Tuesday, November 04, 2008

2012 Race

I announce my candidacy for the President of these here United States for 2012. As both a cat and a physician I think I appeal to a broad base of felines and physicians. After carefully studying the wide-eyed swooning of brainless drones in this election, my platform consists of the following:

Free cat food for everyone, and cat nip.

Free health care ( and vet care).

Free housing in an old ladies house where you can do as you feel until she dies and the authorities find you.

Free Shots (kids and kittens).

Free beer.


$5,000 cash for any kid running around your house, or near your house, with, or without, a baby daddy.

Government jobs for everyone.

Make teasing a cat with a toy a hate crime.

Legalize alley cat-alley cat marriage.

Abortion on demand, or not.

Mandatory solar cars or horse and buggies.

Severely increase the progressive tax rate on those making over $150,000, or whatever number I feel like, to 95%. (Except for me and my home-stumps with our cash conveniently in a nice little bank in the Caymans)

Me and my elite rich friends get to have all the bling and tell you groundlings what to do; just don't act like us.

Disregard that previous statement. I was typing while I was thinking about how good it was going to be to be in power and control people while giving them crumbs and keeping them dependent while I stay rich, bi-atch.

I did it again. I will now stop typing. In closing vote for me in 2012 because I will make your life so easy. You won't have to work for the American Dream. I'll give it to you for FREE. Hell, I am the American Dream, bi-atch.

I am hoping I can woo Al Franken away from you brain dead...er cranially challenged Minn. dipsh**s to be my running mate. I'm a shoe in if he can win. If not him then that old windbag who always looks like he's about to take a dump Murtha. WTF. Like shooting, then eating, fish in a barrel. Ah hell, I did it again, I keep typing what I'm thinking. As long as I don't say it on the campaign trail there is no way I can lose.


(t-shirts available soon)


  1. Not sure why everyones so excited/depressed, the Electoral College doesn't meet until December 15. The Fat Lady might be warmin up, but she hasn't started singin yet.

  2. Just got off the phone with my campaign manager. I am going to say, er, meow, the word "change" 18,000 time between now and 2012, or 12.328 times per day. He said it has been proven somewhere that that is all it takes.

  3. Obama didn't Cover the Spread, so he didn't win nuthin!! Just sayin, Bill Buckner thought he had the 86' World Series won too. I'd wait till its official.

  4. 'cat,

    are you still going ahead with your new business? if you do you will have to make sure to only succeed a little bit. try for a 'single', 'home-runs' will be punished.

  5. You'll need to follow 'change' with a chaser of 'hope'. I'd also like one of whatever you're drinking tonight.

  6. Speaking of depressing losses, whats your feel for the UGA-Auburn game 9-11?? The Tigers Spread Offense has been about as effective as McCains Pennsylvania strategy. We should do a challenge bet like you did with your Gay-turd buddy.

  7. 911



  8. 'cat,
    be sure not to hire any liberals. i mean, even if you find one that is really good don't do it. just so you don't get reported to the man simply have dave matthews playing softly in the background. if the interviewee taps his or her foot in time with the music OR tells you how many times they have seen "dave" then thank them quietly for their time and send them on their way. also, obama supporters will keep their bumper stickers on their hybrids for the next thirty years so you can just peak out in the parking lot.

  9. Cat, I like the idea of promising everyone something...especially something for nothing. It has great promise.

    But the REAL question is how you can get the media on your side?

  10. erdoc85,
    that's easy, just tell them that your policies are 'living documents' and 'subject to interpretation'. they will cream their pants.

  11. Funny post!

    I congratulated Obama in my post..trying to be gracious but I am depressed.

    And even though your post is funny it painfully reminds me of how hypnotized the masses seem to have been.

    My state NJ lets me down every time... but I vote... just in case they have an epiphany moment.

