Monday, June 22, 2009

Trich, no treat

Trichimonas vaginitis is a stinky frothy sometimes brown discharge from a bo-gina, that usually smells like day old cod. It is one of many infections, most sexually transmitted that make a bo-gina leak and stink, and usually bring a 19 year old to the ED at 3 in the morning eating Cheetos with a stomach ache. Speaking of smelly vagina holes, did you hear about Barbara Boxer talking to a Brigadier General of the Army Corp of Engineers, asking him to call her Senator instead of Ma'am, a term of respect all military men use, and having the balls to say that she earned her title? What a POS waste of flesh this woman is. He should have answered her questions with the back of his hand.

(To the editor-I had to find some way to sneak this in without it being completely political, but she truly is a stinky vagina).

S. Cat

*editor's note: concur


  1. Normally I don't get involved in the hole 'you're a jerk no you're a jerk' debate that exists in that most mature and sanctified hall of overpaid gasbags (Congress) - but this really blew me away. Call me Senator and not ma'am? Seriously? It doesn't enrage me so much as I feel embarassed for Sen. Boxer to say something so stupid out loud in front of cameras. Kind of like when Ashlee Simpson had that incident on SNL - most people found it funny/offensive? I felt bad for the poor girl. No one should be humiliated like that, it's inhumane.

  2. The General should have said...

    "I apologize, Senator BOX-ER" with every bit of emphasis and sarcasm he can muster on the "BOX" part of her name... I love a good case of Trick-o-Mona's...especially that part when you invite the patient to take a look through the microscope so they can see exactly whats makin their snatch so nasty...and remember... "YOU HAVE TO TREAT THE PARTNER TOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Yeah, right, they don't make enough Flagyl for some of these Broads...


  3. Even if the office holder fails the whiff test, the correct form of address is to be called Senator.

  4. I think that put me off Cheetos for a while.

  5. Crud!

    I saw your post and thought you were linking to this website:

  6. Be nice to SEN-at-TOR BOXXX-er. She bought that title fair and square. Hope the moronic old twat realizes how pathetic she sounded. Kudos to the General for not barfing..

    Patttie, RN

  7. Creepiest infestation with Trich I've seen was in a 72y/o nursing home resident.....she expired a few weeks later.

    Viagra had just come on the market.

  8. To Anonymous @ 11:03:

    The correct form of address, initially, IS Senator, just as the Brigadier should iitially be addressed as General. However, in extended conversations, it is typical for titles to be dispensed with, for ease on the part of everyone. It is tedious to continuously use titles. This is why newspapers initially use titles/ranks, then revert to simplifications, thereafter.

    Boxer is an imbecile for grasping her title, almost in self-mockery. If you have to ask someone to use it, you never earned it in the first place. She compounds that with the laughable notion of her having "...worked so hard..." for it, as if she ever worked hard for anything in her life. She is an embarrassment to a state that is simply immune to electoral embarrassments.

  9. Har!

    Here's a comment that makes my point much better than I did:

  10. A few weeks ago, I went to a conference in San Diego. In order to save money, I stayed at a Hostel.

    Everything was OK and pretty interesting for the first few days. THEN this very attractive teen-aged girl checked into the room down the hall across from the bathroom.

    She had nasty SSD (smelly snath disease). That lovely form of bacterial vaginosis that you can diagnose from triage (when you're in your car in the doctor's parking lot).

    She smelled up the whole hall! I will just NEVER understand how those girls can't smell themselves. Nor will I understand how any man will dip his precious wick into such a foul cesspool.

    I held my breath when I walked down the hallway and used the facilities on another floor.

    And unlike Boxer, I DID work hard for my title, but I would never insist that someone use the term "doctor" in every sentence to refer to me. How awkward would that be? Fortunately, I'm not so self-obsessed that my ego can't be satisfied by someone showing me respect by calling me "sir".

  11. can one not know they stank?

  12. The American Left has loathed - to coin a phrase - the American military since at least the 1960s.

    The event was simply Boxer's opportunity for a public insult against a high ranking soldier.

    In any state but Calif, the video clip of the verbal exchange would be used by her challenger in the next election. In Calif, it just builds her street cred.