Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama Explained...


  1. I don't get it, Obama's the 5th Beatle? Obama's more popular than Jesus? I always hated the Beatles, only good tune they did was "Helter Skelter" and they stole that from Charles Manson and anyway U2 did it better.

  2. ...Or this is the same generation who 911doc supposes votes for Obama? I'm really not sure what the point of this either. This politics via youtube stuff is lame lame lame.

  3. sorry for being obtuse. with almost no record or experience to judge him by obama appears to me to be the beneficiary of a mass hysteria like we first saw with the Beatles... only he can't sing. people want 'change' and he assures us he will bring it and this appears to be very powerful. pardon me for not buying it, his agenda is pure socialism.

  4. The point of the post was obvious, except to those who believe the hype is justified. Small minded little libs.

  5. Soooo Obama either
    1: Marries crazy Japanese woman, moves to the Big Apple for the Gun Control, gets shot by crazy guy.
    2: Does awful duets with Michael Jackosn, Marries crazy english woman who dies of cancer because she couldn't get insurance, then marries one legged model, who ass rapes him in alimony.
    3: Plagarizes his one big hit,moves to Nepal or Tibet, becomes a vegitarian, dies of lung cancer.
    4: Marries hot american actress,makes occasional appearance in People magazine.

  6. Yawn. Another cliched politics post. We get it. You hate Obama. Great. Can we get back to posts that actually have any substance? I feel like this is part of the angry Conservative echo chamber.

  7. No offense, I love this blog, I really do. Especially as a non-medical-person.

    But this is quickly becoming a political platform for McCain / Obama.

  8. I know I am a part of that new generation that makes choices based on feeling rather than fact, form rather than substance.

    I'm glad I can blame it on the entire generation and the educational system...for awhile there I was blaming it on my lack of that super-fun y chromosome.

    Sometimes...I don't mind this emotional aspect of myself really. But my worst fear is coming off as being weak and ignorant.

    You doctors are smart and I like these posts. They keep me fresh and thinking!

    I know Obama's views are borderline socialism. This scares me.

    Palin's super-strict anti-abortion views scare me too.

    And so does McCain's awful neck skin...but that's a whole nother topic there.

    And so I'm left here scared and having to choose, like a pregnant teenager, between the lesser of two extremes, with my fingers crossed, hoping that this is not the natural progression of the end of days.

    Whatever happens...will you continue to call me sweetheart?

    I love it! Mostly, I think, because my father is a whop and he didn't know how to show us love, but makes me smile!

    And in my most folksy twang and with a wink of my eye...I say "Keep em comin' boys!"

    I LOVE your blog.

  9. How about instead of complaining about what's posted, i.e. politics, you HTFU and quit whining? You don't agree with it, we get it. HTFU and at least let us know who you are.

  10. Greta, I love the line about the "super-fun y chromosome". Two corrections however....Obama isn't a "borderline" socialist. He IS a socialist. Second, Palin isn't a "super-strict anti-abortionist". She wants the legality of abortion left to the individual states, not the federal government. (P.S. I do agree with you about the neck skin thing).

    As to the idiots who keep saying that we should post about medical topics....what is more medically relevant than posting about the election? We are legitimately scared about the harm that Obama will do to our health care system. We may only have opinions about the other areas of his potential detriment, but as for health care, that's what we're here to comment upon you anon putz.

    And BTW: you call us "angry conservatives". Try reading The Daily Kos or watch Code Pink at any public event. Next, watch an Obama speech. If you can pull yourself away from the mesmerizing hypnotic sway of his sultry "southern preacher" voice (btw: what's up with that? he's from Hawaii, he didn't get the accent until he ran for office), then note that no conservatives show up to interrupt him (maybe because they have jobs). Now, turn to a McCain or Palin rally and see how many times some lefty idiot screams out and interrupts their speeches. Angry conservatives indeed!

  11. Greta: Your neck skin comment made me lol.

  12. 911,
    Is that you in the lefthand corner?

    it looks like you...

  13. Has anybody watched this movie?
    You can watch it online.

    I know, it is PBS, and I apologize for saying such a bad word here.:-)

  14. Hey, my poor little apartment-dwelling students wouldn't know any letters of the alphabet without Sesame Street. It's six weeks into school and several of them only know a few letters.