    But this perplexes me. Tom Brokaw and some other journalists...admit we don't know much about him. He would not get clearance for working in the FBI or the CIA and yet he is cleared for the most powerful job in the world with all the secrets. I don't understand. Why does it work like that? Can anyone tell me the reason for that. Also...how in the world can otherwise seemingly intelligent people vote for someone who has not proven himself and they don't know about him and what did he have that McCain's honor, dedication and experience apparently couldn't trump?

    I hope they are all right and I am wrong because I fear the consequences if they were all wrong.

    I have a busy day tomorrow but someone will have to scrape me out of my bed in the morning first. :(

    Maybe this will at least help heal the racial divide in this country although I believe that has been perpetuated by the welfare mentality and the likes of Reverend Wright.

    Sorry so long...just venting.

  12. dear seaspray,

    i can't answer all your questions but i can say this. when nixon was finally forced to see the reality of impeachment, he resigned.

    when clinton was faced with the reality of impeachment, he stayed. clinton put himself ahead of the office and that's not to say that others have not done the same, but andrew johnson, nixon, and clinton are the presidents that were caught 'red handed'.

    so, in our recent memory nixon embarrassed the nation but did not fight it, clinton took the office of the presidency down into the gutter, and it is true of his perjury that he would have been fired from the police force and likely imprisoned if he were in the armed services. instead he remained the armed services commander-in-chief and he did not hold himself to the standards demanded of those in his command.

    i gotta thank him though for clearing up the misunderstanding about oral sex because that really helped a bunch of us guys out!

    obama is a blank slate and the media, shockingly, did not delve into his background AT ALL so it is not common knowledge about his inability to obtain the same security clearance as an FBI officer would have.

    personally, i think these problems, just like the question of his 'fake birth certificate' and lack of citizenship are dead ends. it would be one thing to have a full airing before the election but after the election i doubt any of his shady past will matter. that stuff really only matters if you are a republican, i mean everybody was inundated with the stories about GWB doing cocaine and getting a DUI but not many know that obama admits to doing cocaine (it's in his book), and not many know that there is significant evidence that he did not write his book or that he has ties with muslim extremists and campaigned for an african dictator. the msm didn't really put this out there and the stuff about him being linked with rezko and wright produced merely a shrug from a bunch of folks mired in the 'everybody does it' mindset.

    i'm going to trust that his presidency will not be as bad as i fear and that he will gain a certain stature by the gravity of his office. i really hope he does well but based on his own words and his own policies i'm not holding my breath.

    lastly, it will be interesting to see if the msm starts spinning iraq in a positive way now that obama is the pres-elect. it has been off the msm media for about 6 months now because we have shattered al qaeda there and that, until today, was a negative for obama. i expect to see some positive stories in the msm about iraq very soon so he can go over their after his inauguration as the peace-bringer. i hear the air force is working on a portable holographic halo-generator to wow the natives.

    but remember, afghanistan is still hot and will require steadfast leadership to root the maniacs out of their caves on the pakistani border and in pakistan itself. i think obama will not have the nuts to finish this and will declare peace there right about the time the taliban is strong enough to take afghanistan back from a departing american presence.

    this resurgence of the taliban will be blamed on GWB immediately.

    also, the iran-israel fued may go hot and if obama waffles then the whole region may be plunged back into full scale war and remember, israel has nukes and will use them if attacked, iran is working on them and wants to use them but, apparently, this is all just bluff and bluster and iran is really only making all that uranium to generate electricity. the only thing that might stop them is OSHA but i don't know if they have been called.

    i think that a combination of 'aggressive diplomacy' (intentional oxymoron) might work if we can simply get achmidinijead or whatever the crap his name is to be 'cannedam boarded'... this is the most effective means of pacific-submission yet devised and involves, just like in 'a clockwork orange', strapping the interogatee in a chair and having cannedam explain her interpretation of the zodiac to him. they all break. all of them.

  13. @Schrondingers Cat

    You certainly seem a worthy candidate! But I wouldn't want a person who is simulataneously alive and dead to run the United States. If I wanted someone nearly dead and running the country, John McCain would be the man..

