Friday, January 16, 2009

On the Other Hand...

Lofty, don't give up just yet


  1. Let me say, I give up on the 2/3 of Americans who don't give a shit about their weight or their health in general...including the 1/2 who believe in UFOs.

    There are some darn good American heroes out there. Just not enough of them. We've, in general, become a soft, lazy, entitled, fat nation.


  2. Well, it certainly broke up the "all Obama inauguration, all the time" coverage of the news nets. Good thing it happened in New York or else the news nets wouldn't have noticed.

    The heros here will be forgotten by about... tomorrow.

    My teary eyes are gonna be glued to HBO's "We are one" coverage of the Obama Caesar Augustus ascension to godhood. Yup. That trusted news source, HBO.

    Anybody remember the lineup of talent at the Bush inauguration? Either one?

  3. Yes...this was an awesome story.....and confirms my belief in the potential success of libertarianism.

    You mean in 3 minutes this pilot was able to successfully land and the people get to safety in what, appeared to be, an organized civil manner......all without a government permit, program or bureaucrat to make sure all went well?!?


    I am in shock.

    Just shows what people are capable of when left to their own devices.

  4. The pilot deserves more recognition then he will ever get, but regardless I will put whats left of my 401k on the fact that there will be countless lawsuits that come out of this.

    911Doc, lets leave medicine and go get JD's. We can run around suing lawyers for shits and giggles.

  5. Hi!
    We love checking out the posts on this blog from time to time, and this might be a ridiculous award for you guys, but we chose you guys for the lemonade award on our site.

    Just wanted to let you all know!!

  6. Cynic,
    That's really sad. Lawyers are shamless. Those people are lucky to be alive...if they try to sue out of "Emotional Damage" they are just looking for free money. I lost my faith in Americans a long time ago. We have become a nation full of greedy imbeciles who want the government and others to take care of them. If a nation is as strong as it's people then we are done for.

  7. dear controlled chaos,
    could you point me to a link that explains the 'lemonade award'? can't decide whether to say 'thanks' or not.

  8. Lofty: Every year I have at least one kindergarten student who is so obese that he has trouble standing up and sitting down. These kids also can only move their bowels at home, as they can't reach the target to wipe themselves, and I won't do it. At least one parent is always obese--usually the Mom, and these kids turn up their noses at fruits and vegetables at snack time, waiting for the bounty at home. The parents should be arrested.

  9. can someone photoshop the four gargantuan gals into the picture of the plane in the Hudson? i thinkn they were used to float it. they could stand that water for hours those gals. okay, i'm done.

  10. As predicted, Captain Sullenberger's name has been expunged from the "all Obama, all the time" coronation in the news media.

    Ahhhhhh the price of heroism. You give your life for the country only to be put in a "hall of shame" Time Magazine article on who got killed in Iraq by Bush. Or, to have your name put on a anti-war T-shirt and your relatives are told, by the court, it is free speech when they try to have your name removed.
    Or, after a major hurricane floods a city, an you go out in your own boat to rescue people, and the media ignore you and focus on the victim (who looked remarkably like one from the picture of the previous article) screaming "Where's the govermint? Where's the govermint?" and demanding to be cared for by the "govermint".
    Or, when an ER Doc saves a person, uninsured and illegal, and is treated as though "it's your job" by the illegal family (and the media that covered the story). True heros are largely unknown, ignored and forgettable. And I love every one of them (in a manly way, of course).

    I feel bad for Obama. He has reached uber-hero status without an act of heroism, only the undying love of a saprophytic media. Eventually, in their reptilian way, the media will turn on Obama and bite him in the middle of the river, as the old proverb goes, because that's just the way they are. And, sadly, Obama will have farther to fall than most Presidents because the media pedestal is so high.

    So as a celebration of the new president, I will pull up to Jack in the Box and have a Sirloin Bacon and Cheese Burger (1100 calories). As Jay Leno says, because there are more obese people than overweight and normal weight people, obese is the new skinny.

    Dammit I forgot to order the 24oz Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Shake. (1400 calories of shear pleasure) and Bacon Cheddar potato wedges (770 calories of cheesy fun). I'll just skip my 3 minute on the treadmill to catch up.

  11. Igloodoc, you said saprophytic. A very apt description for the MSM. I feel a bit sorry for Obama because unlike JC, he can't deliver. I have been experiencing a bit of schadenfreude watching factions of the Democrat party go after each other.