Tuesday, June 02, 2009

We Have Elected a Fool

I hope he's just a fool, because if he's not simply a fool he aims to destroy our country. Fools can be beaten at the ballot box, but tyrants can not.


  1. He's neither a fool nor a tyrant, but I doubt he can be beaten at the ballot box given the racist voting that elected him...

  2. maybe i'll run against him. i'm a mutt and can claim about four different racial heritages including native american. might want to go ahead and get the tribe to admit me officially.

  3. Well 911,

    You'll get 90% of the Native American vote, plus all of the guilty whites who don't want to appear racist, or just want to feel better about themselves, or fit in at cocktail parties.

    Then on top of that, you'll get the votes of those people who actually bother to learn about the issues and agree with your position.

    Still, you'll lose. Media will hate you. You're a conservative.


  4. oldfart,
    then what is he?

    i am flattered.

  5. I think he's a hybrid. If you cross a tyrant and a fool, you get a tool.

  6. I can't decide if he is retarded and being controlled like a puppet, or simply has a desire to see our way of life destroyed. Either way, we're in trouble. Just like in Atlas Shrugged, the populace will panic when the goods are not delivered, the food doesn't make it to market, and the brains have all left. Better buy stock in Brawndo, its got what plants crave.

  7. My mom swears his strings are being pulled by George Sorros...she was taking about that today actually...

  8. People all said the same thing back when Jimmuh Carter was playing President, things have a way of working out in the end... Few years of double digit Unemployment, Inflation and Interest Rates, A-rabs blowin up stuff, even Al Sharpton will vote Republican...like 100,000 times, how do you think Reagan carried New York and Massachusetts...Picking Joe Biden was the best life insurance Hussein could get...talk about your fools, everytime I see that dumbass I wonder what he did with the big shoes and red nose...

  9. Two insights into Obama.

    Richard Epstein discusses Barack Obama

    Richard Epstein is the James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago, where he has taught since 1972. He was a colleague of Barack Obama when Obama taught as an instructor. Epstein had mutual friends with Obama, and talked to Obama about some issues. His main description is that Obama is under complete self-control

    "Obama worked as a community organizer and was in many cases very constructive. He organized public/private partnerships to help the homeless and downtrodden."

    "But, the difficulty you get, for someone who has only worked in that situation, is that he believes the creation of private wealth is something the government cannot influence or destroy. He has many fancy redistribution schemes, in addition to his health plan and new labor laws, which are all wealth killers."

    Obama and God
    When God talks to you through your inner voice, it is even better than prayer. Obama experiences this every day, in his own words, revealed in a March 2004 interview with a reporter on religious issues. It may be good when a person declares their submision to God. It may be bad when he claims to have a daily conversation.

  10. Andrew Garland: Thanks for an interesting read. Mind if I borrow the link?

  11. Also thanks, to Mr. Garland.

    I ask one related question, sort of. Today, Obama referred to the, "Holy Kuran". When, ever, has Obama used the phrase the, "Holy Bible".

    I don't, for a moment, think he is Muslim; I merely consider him a pandering opportunist. To me, it says something, when a careful panderer makes a choice in word selection. He knows he has his flock in tow, and can say anything, do anything, and they will wipe up his spittle.

  12. Jimmy Carter's memoir,"Keeping Faith" should be on Obama's nightstand, or OK, his I-Pod @all times.Read it and weep.Sadly, Carter's delusions re:Iran almost made him miss Reagan's Inauguration.It was that insane.

    "Easter Bunny approach to foreign policy",sayeth GGordon Liddy about Carter. I prayeth Obama is not going to follow suit.