  14. You must mean Shrodingers. And I don't know about McCain. His mom's what? 96?

  15. Did i mention free shit for everyone? There will be no need for self motivation under a S. Cat administration. Every home will get a flat screen, self cleaning litter box, and anything else your heart desires. In addition I will provide everyone with face mask purifiers to collect the CO2 you produce.

  16. Wow SC - I think I'm ready to vote for you right now...........although I'm allergic to cats. What's your platform for fixing that problem so that we may ALL love you and worship you?

    PS - I just started a business with the hopes McCain would win. In 2 days I've sold over 1/3rd of my inventory. Now I'm thinking I may have to pace the amount of inventory I put out for sale so that I won't fall into a "Joe the Plumber" situation. And gee, I was so excited about starting a business that could possibly succeed...........

  17. Y'all quit whining, you're like all those lib-er-als who say they'll move to France if Reagan, I mean Bush, I mean "W" wins and never do. Suggestion, move to Florida, NO state income tax, so even with increases in the marginal federal rate you come out ahead. Sure the humidity and fire ants suck, but you can buy alot of AMDRO with no state withholdings. Enough of y'all do that and we'll turn Florida back Redder than Ted Kennedy's bulbous Nose.

  18. Oh my favorite doctors. I thought about you guys all night...well, when I wasn't making out with my boyfriend, of course. That's just gross! I must say most of my friends and families are lefties. So, I've always been intrigued by you righties. Especially you gentlemen who feel soooo strongly and use BIG words. I just couldn't get enough of the torture from you all. For awhile there it was an accepted substitute for my own twisted forms of self-abuse, so thank you, ALL of you, for taking care of me!

    Is there really nothing, not one thing about this whole movement that you can find to be positive?

    Can you find any reason to see why this is one of the most progressive movements of our lives? I know you personally think it's oppressive and socialistic, but think on the scale of humanity as a whole, for one moment. And can you find anything to take any sense of pride in? If only simply for the fact that you were a part of it?

    Oh yes, I know this is my "feelings over facts, form over substance, and intentions over results," education shining through. But I don't mind.

    Hey, look at it this way. At least you'll have 4 years of thought provoking post ideas!

    And I would vote for you CAT. Simply because I like the name "Shrodinger" and I am a mindless drone. And you had me at free cigarettes.

  19. OK, Greta, one positive thing about an Obama presidency, There won't be no Presidential Cat. Seriously, black people hate em' are scared of em in fact. We used to have this Black Cat named "Midnite", our Black Maid Eula wouldn't come in the House if she knew Midnite was around. Had to put her in a back room, and pull the old switcher-oo to make sure we got our full value for our housekeeping dollar. Think I'm kidding? just wait and see. Won't be no Cats in the White House for the next 4 years, especially a Black one.

  20. Frank - that is your funniest comment ever! Tears are streaming down my face, can't breath, abdomen hurts ... SO FUNNY.

  21. Did you see Jesse Jackson welling up with big crocodile tears last night? I remember when he whispered on video that he'd like to "cut Obama's nuts off". I think he was weeping because he realized he may not get the Lincoln bedroom. Don't most people wipe away their tears? This guy parades in front of the media with them!

  22. Seaspray: I am like your idea. I think you should vote every year in NJ and us Southerners will hope that you're right and there'll be a big Yankee episiotomy...(oh, you said epiphany....nevermind, ala Emily Litella).

    Cat: One more thought on a successful campaign. Buy the new book - The McCain Campaign Playbook. Then don't do ANYTHING in it. You should do just fine. (oh, and you also need to raise about $700 million dollars).

    Greta: First, you're breaking my heart. What's this about a boyfriend? I thought I had a shot.

    Second, how did you know I was a "rightie"? You been peeking in my window when I read my Palin magazines?

    Third, something good? Well, the best thing is that Obama is young and there's statistically a slim chance that Bumbling Joe Biden will ascend to the nation's highest office. Though he will be good for comic relief for the next four years if they don't keep him hidden.

