Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's So Hard...

It's so hard to find evidence that McCain saw the meltdown coming, tried to stop it, and that the democrats resisted to all of our detriment. After five seconds on the web, however, I was able to find this

It's also really hard to believe (since we all know that G. Bush and the evil emperor stole the 2000 election), but the democrats seem to have a whole bunch of voters registered illegally. Stunning!

Tough as well to find evidence of the left cheering against our troops in Iraq or Obama taking meetings that would be loudly decried by the MSM as treasonous if he were simply Republican.

I know the sources I'm using are conservative, but see, we are conservative here and it's our blog, and since we are obviously racist homophobes it should be very easy to factually refute these charges.  

As a newly minted Obama supporter I can not wait for my early retirement and disability checks and Mark Steyn can go to the currently politically acceptable equivalent for that old outdated concept of 'hell'.  Thank you all for your support. Oh, and the normally correct SNL troupe can go to Mark Steyn's place too, but since their skit was pulled and can't be found anymore maybe they don't have to go there, maybe they should go to a NASCAR race?

Here's the original video from our new friend Pat Dollard... Many thanks Pat.

I'm going to leave Rush up here just to piss of the left.


  1. I know the sources I'm using are conservative

    Dear Dr. 911DOC,

    My understanding is that any source that is not clearly far-left-leaning is thought to be a conservative source by those on the left.

    Love, Teresa

  2. Stick to the medical stuff. Again. It's really getting tiresome. There's no shortage of places to read the hot air whine and cry bullshit that politics has become.

    This doesn't need to be another one. We've all read and heard the crybaby rich white male schtick. "Oh, we're so deprived! Nobody listens to us!!!" wha wha wha.

    You sound like my patients.

  3. happy to anonymous!

    but just to play a bit how do you know i'm white? i'm actually not, but that's beside the point.

    officially speaking as a physician, you have an advanced case of anal-craniocephaly and are beyond help. good day, and, just a thought, if you don't like what you read here, go somewhere else you fucking douchebag pansy socialist 'doctor'.


  4. Here you go! It's the second video box down.. Steve

  5. Good place to see the SNL video. (slight cussing on the site- not that I think you'll mind).

  6. I'm not normally a fan of politics on medblogs for politics' sake. But this affects docs' futures. And our own. This makes this discussion extremely important. Unless you live in a bubble and will never get sick. Or worry about money. Or your future.

    NBC removing that wonderful piece of truth is damned scary. How long before we're shooting our arms up in the air and forced to scream "Heil Obamessiah?"

    Yep, for the first time in my life I'm scared shitless because McCain and the Republican party aren't listening to our anger.

  7. Check out my Obama/McCain Debate SNL skit Wednesday, its gonna be a real knee slapper..And I'm not sure but I think todays entry is the only time Vanderwaal Forces and MILFs have been together in one paragraph.

  8. Hey docs! Don't resort to name calling! You're doctors for crying out're supposed to be smarter than the average anonomous!

    I like your political posts tho...rage and all...I understand what's on your mind.

    To Lynn Price...I think EVERYONE is "scared shitless." And that's a feeling that goes beyond political boundaries.

    More posts about broken penises...and fibromayalgia...and babies...and rednecks! Oh...those redneck paitents are the best!

  9. dear greta,
    i respect your views. i know that name-calling doesn't help, but it does help me. libs have been doing it for years and i have been called all of them and i'm just sick of not respondine. in fact, since the educational system has started cranking out a bunch of students that base their decisions on feelings over facts, form over substance, and intentions over results, it may just be time to take the gloves off. and for the record, when i call someone a 'douche' or an 'asswipe' i am being factually correct. you, however, are a sweetheart.

  10. 911 and the gang. Just re-read The Terrible Truth about Liberals by Neal Boortz. It is a short book, but it really doesn't take long to point out their folly. Came out in 98, and have read it yearly ever since, just as a refresher. Here is some wisdom:

    Nothing is more valuable to a politician than the envy most Americans feel for people with more than they.

    The left uses this by promising the envious that the envied will be punished and "pay their fair share", never once telling the envious that the top 10 percent of wage earners pay 70 percent of the total income tax, while earning 40 percent of the income. Sounds like a pretty fair share.

    The irony is they need the 10 percent's money, all the while knowing they don't need and probably won't get their votes.

    They take the money they stole and buy carrots for the poor, all the while holding a big stick behind their backs.

    This cycle has repeated itself with the left pandering to the poor and middle class for years (Clinton was great at it in 1992Liberals think people are too stupid to think for themselves, and since this ruse seems to work time and time again, I'm starting to believe them.

  11. 911, I hope you're black from the waist down like Cat.

