guess is that 911 and Cat are different people and the rest are 'characters' based on their respective (multiple) personalities. Look back at the early blog entries and I think you will agree.

    Long time Fan / Stalker.