    Seriously, I have thought about your question for weeks before you even asked it. I can't say that I can really come up with a definitive positive. Like others have said, Obama has said too many vague things and made too many promises to know exactly what he'll do. He's still too much of a mystery. He has never really stood up to his party and he has some radical partners in Pelosi and Reid.

    I hope that the thought of re-election in 2012 will keep the Dems closer to center than they have promised in this election.

    From my standpoint, I remember how very badly the Dems screwed up the country in their 40 years of control from the 40's to the 80's. This, of course ushered in the era of Reagan and the Conservative movement even into the 90's. Whether any of your leftie friends will admit it or not, it was this movement that led to much of the success that Bill Clinton enjoyed (re-read the Contract with America and see what Clinton ultimately signed and got credit for).

    So, before the Republicans forgot who they were and what they were about, Conservatism was successful in this country for the past 20 plus years. The GOP didn't get the message after 2000, the didn't get the message after 2004, so here's hoping they got the message this time. Therefore, I think the biggest positive for our country would be a re-organization of the Conservative movement with a clear message for 2012 and 2016.

  23. Please, everyone needs to support the Obama. He has no experience, but is starting at the top. Help him brink about the change!

  24. Поздравления, камрады. Добро пожаловать к, котор принудили созиализму! Теперь мы все fucked.

  25. At least starting Jan. 20th we can blame everything that's fucked up on Nobama. Clinton didn't suffer for his mistakes, and W won't either. We need to make sure anything that goes wrong is Obama and his majority asshole buddies Pelosi and Reid. They will feel our wrath.


  26. Joe the optometrist3:46 PM, November 05, 2008

    ERDOC85 "Conservatism was successful in this country for the past 20 plus years."

    I thought the GOP was about smaller Government, less taxes on the working class and FISCAL conservatism. Those are things I can believe in. You make it sound as though our government needs more religion. Didn't the founding fathers, who were all pretty religious and whom y'all so often quote in your rhetoric, realize the importance of separation of church and state?

    The religious conservatism that has been in the white house for the past 8 years is really no different than the Taliban or any other religious based Government ie Iran. Imposing your religious beliefs on people who still have a moral compass but don't necessarily believe the earth was created in 7 days or arguing about whose imaginary friend is better really does a country no good in the long run.

    Washington, Franklin, Hancock, Adams, Jefferson et al were wise beyond their years and certainly beyond yours.

  27. So... does all this mean Hillary is about to be offered a job?

  28. Joe

    Really no different than Iran, eh. You are stupid. You can't write the things we write in those countries. Your hands would be chopped off and you wouldn't be able to adjust the dials on your little machines. Please don't quote Rosie O'Donnell on this blog, ever again. The founders were deeply religious men, but felt we should worship the way we chose. Try that in Iran you dipshit "optometrist". The words separation, church, and state appear nowhere in the Constitution, or Declaration. Read the 1st amendment again, and post it here so you will remember what it says.

  29. joe the optometrist,

    your are a craven traitor. i do not censor this blog but you are banned for being a craven traitor lying son-of-a-whore. your moment of enlightenment may never come but if it does it well be at the other end of a fist, knife, or gun.

  30. You know my mom swears that Obama is a Black Hitler. He says one thing while doing exactly the opposite.

    It would be rather ironic if Hitler were reincarnated as a black man. I'm just saying...

  31. After much soul-searching, I have found a positive with the election of BO.

    Whatever happens, the ball is in the Dem's court. They got their trifecta, and now have no one else to blame when it all goes down.

    I am so tired of the Bush blame game. The man is not the Alpha and the Omega, everything can't be his fault.

  32. Joe weak fucking analogy. That might be even lamer than Gretas potheaded rant.

    Or we could go with "look whos talking" somebody needs to get their eyes checked.