  15. I got it!

    It seems people fall for the rhetoric of change but when asked exactly why..what has he done that qualifies him to be president, etc., etc., they can't provide a substantive answer. I wasn't locked into my vote for a long time, but I never heard anything from or about Obama that would persuade me to vote for him. that I have paid attention...there are things that scare me...seriously.

    Separate topic... but I am upset beyond words about the acorn voting fraud. I'm just sayin..

  16. erdoc85,

    Let me get this straight. I assume, perhaps incorrectly, you are an educated person. Yet, your response to the 'angry conservatives' comments is essentially, "Well they did it too!"

    My young son is fond of this excuse. He, however, is 6.

    What I don't think you understand, in your "well they did it too! Look at those websites!" cry is that it works both ways. Since you are apparently in the blind support for the McCain camp, that would be why I mentioned the 'angry conservatives' part. Because, and read this part slow, you are not supporting Obama.

    Wrap your mind around this one: Had you said the opposite, equally trite and pedanitic comments in favor of Obama and opposed to McCain, my response would have been, "It sounds like the angry Democrat echo chamber."

    Surprising as it may be to some of the GOP fanboys, just because I haven't drank the Kool Aid doesn't mean I'm immediately an Obama operative.

    You see, I find your type, whether it be colored red or blue, to be disugsting and adding little to the discourse. Really, all it amounts to is a big circle jerk where you just jack off on each others faces. Nobody is changing their mind based on your hateful commentary, just like nobody reading Daily Kos is suddenly voting for McCain.

  17. I swear that angry anon sounds like someone we know.

    I don't like the lot of them. And I dread the next 4 years.

    Angry erratic McCain
    Obama the freshman superstar

    I dont' think either of them really care about our country. They just want to be elected.

    Hopefully we can muddle through the next 4 without too many disasters.

    Keep fighting the good fight gentlemen. And to all you angry anonymice get a real name will ya?

  18. I have read your site for a while now, and appreciate your opinions on the health care plans of the candidates. Anonymous (whoever you are) is probably not old enough to personally remember Vietnam, the Carter presidency, gas lines, the Cold War, or Reaganomics, and they aren't teaching it in the schools. Of course they're not going to have the same opinions as the older voters. I'm 52 and have ten grandchildren. I do not vote strictly one party or another. I just want to say that Obama scares the crap out of me. His plans smack of pre-World War II Europe, and we cannot take that road. Not with Russia acting out the way they are. Our health care system is miles ahead of any others, yet he wants to decimate them. McCain isn't my first choice for President, but he's the lesser of two evils. As far as Palin goes, she's the Vice Presidential Candidate, and will have little sway in governing. Be afraid of her if or when she's elected. Thank you for the opportunity to vent.

  19. Anon,

    What is this circle jerk and jacking off in each others faces you speak of? I can only imagine it is something done backstage at the Dem. National Convention, or a bathhouse in San. Fran, but can only imagine.

  20. My dear 'anonymous', you are so entertaining. I have not heard such heartfelt insanity since my days as physician for the Politburo.

    Mr. Obama will need many like you in his administration... the kind of people who listen to both sides of an argument and plant themselves somewhere betwixt and between, always checking for a change in the wind and ready to scream on cue. I do believe that if you were presented with a choice between Lenin and Mao that you would chose Lao. Good for you!

    I can not think of a more convincing argument against Mr. Obama's presidency than having you prattle on in public. Personally, since I have a few homes in a few different countries I can watch all of this with a level of disinterest that the others on this blog can not, and my particular skills on the medical side are far more likely to be needed with an Obama administration.

    эмоция является мимолетное, правда сохраняется

  21. I'm posting this again because it has relevance to this post also:

    This blog fucking sucks now. I thought that conservatives were supposed to be tough? You guys (and presumably girls) whine like a bunch of pussies continuously... Get this shitheads: the bums lost. Bush and his folks have run this country into the ground and now is the time for a reckoning. You have been doing nothing but bitching while the ship has been sinking for years. You are fucked. Live with it and adapt.

    I thought some of you were former military? Well, as current military who has deployed too many times and lead men in combat (check the IP address where I am writing this from) - there is no place for people like you in this world: just a bunch of whiney old couch potatoes preaching to the choir and doing nothing to protect or further the cause of future generations of doctors coming after them. Gotta get yours right?

