Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Israel Vacation Week 2

F-15 Eagle that shot down 4 POS Syrian Migs back in the 80's. The F-15 was originally intended only to shoot down other aircraft, later models had air to ground capability added. The only F-15 aces in the world fly in the Israeli Air Force.
Arranged an interview with an Israeli Army physician so I could deduct the trip as a business expense. (Just Kidding!! I've had quite enough of Federal Correctional Facilities thank you very much) She wasn't too impressed with my whole 4 days of combat experience from the first Gulf war.

Ahh, the Brachial Plexus. Too bad your cadaver doesn't have yellow nerves with neat labels on them. These 2 soldiers are pre med students at the University of Tel Aviv. Organic Chemistry probably doesn't seem so bad after 18 months of carrying an M-16.

In the Mecca of kosher delis and my wife has to go to Burger King. I don't even go to BK in the U.S. A guy could open a branch of the Varsity in Jerusalem and make a pretty Shekel. Would help with the peace process too. Enjoy a chili dog and a frosted Orange and you're too content to blow up any thing. How many terrorist bombings in Atlanta? Oh yeah, that whole 96' Olympics thing, oh well its an idea, surprised Jimmy Carter hasn't thought of it.

"DOH!!" is funny in any language. Homer has just offended 1 billion Muslims by eating with his left hand, and Maggie is not wearing proper Shari'a attire.

Jet on the right is an A-4 "Ayit" or Vulture, same type that John McCain flew. Takes some pretty big Motza balls to bring one of those in to a rolling carrier deck on a dark and stormy night.
Wanted to take in some Israeli Baseball League games but the season doesn't start until June. Just like in America, alot of the players are caribbean, but theres a smattering of Horowitzes and Steins on the rosters. The flight back is always a bitch. I think its that whole going against the earth's rotation thing. Despite my southern upbringing I still get a warm and fuzzy catching a glimpse of the big apple on final to JFK. Never understood U.S. Customs. I get hassled more trying to sneak into a better seat at Turner Field. Maybe thats the strategy, act so incompetent Bin Laden himself won't bother to wear a disguise when he visits. Upon arriving home was greeted by a distinctly uncut lawn. The Americans who cut my grass must have moved on to greener pastures, thats it, its the dark side for me, from now on Pedro gets all my yard work.


  1. nothing says badass like jewish women carrying large guns.

  2. Wow, that was some vacation. Sights, sounds, OOOTTAFAGVSH. Looks like fun, whatever you did.
    Speaking of cranial nerves, etc. Could one of you, all of you, fun
    loving docs answer this: How long can a geezer survive without thryoid or with very little? Been all over PubMed, and not an answer to be found. I didn't ask this question, and you all of course didn't answer this question. Don't worry I am one of the good guys? Shalom,

    Nefertiti (TAHBSO)

  3. Hey man. I commented earlier the first time you put this up and IT ATE IT.

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  5. you can live 100 years without a thyroid. just take your meds...

    anon doc.

  6. Ha! Anon doc is cracking me up! But that question reminds me of the crazy discussion I had with my doctor once. We were talking about the show Lost, and I was panicking (not really in a panic, just sort of questioning) about what if that happened to me because I have no thyroid and if I was stuck somewhere with no medicine I'd eventually die. He was explaining to me that if I just ate the thyroids of the rats on the island I would be fine because I would get their thyroid hormone. The trick he said would be finding the right dosage, but he figured within a couple of weeks I would figure it all out. Seriously, now do you understand why I love my doctor so much? Not only did he indulge my insane line of questioning, he actually had a good time laughing and trying to figure out what I should do if that situation ever did come up.

  7. That pic of the solo girl... wow.

    Just wow.

  8. Porque no puede cortar el cesped usted mismo? Y porque no puede hablar espanol si ha vivido en California?

  9. This isn't Mexico! Talk English here.

  10. Geez Frank, I was teasing. Actually, I enjoy being able to conduct my own parent conferences and home visits in Spanish, as it makes the families more comfortable, they understand me better, and this translates into higher student achievement. I also don't have to employ a translator, which takes more money away from the school. They are learning English, it just doesn't happen overnight: They help me with my Spanish, and I help them with their English. By the way, my bilingual students are the highest achievers.

  11. How do you say "Your Kids a Dumbass"?? thats about all I remember being said at my Teacher-Parent conferences as a kid.