    Fucking moron

  33. amy,

    hate to disagree but the media will not blame obama or his administration for anything.

    gwb is blamed for the current economic mess even though we were in a recession at the end of the clinton years and even though we were hit with the 9-11 attacks and even though the subprime crisis was engineered by barney frank and his compatriots.

    it IS, however, true that the MSM has lost its monopoly and the NYT and LAT are about worthless as businesses. also, the networks are not nearly as influential as in years prior.

    my view of the problem is that conservatiism has been largely abandoned by the republicans in an effort to be 'bipartisan'. tough issues require tough debate and the only ones that draw lines in the sand are on the left.

    when conservatives voice their opinion they are met with hate and anger so it is understandable that people get to washington and clam-up for fear of being publicly ridiculed.

    however, there is a new, young generation that has fought to keep us safe... many hundreds of thousands of them. their families have suffered their absence and those deployed have actually SEEN the results of religious fanatacism and totalitarianism. these folks know what love of country means and every single one of them deserves our heartfelt thanks for keeping us safe for the past seven years, and for smashing terrorist networks including the taliban.

    the platitudes of the sixties generation's 'intellectuals' rings hollow in their ears as does the foolishness of appeasement.

    in short, since the end of the Reagan presidency and the resulting defeat of the Soviets, conservatives have tripped all over themselves trying to be nice to leftists and prove that we are not heartless, bigotted, war-mongers.

    well, we are not any of those things, but lately we have been conciliatory to the enemies of freedom who live amongst us yet are ashamed to be Americans.

    you can see in the comments on this blog that hate and self-loathing are rampant in the party that was once, truly, the 'loyal opposition'.

    jfk, today, would be considered a mainline conservative. he cut taxes and asked the American people to contribute. he didn't hand out gifts. he put us on the brink of war with the soviets rather than let them plant missiles in cuba. i don't think obama is up to that kind of challenge.

    liberalism is a religion and most liberals argue with all the emotional energy they can muster. this is why questioning their policies is akin to yelling 'fire' in a theater.

    more and more people have realized, during this election cycle, that principled logic and debate have no place at their table and, i hope, people who are fans of principles and logic will realize just what kind of enemy we face and that, eventually, we will have to drop the 'make nice' strategy and give voters a clear choice.

    america as we know it is under assault. we may have already lost Her but i think not. if obama goes to the center and enacts centrist policies then he will likely gain a second term and might do well.

    if he truly takes us towards socialism, however, and if the courts are used to legislate the leftist agenda, then the anger of those who believe in America as conceived by the founding fathers will sweep him and his socialist cohorts away.

    the 'joker' in his deck will be the war on terror. if, as biden promised us, we will face a 'major international crisis' within the first six months of his presidency, and he responds with anything less than an iron fist (to an attack on America or a nuclear attack on Israel), then we will perish, perhaps quite quickly, at the hands of people who value power (and all that it brings) more than 'diversity' and 'animal rights'.

    i'm not sure, but i don't think humankind has evolved past its inherent tendency to prey upon the weak. give us ten million years or so and we might, but for right now i would guess that in some hellhole in north korea and tehran (and other places), men are planning their next move against the 'great satan', and are hoping that obama is as he seems to them, a bureaucrat who will flinch, or, even better, defer to the UN.

  34. What I probably find most disturbing about this whole Obama victory is the mass adoration of the crowd....the whole "now we are saved" mantra. This is NOT the reaction of citizens with a healthy suspicion of government.....this is the reaction of subjects who sing "God Save The Queen" as they gather at the palace gates awaiting their crusts of bread.

    Our Founders and our Constitution NEVER intended our Executive branch to become representative of salvation and deliverance......they would have found it revolting (in honesty I do hold Bush somewhat responsible for this with his attitudes towards executive power...but that is just the Libertarian in me)

    And if I see Oprah's crying face one more time on TV...I think I will scream..can someone just make her go away....PLEASE

    But if you really want the vote stop all this "cat" stuff...you need to start talking about "pussy" LOL

  35. 911 I couldn't agree with you more. Honestly, I am terrified of Obama and what he could bring us. I hope as you do that the office will elevate him to an understanding of what is truly right for the country and will help him rise above the rhetoric. I'm just really scared that he will be just a leftist pawn like we suspect. I do agree with you that if he does attempt to enact socialism in our country that the people will rise up against him. There are too many of us left that value freedom and are willing to fight for it.