    Are any of you even practicing physicians any more, or did you all just give up because you have to deal with freeloaders and non-english speakers in your ER? At least there are some people out there still holding it down. Fucking disgusting. You probably won't even post this message because I'm not kissing your ass like the rest of these shlubs.

  22. That reference to how conservatives aren't angry at the McCain rallys, well that's changing. People are pissed, and they're coming down hard on McCain for not going after Obama for his ties to the Freddie and Fannie Mae gang, Rev. Wright, Ayers, his socialism.

    What people are finding out is that McCain is acting exactly like McCain...reaching out across the aisle to the point of abandoning his own party. Yes, I feel left out of McCain's world and for that reason, I haven't called myself a Republican for years. This is a party of wimps. But I have no choice this year, so I'm sticking with the party who abandoned my conservative, small government, low taxes, closed borders ideals.

    Had I been at a McCain rally, I would have been one of the angry folks shouting at McCain to freaking grow a pair. Frankly, I'm scared shitless about the debate tonight. I wonder if McCain will bring the Messiah a batch of brownies and kiss his cheek. Pah.

  23. Anon

    Are you one of those cock-sucking don't ask don't tell guys that Cliton (yes, CLITON) let slide in the 90's?

  24. I should have said obama socialist superstar. It's more fitting.

  25. Dear Anon Dumbass "Serviceman":

    I wasn't making a child's argument of "they do it too". If you will please re-read my post, you'll notice that I was making the argument that it's the libs that are the angry ones, NOT the conservatives. That's a completely different argument. And by the way...the word is "pedantic", not "pedanitic". Please spend more time shooting bad guys and less time on

    Your last post exposes your thought process (or lack thereof). I see no synchronicity or coherent train of thought between all of your posts. No wonder you're enchanted by the Obama rhetoric.

    And one more thing. I NEVER defended the Bush administration, nor did I endorse McCain. I WILL admit to being a "right-winger" which is why I don't care for either. Obama just scares me shitless.

  26. Dear Annonymous, I'm former military, but had to get out because of the pay differential, well, that and the Court Martial. No one will say it, cause its true, but the Militarys full of lazy fuckups, I know, cause I was one. Sure it sucks now, cause theres a war, and you actually have to work for a chnage, but take a look at those LESs, you won't make that much in the private sector. But thanks for your service anyway. Oh yeah, if you do stay in for your 20( I think its actually 24 to get full benefits) don't get sick, cause you'll be coming to one of us.

  27. Hoover part deux

    The Great Depression- Great because of the programs of Hoover continued by FDR- raised taxes on the wealthy (tax rates went to nearly 70 percent), raised taxes on businesses, tariffs (Smoot Hawley virtually eliminated production and exports), decreased the amount of investment and capital in the markets and subsidised every industry, especially agriculture. In addition wages were fixed, which increased production costs further increasing layoffs (25% unemployment). Had gov't just gotten out of the way and let the market correct itself we may have have a minor recession, not a Great Depression. Harding and Coolidge were hands off after the crisis of 20-21 and the markets boomed (unemployment 1 percent in 1926). Does any of this Gov't can fix the problem stuff sound familiar. If we taught history in schools instead of social correctness and how to put a condom on a cucumber more of our youth may not be swooning over this socialist about to make us all employees of the gov't in work programs. If increasing the min. wage (living wage?) was the answer and a lack of consumption was the problem, why not just raise the min wage to $100 an hour, and give everyone 10000 stimulus checks? Because everyone would be unemployed, that's why.

  28. Don't confuse 'em with history cat.

  29. doc85

    Yeah, why bother. Change, change, change....shit.

    "A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned-this is the sum of good government."

    Thomas Jefferson 1801- currently rolling over in his grave.


  30. Is Obama all the Beatles or just the cute one?


  31. Ooooh, I'm all riled up now! (Sarah reference) Just wrote War & Peace, went to post and forgot I've never posted before & had to do the registration stuff. ARGHHH!!! That should tell you something-my first post and I feel on the verge of a coronary! Thanks be to God I have good insurance and connections at WashU.

    Are you guys for real? I have worked fairly closely with ER physicans all my life and you guys are boggling my mind! *Checks mind*yes, it's boggling. What has happened to the race?