    I don't mind the political ranting. It's nice to hear when you've gotten sick of the Obama boot-licking MSM and libs. I'm still waiting for him to walk on water.

    You know if he loses it will be the prejudiced white folks that prevented his total sweep of the nation, Republican voter tampering/disenfranchisement, which will all equal a stolen election in their eyes. They never lose legitimately. It's always somebody else's fault. All the wrong catchphrases...

  12. I miss the days when this blog was about medicine.

    I learned a lot and laughed even more.

  13. I miss the days when this blog was about medicine.

    Sadly, this *is* about medicine. If the Messiah takes control, you can kiss your current medical standard of care goodbye and say hello to long waits for a simple tonsillectomy. With a rusty butter knife.

  14. Don't listen to any of these pansy assed liberals that come on here...they need to stop drinking the Noam Chomsky/Howard Zinn kool-aid. You are my hero:-)

    Sometimes the rage I feel is overwhelming...that the country of Jefferson and Patrick Henry are inches away from electing a man who identifies with a domestic terrorist. The country of "give me liberty or give me death" has given away to "give me free healthcare, free mortgages, and a life of no responsibility or give me death" Freedom is exhilarating, scary, hard, is precious and vulnerable.....and we are going to piss it all away for "safety and security" It is enough to have my hubby seriously considering joining a militia. Hey...we live up here in New's kind of a Libertarian paradise up here....there is probably a militia in every county!

    I heard someone on the radio put it perfectly tonight when they said that a man who couldn't even pass the background check to get into the secret service is going to become the President the secret service must protect.

  15. I like how any thing you don't agree with is immediately labelled as liberal. So that leaves what, a few angry dudes on AM radio and the National Review as "authorized" news sources. Little Green Footballs as the official blog?

    I wish I had the guts to shut out any opinion I didn't like by calling it "liberal" and charging on, facts be damned.

  16. Anon, where do you think these "opinions" derive? Conservatives are a lot like new authors. Their plots and writing have to be better than, say, Tom Clancy because Tom is a known quantity to the public.

    The mainstream media is owned by the liberals, so conservatives have to actually prove what they're espousing with unimpeachable facts. It's a fact that the Messiah is buddy buddy with a terrorist. It's a fact that he's in bed with a all the angels from Freddie and Fannie Mac. The fact that you're good with this and are willing to put a man like that into the highest office in the world scares the hell out of me.

    Where will all those libs go when they discover all too late that they've allowed their freedom to go the way of the dinosaur, and we're forced to stand in line for a tetnus shot or wait months for a gallbladder surgery because our national health care is soooo wonderful? And free?

    Wake up! There is no free lunch. You can't order people (in this case docs) to work for free. They'll speed their stethoscopes out of the OR faster than you can say, "Where's my Hot Pocket?"

  17. This blog fucking sucks now. I thought that conservatives were supposed to be tough? You guys (and presumably girls) whine like a bunch of pussies continuously... Get this shitheads: the bums lost. Bush and his folks have run this country into the ground and now is the time for a reckoning. You have been doing nothing but bitching while the ship has been sinking for years. You are fucked. Live with it and adapt.

    I thought some of you were former military? Well, as current military who has deployed too many times and lead men in combat (check the IP address where I am writing this from) - there is no place for people like you in this world: just a bunch of whiney old couch potatoes preaching to the choir and doing nothing to protect or further the cause of future generations of doctors coming after them. Gotta get yours right?

    Are any of you even practicing physicians any more, or did you all just give up because you have to deal with freeloaders and non-english speakers in your ER? At least there are some people out there still holding it down. Fucking disgusting. You probably won't even post this message because I'm not kissing your ass like the rest of these shlubs.

  18. Military anon, conservatives *are* tough. Why do you think we refuse to give in to the socialism that Barak and his ilk are pushing?

    And those freeloaders you think docs are whining about? They're preventing those same docs from getting paid. If you're in the military, then you already work for peanuts protecting our country, and I bless you for that. But you went into the Army knowing your pay sucked. Docs don't get a higher education for 10 years only to be told who they must treat and take in the behind when those illegal aliens don't pay for their services.

    As for Bushy, hooboy, I'm with you there. Not happy with him at all. He never saw a spending bill he didn't love. But I do believe he's kept us safe. I can't say the same about the libs, who would try to love our enemies while they're dropping bombs overhead. Or into our buildings.

  19. dear anonymous,
    we are a bunch of pussies. good one. have fun making all around you miserable. and if you think our blog sucks, and at least for three more weeks we can still indulge in free speach, GO THE FUCK ELSEWHERE you mind-numbed robot.