Monday, October 20, 2008

The Obama Voter

Howard Stern is a sophomoric, porn-addicted shock-jock. He is also occasionally witty and smart.


  1. Howard is God!! Well, not really, more of a Role Model.

  2. Ironically, people who don't know or can't tell the difference have the strongest loyalty to a brand.

    "I would not have believed it, but I witnessed it. The subject couldn't tell the difference. He didn't want to accept that he couldn't tell the difference. I watched the experiment along with everyone else, and it was fair."

    Andrew Garland
    Strong Preferences

  3. I love Howard Stern. I remember when I was a lot younger, probably too young, I watched his show on tv. The show where it was just him and Robin sitting in a room. Now that I have kids around me all the time, I don't get a chance to listen very often.

  4. Oh and I especially liked the last woman on the clip. She was talking about McCain not being too educated. Interesting thoughts from her.

  5. I don't particularly care for Stern, but that is hysterical and just what I would have predicted!

  6. What's the take away point here? Do we believe this a representative sample?

    I'm not trying to take away from the idiocy of it, because these people truly are idiots. ...What I'm not sure about is what point you are trying to make by posting it.

  7. oh i don't know 'anonymous',
    maybe that there's a three ton elephant in the room that the mainstream media won't touch with a ten foot poll and that it is this. obama is black. he's going to get a whole ton of votes simply because he's black. used to be this was racist and it used to be that we voted for presidents based on experience and their platforms. this is clearly not one of those elections. obama has come out and admitted that he's going to impose socialism and it doesn't damage him in the polls because the MSM is 100 % behind him precisely because he's black. what else could it be? his record?

  8. Anon: I dunno what the point could POSSIBLY be. Maybe it's just funny. Maybe it points out that a number of people on the street don't understand the issues at all. Maybe it suggests that with BHO polling over 90% amongst blacks, they might be voting race over substance. Maybe it infers that the moon landing was faked. Yeah, that's it.

  9. Oh, how embarrassing to be called Americans along with these ignoramos!

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  11. I'm votin' for Obama not because he is black ( or half black) but because of white guilt...and because I'm caught up in all the swooning and change talk.

    Just kidding.

    I only hope these morons get confused and piss in the voting booth thinking it's a urinal. Hell, with this election, it might as well be a urinal.

  12. We've told our son voting day is on Nov. 5. After all, how bright can he be to be swayed by his Canadian girlfriend? I mean, she's cute and all, but geez...

  13. I am at a loss for words. God help us, we are doomed

  14. Even if ALL the blacks in this country voted for Obama, which is impossible, it still wouldn't matter. Blacks only make up 12% of the entire US population. Hardly enough to put a damper of things. If Obama wins it will have nothing to do with blacks voting.

  15. Anon: where in the hell did you decide that was the point of this post? Not even close. If you can't get this, you're wasting your time and ours.

  16. Do the same test in the backwoods of the south and I am certain you will find an abundance of ignorant white people who don't know McCain's views and are only voting for him because he is white and not a "Muslim, terrorist, n*gger."

    Aside from your retarded political stance, I used to enjoy reading your blog and appreciated most of your view points on medicine. I am so glad that my husband is an orthopod and not an er doc, you guys are a bunch of cry babies. And yes "we" have over 260,000 in medical school loans. Get over yourselves. You're not the only ones that have got it bad. No one forced you to go EM. Pull up your my little pony panties and deal.

  17. hey crazy anonymous bitch,

    first, good thing you married into one of the few specialties that can survive outside of a commitment to the ER. good one. tell your husband hello from all of us here, and don't forget to keep your manicure appointment. while you are at it, tell your husband that we only have three orthopods in our town of 300,000 and even though he would have to be on every fourth night call for the forseeable future, and our payor mix is really bad, that we need to spread his wealth around so he should come here stat.

    and finally, it's so funny how this works out, i used to enjoy reading your blog too! but since you disagree with us i don't!

  18. Dearest Orthopodanonowife: Your first point is valid, but I think it was an inevitable conclusion. I'm amazed it took someone that long to make the obvious comparison!

