Monday, March 09, 2009

", like, what's your emergency?"

I love Mike Forbess. We need more 911 dispatchers like Mike. See, Mike has had it with idiots calling 911 with their everyday problems. Now, I don't know Mike personally, but I am guessing he has been called for years by parents who don't know how to handle their kids. Mike's response after yet another of these calls? How about, "OK, do you want us to come over and shoot her?" Boo yah, Mike!

Now, Mike probably knew from the get-go that he was going to lose his job. Unfortunately, Mike retreated after his 'joke' and I'm a bit disappointed that Mike didn't OWN that call. At that point, go down in a blaze of glory, Mike. Why not respond to her saying, "That's not funny Mike" with, "Yes it is! It's hilarious. What, you want my manager? Who the fuck are you to ask for my manager? What's he gonna' do? Raise your kids? Raise you own damn kids! I've had it! I've had it!! Hell no, you can't talk to my manager. Talk to me! I'm not here to raise your kids! There are people that NEED this number! Stop abusing it!"

If only Keisha had answered this call...


  1. Fielding 911 calls must be a lot like working in an ED. Doing triage over the phone between non-professionals adds to the confusion.

  2. Holy shit! I was totally trying to drunk dial a friend the other night and ended up with a 911 in the number. Er, I may or may not have hung up. Still. Cops came to my door and I was like omg, wtf, sorry, will never drunk dial again.

  3. Yeah...Doesn't this woman know anything? 911 can't help you with misbehaving kids...misbehaving kids are something the ER can solve(just like how physicians can turn water into wine and raise the dead).

  4. Yeah I'm a bit disappointed as well that he didn't own the call. Once he went ahead and said that first bit he might as well have gone on with the whole enchilada. 911 for an out of control kid. Christ.

  5. Stupid 911 calls are the norm. My son works in a county 911 dispatch center. Every shift the 8 dispatchers will get about 30% of the calls that could be termed "stupid". Everything from asking for directions to local businesses to parents asking for help in disciplining their kids.
    Obama's presidency is predicated on having a compliant population. The groundwork for their complaceny was laid back in the 60's. 911 operators are the "canarys" in this mine!!!


  6. Don't forget the woman in CA who wanted a sheriff to come to the Burger King because she couldn't get her burger the way she wanted it. As a firefighter/medic who used to dispatch, I can say we get this crap all the time.