Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Semper Fi, Marine Corps. Thank you, and you my best friend in the Army, and you my best friend in the Navy, and you my buddies deployed now with the Air Force. Thank you too, Coast Guard. Thank you all.


  1. Very well said. Nothing to add.

  2. Semi-Retired ER Hack9:12 PM, May 27, 2008

    As a former grunt Corpsman in the era of a previous jungle style tussle (which shall remain nameless so as to avoid politicking and not to distract attention from those who so gallantly served and sacrificed for freedom of us and others) I join you in thanking those brave men and women currently in uniform, (and all those who served before) for covering OUR collective butts by putting theirs on the line.

    To all members in ALL branches of service I echo 911Doc's sentiment: SEMPER FI, brothers and sisters.... Semper Fi ....and thank you!

    I live and practice in an area of high concentration of retired servicemen and women and combat veterans. From the ER volunteer who used to be a nurse anesthetist in the Pacific during WWII, to the old COPD-er who, after stabilization, relates to manning a gun platform on the decks of the Arizona on a Sunday morning in December in '41 and fortuitously being blown overboard mere moments before the Arizona exploded and sank. A survivor of the USS Indianapolis sinking who not only survived the torpedoes but the sharks that killed more sailors than the Japanese sub did...

    I try to take the time to listen to their stories whenever I can. My hat's off to you all- each of you have a story worthy of a bestseller book....

    Semper Fi