    As to your second point. I have several responses.....

    First, if you REALLY have been reading this blog for any length of have you missed the themes of: less governmental interference; more personal responsibility; and border security to name a few. And you really want us to believe you just discovered that we're not liberal thinkers?

    Second, if you've been a long time reader you would know that when we all went into EM, the rules were different and the ER was different. We went into EM around the time that EMTALA was passed and updated. Because of that law and it's implications, EM has DRASTICALLY changed over the past 15 years. What we do now isn't what we trained for, what we wanted to do, nor what we enjoy. How did all of this happen? GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE IN HEALTHCARE! If Obama scares us, it's because we've seen firsthand what the government can do to a healthcare system. Not to mention that many of us worked in VA hospitals in training and there is no better example of government run healthcare. So, you're thinking....if you don't like it, just do something else. Some of this group is. But I ask you, what if the government passed a bunch of new laws(changed the rules on YOU mid-stream) that mandated that your husband had to spend two to three days a week working for free treating colds, runny noses, whiny babies, moles, hangnails, allergies, ingrown nipple hairs, vaginal discharge, excessive boogers, ringworm, infertility, and the "drip". You'd say: #1 he didn't spend his residency training for that and #2 we couldn't pay back our loans and have any standard of living if he only got paid for 2/5 to 3/5 of his work.....DING, DING, DING!

    Third, if y'all owe over $260K in debt, I will assume that he's a fairly new grad from residency. (if he's still IN residency, you can't make any arguments at all since you wouldn't know what the f*&k you're talking about). You'll be surprised how your opinions might change after you've "walked the walk" for a while rather than just "talked the talk".

    Finally, I haven't worn little pony panties in years. I like the Hannah Montana ones, so BOOOYAH.

  19. One more point before I go and have a painful medical procedure (maybe I'm stalling)......

    Congratulations to you and hubby. If you borrowed over $260K to pay college and med school tuitions, you took on the personal responsibility to make something of yourselves. If you took out that much in loans, you either lived WAY above your means, or you didn't get much help. I'd assume the later.

    That's admirable, and most of us did it too. It's a hard road and anyone who hasn't done it, hasn't spent the long nights "on call" hasn't spent the days holed up studying, will simply never understand.

    Now, there's a politician who admittedly wants to "spread the wealth around". This means that he's going to raise your taxes to give a "tax cut" to "95%" of Americans. Think about that for just a minute. Remember that between 30 and 40% of that 95% don't pay taxes, so is he going to send them your money in a check? Many think so, but he won't answer the question.

    None of us on this blog have EVER espoused letting legitimately needy people starve. But those who don't apply themselves, don't educate themselves, and don't try to achieve the American Dream shouldn't take yours at the hands of the Government. If you desire to give it away, then you'll have a special place in heaven.

    Welfare doesn't work.

  20. erdoc85,
    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. And I do understand where you are coming from. Your reply, the tone and manner, is why I enjoyed reading your blog. We have friends who are in EM.

    And yes, my husband is newly out and life as an orthopod in CA with as much debt as we have isn't as great as it else where. And contrary to 911doc's assumptions, I haven't had a manicure in about 4 years and the cars that we drive are 1987 and 1995 models. And our house is maybe 900 square feet. I didn't marry into the "life." I have been with my husband since undergrad [freshman year] in which we had a child, through medical school in which we moved half the country away from family and had another child, and through residency in which we were still half a country a way from family and had another child. And you are damn right I would be telling my husband #1 and #2. And I have been to the VA. My father is a retired USAF. And I do not agree with free health care. My father has lived in England for 21 years and free health care has not worked so well for my British step mother. I worked as a therapist in a residential treatment facility for emotional disturbed children who had the pleasure of being fucked up by their fucked up parents AND I didn't get paid jack crap. I see the "crap of society" every day. I get it.

    For me, it is just disturbing and disappointing when you see the politics turn to places other than the real issues.

    And My Little Pony rocks way more than Miley Cyrus.

  21. Gotta disagree again. My little pony might work for you, but the last time I wore 'em it looked like a unicorn.