    If you think for a minute that you can justify your weird, Darwinian, "people are only rich through their God given superiority", as a philosophy intended by our founders, Thomas Jefferson is indeed twirling.

    For some time I thought the rise in Asperger's symptoms in younger physicans was due to the proliferation of omnipresent media stimulation but I am now convinced that truly "non-people" people are being actively recruited. The more like a character on "the Big Bang" the high schooler is, the more ideal for the role of physician.

    If I am suddenly widowed and disabled, my husband killed in an accident, would I incur your contempt as a non-contributor? That would be even worse than the utter inability to see lesser beings (patients) as possessing more than one firing neuron that seems so fashionable at present.

    It's all about the visceral, immediate reactions for you survival of the fittest types, isn't it? Not for you the reasoned, calm discussion of facts which affect all, but a few war references and a "by, golly" really reassures you, doesn't it? A social program is theft for you-success or lack of it is not a combination of fortunate and unfortunate circumstance-ever. The poor saps who thought being a cop, or a teacher, or a family practitioner :-) was somehow a benefit to society are just big fat losers to you, right?

    Everything really is that black and white in your world, isn't it? Unless I can get money by hook or by crook, without anybody interfering with me, I cannot possibly be innovative, dedicated, profitable or motivated. Unless I can have an AK 47, I won't be able to defend my liberties.

    Seriously?? I know you made it through school (and therefore proved that you can study and take tests and memorize a bunch of stuff that you promptly forgot like I did triganomics), but the ER guys I worked with were smarter than you.

    You have special knowledge that you have worked very hard for-but you are not special. There is no person so valuable to the body politic that they are WORTH one thousand times the amount their employees make. Here's a free market story for ya:

    Guy is wandering in the desert and finds a freshwater pool. He yells "I call dibs, I saw it first, it's mine". But there are 10 guys right behind him who need water. He holds them off with a gun and tells them "I'll give you water for all your stuff". So, like any right thinking humanoids, the 10 gang up and kill him and just take the water. And so would you, of all people. Right before you buy a piece of property and dam it up for profit.

    Barack Obama is going to be our next president because, unlike you stunted reactionaries, the people that matter-you know, the people that make rich people rich-are tired of being sold the trickle down nonsense. Corporate America doesn't trickle-they outsource.

    Citizens of this country see that their money, from sweat from honest & honorable work, is meaningless to these foxes in the henhouse. These mercenaries, instead of ethically guiding the people who depend upon them in financial matters, only understand money if it is pieces of paper, housed all over the world, administered by very few, for the benefit of very few, overseen by very few. You're lucky the tumbrils aren't rolling. Let them eat cake indeed.

    Over & Out,

    the Anti-Ayn Rand

  32. dear sleepless in st louis,

    haldol might help you, seriously. and might i point out that someone who seems to really value 'fairness', non-judgementalism, hate-free zones, and someone in the white house who will really sock it to us rich assholes, that you seem, well, all eaten up with anger and hate. doesn't matter, i'd still give you great care if you came into my ER regardless of how much you hate me. happens all the time. chickens being counted dearest, chickens being counted.

  33. dearest sleepless in st louis,
    i can't believe i just read what you wrote again. it burns my retinas. go somewhere else and sell your commie crap, my dad emmigrated to this country with $300 in his pocket and believed in the american dream and he made it. he made it so i could afford college and medical school and damned if i'm going to let some insane, hate-filled, ill-educated buffoon like you or your savior take from me what i earned. people like you make practicing medicine sheer drudgery. always looking to others to fix your problems. good luck with that. i pity you.

  34. Dear Lady (Sleeplessinstlouis),

    (I assume you are a lady, or at least female by your stream-of-consciousness non-sequitur vomitus)

    I think you are on the wrong blog. It seems you are angry at rich people and the doctors on this blog make between 150 and 300k a year, take away 90k or so in taxes and then you have their net. Each also gives away roughly 150k a year in 'free care' to people just like you.

    It seems to me that the people you should really be concentrating on right now are celebrities and professional athletes.

    Why not concentrate your efforts on those folks, you know, the ones making tens of millions of dollars a year for being in the right place at the right time, or for being born with a winning attitude and good genes.

    None of those people can save your life and you just might need a doctor someday. Why not direct your venom at, say, Tiger Woods.

    For one, he's a sell-out to his race by playing a white man's sport and marrying a stunning Viking queen. For another, he makes more money when he defecates than you do all year.