    I think Bush's main problem is that he tried to be too bipartisan and didn't stick to his guns enough. He tried to serve too many masters.

  36. Um. Did anyone see the hammer and sickle flag being waved at the holy unwashed love in rally last night? I thought Megan Kelly at Fox News Channel was going to stroke out when they aired the rally this morning. This is what this Marxist has brought to the forefront. We be fucked in the eyeballs.

  37. Why do they even have Optometrists?? The Navy taught me to be one in about 2 hrs, really about 1 1/2 when you cut out the bathroom break. "Better 1......or 2? "3.......or 4?" What a scam, the one thing they're supposed to be able to do, and most of them eff it up. Its like bein a Buggywip repairman dude...

  38. Lynn:

    you mean this?


  39. This wild speculation is worthless. The complaining and outright predictions of doom are even worse.

    Is this the voice of the educated right?

  40. I want my free puppy where's my free puppy?

  41. free cat food and cat nip? you have my vote ;) you can keep the shots though

  42. Hey brainiac anon 8:33, I think you meant "This is the voice of the educated, right?" or maybe "Is this the voice of the educated" but not both. Wake up - this speculation is far from wild as you put it and I hear no complaining, just statements of fact. Go drink your Kool-aid.

  43. They can have their day in the sun. The pendulum will swing hard in 4 years, maybe too if Congress and this clown jack things up real bad. How much great press do you think McCain would have gotten if the market had dropped 500 points post election day?

  44. dearest anonymous,

    we do not claim to be the voice of the 'educated right' but thank you for the compliment. i deduce that you fancy yourself one of the 'educated left'... perhaps you can sign your name next time, or, do us all a favor and go gloat somewhere else... plenty of blogs out there you know, plenty of places for you to come out of the closet and be praised. piss off.

  45. Doctors,

    Aye, it amazing(and not in a good way) how easily that the electorate can be swayed by pretty speeches and bribes. But I believe we should remain as stalwart as we can for conservatism and it's ideas. From what I've seen in my state(Colorado), while we elected dems on the whole to Congress, most of the ballot measures that passed were Conservative in nature.

    Oh, and Doctors...


    Not only now do you have to offer free healthcare, but now you can pay for their gas and mortgages as well.

    Horrible day for our republic. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves right around now.

    (Not sure if this went through the first time...so let's try this again.)

  46. Joe the optometrist...time for some new glasses bud.

    I said nothing about religion in my post. Get a clue. That thing on your shoulder is either an albatross or a very large chip. If you're stepping in shit, it's the former, if your head's full of shit....well, it still could be either.

    By success of conservatism, I was talking about fiscal conservatism. I was talking about government spending cuts dating back to Reagan. I was referring to the Republican initiatives since the 1980's such as: welfare reform, spending freezes, budget cuts, redistribution of federal monies to states to spend more wisely on programs such as school lunches (this is what the Democrats called "starving little school children, NAFTA, tax cuts for EVERYONE, and anti-crime legislation.

    I made NO argument for or against religion's role in government in my post. You are way, way off.

    You talk about the founding fathers and their concept of the separation of church and state. The concept of this separation is one that is up for interpretation in the Constitution. That is for another debate at another time (you probably haven't followed this post so far anyway), but understand that this separation concept doesn't appear until a Supreme Court decision in 1878.

    Finally, anyone who could POSSIBLY compare a President of faith who makes decisions (rightly or wrongly) based on prayer and his own personal moral compass to an oppressive fascist regime is an idiot.

    Sorry Joe, but you need to stay off of the "big boy blog" and go back to the optometry blog where the words rhyme and you can keep up with the arguments.


  47. It's so funny. I read this blog and always look forward to when someone rubs your noses in the shit you preach, you quibble back with some little name calling. Did you learn to be a little whiny bitch in school, or residency?

