Friday, March 06, 2009

ACEP Rolls Over Again

Our national college (ACEP) is now sponsoring a conference on how to properly fill out forms. This is almost as banal as conference on proper conferencing. Thanks a lot you douchebags. If there was any fighting about this it was behind closed doors. What this means for docs is that if we don't properly fill out paperwork during, say, a cardiac arrest (in which we put in a central venous catheter) we will not be paid for doing it unless we write it down correctly. Too bad if we are too busy to write it all down, too bad if there's another cardiac arrest, and another... no writey-downey, no payee (and it has to be written down in just the right way).

What a bunch of worthless crap. I feel like I'm in fourth grade penmanship class. How about a conference on doing the procedure right and damn the coding you idiots! 

How could you swallow yet another large piece of feces from the government? What's that?? You have residents that fill out your paperwork? Uh, huh. And they do the procedures most of the time for you? Oh, so it's not so important to you? It won't affect your paycheck? You have tenure? Got it.


  1. The military-industrial complex got bad press in the day and that reputation has stuck with us. Of course, when you're fighting terrorists, it can pay off big time - and I'm not talking in dollars, but in American lives.

    but, the academic medicine-government complex brings up only warm and fuzzy images of gobs of people who can't wait to help you, the great American unwashed. Nothing like official incest to warm a government bureaucrat's heart!

  2. Update from the CAT.

    Clinic is up and running. What a freaking ordeal, but it does give me a sense of ownership and I have hear more "Thank you, DOC's" in 1 week than in 14 years (God, has it been that long?) in the ED. Working everyday of the week, but hopefully this will change. Our clinic is literally the nicest clinic I have ever been in (boutique- tv's in all the rooms, Wi-Fi in the waiting room)so when Obama shit care hits, we will change to cash only for the well to do. Every one else will have the "right" to care so the will be no free clinic to donate my time to.

    As for the ACEP conference, in your goodie bag you get a douche bag and some maxi-pads, along with cyanide to take half way through if you just can't take it anymore.

  3. forgive my spelling, as I am exhausted

  4. CAT,

    If you ever need another doc, you can always drop a line to MDOD's non-official headhunter.


    I had to.

    FP's/IM's/ Old Grandfathered ABEM's who can't stand the ED anymore.

    I got em all!


    (If the Obama administration doesn't make what I do illegal.....or have a government supported flat rate for all placements.)

  5. First, congrats CAT.

    About that conference, it reminds me a lot of my job: they are moving us to a new building on the other side of town and we are going to get a class on how to answer the phones...
    It is really heartwarming to see how well your employer thinks of you in the grey matter area. Oh wait, we have goverment contracts, maybe it is a contractual requirement.

  6. Just the white flag of surrender... you didn't think ACEP would actually fight, did you?

    I learned a while back that my job is paperwork, with a little patient care on the side.

    And now that I'm filling out forms as we speak, anybody know the CPT code for "stupid"?