    I look forward to seeing you being arrested on television.

    Вы должны попробовать купания влагалище раз в то время как ... Я могу запах его отсюда.

  35. so it is decided that I won't be seeing you at the rally in StL tomrrow? Pity.

  36. just actually read drx (who I assume is a Dear Gentleman due to his masculine, bravado laden vomitus) & 911, the Angry, before turning off. First off, of course it is stream of conciousness-I'm tipsy. Second off, I did not include real doctors in the "rich folk" category-I mean, not like dermatologists & plastics & that. That is the part that consistently baffles me. Why would people making an average amount of money consistently vote against their own financial interests?

    My dad picked cotton in Oklahoma in the depression-you don't start lower than that so don't do the humble beginnings shit with me. He became successful but certainly never would have felt that the kind of compensation incompetent, nay, corrupt executives receive now would be appropriate. That kind of sober sensibility is what is sadly lacking, I'm afraid.

    I seriously doubt you will see me on COPS, and I assure you I invest, for my country's benefit as well as my own. I look to no one to fix my problems-I am very lucratively employed by a large health insurance corporation-jump on that :-)

    Why in the world would you think I hate you? I think you lack certain essential qualities that make up an acceptable human being,
    but so many people do, don't they? I'm no Freudian (or any other behavioral school), but I know transference when I see it.

    I completely understand that you would feel compelled to treat me in a medical situation, unworthy though I may be, because of your complete sense of professionalism and compassion and I would never know that you despise me for being.....oh what? fat, depressed, alcoholic, mentally ill, victim of domestic abuse or just bored, uneducated, heedless, self centered? Guess again, I would know. I'm actually none of the above but find it often matters little to the initial impression, and thus, diagnosis. Do you guys ever vary that one because they used to do that kind of stuff back in the day too and it's that kind of thinking that is so tiresome to a patient.

    See, I really don't hate you guys because you're rich-there's plenty to hate just in the asshole doctor bit!

    You do know that Seaspray and Lynn Price are kinda doctor groupies, right? It creeps me out in a vague, Munchauseny way. I can't imagine sucking up to you lot.


  37. we vote, dear lady, against our own financial interests because we vote for personal responsibility and against a system that values group over individual, emotion over reason, and trades freedom for perceived security.

  38. Dear Sleepless,

    I asked my brother who lives in the subs of St. Louis about the likes of you and he said the city is full of socialist/commie morons which is why he is moving(just look and the city gov'ts of any large American city and you will find a wasteland of "feel good" social programs and welfare gone bad--ACORN anyone?). Good luck with your twisted agenda, and may Barack give you just what you deserve.


  39. "personal responsibility"="nothing ever better go to shit in your life, cause you are soooo screwed". What is good for 5% is not necessarily good for the other 95%. Decisions about governmental responsibilities -any government-are predicated on that fact.

    If you feel that a "succesful" societal structure consists of one race of "superhuman" achievers. without whom knowledge cannot possibly advance, then, certainly no, we can never agree-why you think I should hang my head in shame because of that is a mystery to me-to be otherwise, is to be seriously antisocial to the point of dysfunction.

    I don't believe at all that the individual's needs and desires must always trump those of society as a whole. Our goverment,like all governments, must constantly weigh where the indidual stands in relation to the entire civic life. If you cannot absorb these simple principles, you are at least slightly clinically insane. The black helicopters full of jackbooted soldiers coming to get your guns may be hovering as we speak.

    "reason over emotion"-did we watch the same debates?

    "Freedom vs. preceived security"
    Unregulated freedom for a very few is by its nature, threatened security for the very many. Tell me straight how this is different from any other form of tyranny? You can never simply admit that the very nature of your beliefs is cruel, punative, elitist. In fact it more resemble Fascism than any historically American doctrine you cite.

    As for security from the Muslim hordes, if people like you weren't such swaggering, blustering idiots, maybe they wouldn't hate our asses so much. Oh yeah, we don't care what they think of us. Again, how to address a mindset that really believes that attitude has any place in foreign relations???

    Promised I wouldn't get drawn in again. Just lurk and laugh is my motto from now on. I just read that several representative types of docs here are leaving their jobs. Excellent decision, merciful for all concerned-regardless of your no doubt superior clinical skills. You are replaceable-perhaps by a personality type more suited to the difficult but often rewarding vocation which they have pursued with such dedication.