  48. Anon,

    What are you talking about? We have intelligent discussions based on historical facts. We don't resort to whiny bitch retorts.

    By the way, I didn't learn it in residency. I learned it while daydreaming looking at the top of your momma's head.

  49. Wait, wait, wait.

    Lemme see if I understand this.

    The anon came on here to chastise and call us names for chastising and calling other people names!?!?!?

    This is rich!

    And, by the way...when people misquote, misstate, and make illogical conclusions from our arguments, it is hardly "rubbing our noses" in anything.

    Another swing and a miss..........

  50. Who are these morons ?

    Read up on history before you make these ad nauseum ignoramous posts.

    Between glasses boy and the anon fucktards I have lost faith in society.

    A republican living in a democrats world...Great clip highlighting it all.


  51. "I learned it while daydreaming looking at the top of your momma's head."

    That's fucking great! I'd steal it, but it might not make too much sense if I used it. But you never know what might come in hand for lame future pothead rants...

    Here's some more for you guys:

    "Yo mama so fat, her other biography is called "The Audacity of Hardee's."

    "Yo mama such a ho, her panties cast an absentee ballot."

  52. Joe, don't you have some refractions to do? Oh yeah LASIK sorta sucked up that business, thats why the saps that still wear glasses pay $400/pair. Gonna suck for you when Obama hands out those contact lens vouchers. Better 1 or 2?
    P.S. did you ever pick up a chick pretending to be a Real Doctor, no shame if you did, any REAL man did as soon as he got in Med School.
    Frank, M.D.

  53. Just watched the flag video. My worst nightmare seems to be unfolding.

    Have any of you heard of the Earth Charter? Take time to read the document . A Google search will lead you to a 4 page document that essentially turns "mother earth" into some sort of deity and talks about among many other things "spreading the wealth" (article 10 a.). Take note of how everything Obama is for is mentioned in the Earth Charter. If you want to see how evil this charter is, go to a website called arkofhope.org and you will see first hand a pagan representation of the Ark of the Covenant. This desecration houses the Earth Charter along with Temenos books (small booklets that give prayers and well wishings for the sanctity of the earth and the Earth Charter).

    When you put all of these things together, one could easily draw the conclusion that this country is a country no longer protected by God, and is headed for economic disaster and a new level of impending domestic catastrophe.

  54. Now hold yourself on just a damn second there Anon (I capitalize you because you had something worthwhile to say). Our country may no longer be protected by God, but we're protected by Ozone and trees.

    I read that charter thingy and for all of the pissing and moaning about GWB's religion and the "evangelicals" (whatever that is) on the right, these people have just substituted one form of religion for another.

    These Mother Earth people are just modern day Druids.

    Just you wait, BHO is gonna erect a stone circle in place of the White House Rose Garden, and all of the Hollywood tree huggers are going to drive their hybrids to the airport, board their private jets, fly to DC, rip their clothes off and bark at the moon (or something like that).

  55. Comeon. Who here doesn't want to see Oprah dance naked and bark at the moon?

    Did you docs know it's time to elect the first dog?? The Chi-town Sun Times is taking suggestions!

    I love newsworthy news. Kinda like my commenty comments.

  56. "Did you docs know it's time to elect the first dog??"

    Didn't we do that in 1992 and again in 1998? No wait, that was the first alpha wolf. My bad....

    Greta, If Orpah (that was her intended name, after Ruth's sister in the Bible and it was misspelled on her birth certificate....don't ask me how I know that) is gonna dance naked, we've gotta have some ground rules.

    First, YOU have to watch. And unlike those chick sideline commentators at football games, I don't want any additional information (except as outlined in rule four below).

    Second, she must dance OUTSIDE of the circle of stones, otherwise there could be fatal "flying boob" injuries within the confined spaces of the inner sanctum.

    Third, she MUST remove the heels. If she does not, then CAT gets to fix the broken ankles. (I figure he can solicit campaign 2012 funds at the same time).

