Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moral Compass Broken

Wow it's getting bad out there. Witness this, which I can only describe as geniosity or summin' like that. Relativism and the politically correct movement has brought us to this point. The point where we can't say that having sex before marriage or even outside a monogamous relationship is WRONG... we have to couch it in terms of public health concerns, concerns for the group, and we have to pay kids a dollar not to do something they shouldn't be doing anyway.

For those of you who will answer, "Who the hell are you to judge?" I have a few answers. One, by simply saying "Who the hell are you to judge," you yourself are forming a moral judgement about me so your argument is self-refuting and illogical. But more than that I am a father and a physician and a human with a universal moral code built right in, just like you.

If this program succeeds however I want to be paid $100 a day not to steal, or administer the wrong medicines to patients. I know I can do this if I can only get that $100. I am also happy to be paid not to grow corn, make methamphetamine, grow pot, poison city water systems, and make fun of the idiots in Washington. Sign me up for the free money.


  1. So, I suppose it would be wrong for me to offer them a Fin to reconsider?

  2. When I was in high school there was talk of doing this. So let me get this straight...they will pay me to not do something I wasn't going to do anyway? Sign me up for sure!

    I tell my kids all the time that people should do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do, not because of any kind of reward. I don't pay them for grades, don't reward them for not getting into trouble at school, don't jump up and down an praise them like crazy when they help around the house etc. They do these things because they are the right thing to do and they have character and are growing to be good people who will hopefully turn into responsible hard working adults. Apparently I have my parenting all wrong. I should be bribing them to be good people. Because that will definitely turn out great when they get out into the real world and there is no one rewarding them anymore. If people need a reward/bribe to do the right thing and to be decent responsible people, what happens when there are no more rewards? Is it any wonder the world is all messed up?

  3. Rad Girl I knew I loved you, even before those cookies..
    At my home the kids grew up with the rule of "5's"..I got 5 on my right hand and 5 on my left, which do you want?
    (Works on residents, too don't it 85?)

  4. What are they going to do about the outbreak of TMJ that is going to follow ?

  5. Can we blame this on Obama? Or compare Democrats to filiariasis?

  6. dear cynic,
    that's easy. simply pay another dollar not to fellate. hand relief only.

  7. Hand relief only ? Is this an attempt to prepare them for married life ?

  8. Well said, Radgirl. The same process is going on in schools, where kids get rewarded with prizes for getting their homework in and having good attendance. I also never rewarded my kids for grades, chores or blowing their noses. We're raising a generation of kids who will do the right thing only when someone is watching.

  9. Additionally, look at all the historical disincentives for abstaining from premarital sex: Pregnancy, STDs, shame, societal approbation. They've never worked, and I doubt $1 a day will succeed where fear of reproduction and disease failed.

  10. Devorrah, you are sadly mistaken. Social disinentives for pregnancy out of wedlock worked extremely well in this country until fifty or sixty years ago, and continue to do so in other cultures and countries. Haven't you noticed the pandemic of unmarried pregnant Amish, Hassidic Jewish, and Muslim girls?? Me either...

    Pattie, RN

  11. OF: I'd say that the "rule of 5's" worked extremely well. Not only to keep the residents in line, but to attract quality people to begin with (me being the exception!). In my case, I was was scared of the hand 5's, but it was the foot 5's that REALLY terrified me!

    911: "For those of you who will answer, "Who the hell are you to judge?" I have a few answers. One, by simply saying "Who the hell are you to judge," you yourself are forming a moral judgement about me so your argument is self-refuting and illogical."

    What a great preemptive argument! Loved it!

    Down here in the great & baking State of Texas, a standardized testing system was instituted years ago to compare schools & school districts. Of course, the results determine awards, bonuses, state monies, etc (though the politicians PROMISED that it would NEVER be used for that and that the test results would be confidential and for state use only when the bill was passed).

    Anyway, nowadays rather than teach their subjects, teachers are basically instructed to teach to the test. Rewards are given to the kids for test performance. Money, parties, "free days", shopping sprees, field trips, everything they can think of to incentivize the kids to do well in order to benefit the school district by the kid's test scores.

    So, even though I don't reward them for doing things they should be doing (like studying and making good grades), the school system will (and for the wrong reasons I might add). So, leave it up to others to "reward" my kids for me and set a bad life example!

    But I for one am in favor of this $1 a day program. It's a lot cheaper than what I did with my daughter. For only a buck a day, you can purchase a girl's motherhood. That's a bargain!

    With my daughter, I had to talk with her, get to know her, build a relationship with her, listen to her, answer her questions, go to church with her, talk with her about God, find out where she was and who she was with, meet the kids she was 'hanging with', keep up with where she was and verify that she was telling me the truth, make sure that she obeyed curfews, console her when she was hurt, help plan her future, give her advice, teach her right from wrong, etc.

    You mean I could have gotten out of all of the above for only a buck a day? That's really makes financial sense. I woulda' had more time to watch Wheel of Fortune.


  12. This is all fine and dandy (not) until some of the girls start to undermine others in hopes of getting their share of the dinero.

    The culture is doomed.