  40. dear sleepless,
    Please keep it coming. With each post McCain gets another hundred votes or so. I recommend emmigration to North Korea where your dear leader will make sure that everyone is equally malnourished and hopeless, or Cuba perhaps... everyone thinks they have fantastic health care there.

  41. SISt.L - You know, if you had read a little more closely you might have noticed these M.D.'s aren't leaving medicine, and will still be putting their expertise to good use each and everyday with thankful patients. As one with first hand knowledge of their superior clinical skills it would be a shame for them leave medicine. Under the socialist regime you gleefully laugh about and cheer for, you better hope your cardiac surgeon, neurosurgeon, or intensivist is smarter than the average joe. And as delusional and obviously sick as you are, they would treat you with kindness and medical excellence if you happened to be fortunate enough to be treated by one of them - it could happen. You just never know.

  42. I was teetering on the edge with my vote (actually maybe favoring Obama a little). After reading the shit comments by sleepless, I am now completely convinced I must vote the opposite of someone so insane and incoherent. Seek help as soon as possible, and McCain/Palin say "thank you".

  43. Went out of town for the weekend. Had a marvelous time. Came back to read the blog and read this nonsensical bilge from the St. Louis chick. I read it twice, and it made NO sense at all. Guess she's right and I'm the stupid one since I don't even know what "triganomics" are (maybe it's the calculation of the angles of the consumptions and distribution of goods and services). I'll have to check with "the body politic" and be sure. Holy Christ! When you have a brain enema, does this shit come out the same ear, or the other one?

  44. And yet McCain simply comes off as a desperate old man, linking up with a hot little number who thinks giggling and winking in mini skirts and go-go boots will get her ass through a presidency.

    I suppose we could have another Republican president. I'd just love to watch our national debt and deficits continue to grow exponentially as they always do when a Republican's in the house. But hey, 700k in tax breaks for the biggest and brightest...sounds good to me. The hell with everyone else. Keep your hands off my dollars! (Despite the fact that they won't be worth shit after another 4 years of Republican rule.)

    Things are great the way they are! Who needs change?

    I once worked on a committee with a guy who later committed some crimes. Really didn't know him to say more than hello in passing, but you know...I must have committed some crimes, too! I must have some criminal leanings having had a committee membership with that bad bad man. Oh my.

  45. Cannedam,

    Keep your shit covered hands off my money. Go build a house with Jimmy Carter, sip green tea and feel good about yourself, but keep your sweaty bath house hands off my money. We (top 10 percent of wage earners) pay 70 percent of the taxes in this country, more than a fair share if you ask me. This is on top of the money we tithe and give to charity. So either go get a job where you contribute and can be upwardly mobile, or go get a haircut and bowl of soup at the shelter I donate money to every year. Your choice.

    A daughter went off to college. She had high hopes for the world, and wanted to lift up the poor and "downtrodden"-read poor decision makers.

    She came home after the first semester and told her dad about her good grades and her hard work.

    "How's your roomate doing?" he asked.

    "She's lazy, partying and making D's"

    "Well, did you go to the dean and ask him to take away some of your grades and give them to your roommate, so you could be equal?"

    "Why would I want to do that, I worked hard for those A's?"

    "Welcome to the Republican party, sweetheart." said her dad.

  46. If you're one of those "undecided" fucks who can't pick between two pairs of jeans in the morning, why even vote? What kind of fool makes his mind up based on voting against someone on a blog?

    Pathetic. Really fucking pathetic. I'll lump you in the "I'm votin for Obama cuz he's my kind of people" category, despite your party affiliation.

  47. I thought of this post yesterday and laughed out loud. I was listening to an Obama speech in Florida on XM Radio. (They have a great politics channel called POTUS 08). As he shoveled the promised cash around, people were screaming "WE LOVE YOU!!, WE LOVE YOU!!".

  48. previous anonymous (just above erdoc85 comment) - I have no trouble deciding on my jeans in the morning, but if you equate that decision with voting for who runs this country maybe you should be the one to stay away from the polls. It's called a joke you idiotic moron. Did you fail to read 911's comment immediately before what I wrote. Voting for that token of the Democratic party has never been an option for me. I think you take yourself way too seriously.