    Fourth, whilst you're watching the spectacle, take a peek and see what Steadman's packing...just curious.

    Fair 'nuff?

  57. 911 - thanks for your response. It helps to read similar opinions. One of my favorite doc bloggers is so far left and I read his stuff and it shreds me up on the inside.

    How is it that such intelligent people see politics so passionately different???

    Maybe he will be the Kumbaya pres who brings us all together? What if? I'd be happy to admit I was wrong.

    I forgot about Clinton's little ... um... I did not have sex with that woman incident. Oh and yeah.. he did y'all a favor. Honey...it was only a Lewinsky and we all know a Lewinsky is not sex cause the President of the United states said so. ;)

    Didn't he define the word "Is" for us too?

    ER Doc 85... that would be the 1st episiotomy I've ever been associated with considering I am a 2 c-section girl. ;)

    I am happy to say though that in our little Sussex County, according to our local paper...most of the county voters went against the national trend and kept our local republican people in office.

    Separate topic but I am also very concerned about national security and our military and supreme court nominees.

    Joe the Opto- you said"The religious conservatism that has been in the white house for the past 8 years is really no different than the Taliban or any other religious based Government ie Iran. Imposing your religious beliefs on people who still have a moral compass but don't necessarily believe the earth was created in 7 days or arguing about whose imaginary friend is better really does a country no good in the long run."

    Surely you jest! You compare the Taliban to American Christianity?? Have the women been wearing burkas in the White House? Anyone been killed or maimed lately for going against "the Faith"?

    Exactly what religious belief was imposed on you during this current administration?

    You apparently don't know your history or you would know that Washington was a great man of faith and sought God often.

    My husbands family was under religious persecution in Europe and came to this country in the 1600s to escape it. This country has been founded on Godly principals. We have a heritage to be proud of and God has been in it from the beginning. But there is no state or country religion and we are free to choose or deny at will. Lincoln was a man of deep faith. So was Reagan. None of them imposed their beliefs on anyone. Nor did our current President Bush.

    Why are some people so afraid of the concept of God as we practice our faiths in this country? When no one is forced to do the same?

  58. Seaspray, President Kennedy was also a man of great faith. He was a devout Roman Catholic...in fact our first Catholic President.

    He often worshiped with Marilyn Monroe where he was known to be overcome by the spirit of the Lord and shout "OH GOD, OH GOD".

  59. Your too funny.. Er Doc 85! LOL!!! :)

    I was all set to apologize for omitting him. i just can't think of everyone. :)

    Actually... isn't there some joke about Washington sleeping around? he's marched all through our area. headquarters and hour away from here.

    In the end... no matter how high our calling or great our faith...we are human and makes some oh so very human mistakes... sometimes.

  60. Y'all thought I was jokin about there Not bein a First Cat, but one of the first announcements, right up with layin out a Whitehouse basketball court, was the First Children were gonna be pickin out a new puppy. Guarantee ya it ain't gonna be a Black Lab.

  61. "Who here doesn't want to see Oprah dance naked"

    Any eye docs here? I may have scratched my eyes out with my fingers just then.

  62. They say you can find ANYTHING on the Internet, but I spent an unproductive 2 Hours tryin to find a Negative Photo of Michelle Obama. A NEGATIVE IMAGE Photo, you know, so I can see what she'd look like as a light skinned blonde? Not like theres any shortage of blonde black women in Atlanta, but can't find a one. Anyone out there that can help a Brutha out??

  63. Well Frank, you could get one of the Photoshop programs and just click on the filter that changes the photo to a negative.

    With Oprah, will she be dancing with her eyelashes on - and is there any fear of her crying during her dance? Wouldn't want a repeat of seeing her without those lashes - looks too much like Mike Tyson without them. And I would think that there would need to be a really good orthopedic surgeon available, cause if she nails anyone when she's swinging her derriere', she could do some REAL damage!

  64. Frank, this one's for you.