Thursday, August 27, 2009


Here's a helpful tip for my patients in the ER. There is this stuff for sale at most stores everywhere in the country. It comes in preformed 'bars' if you will, and, when combined with water, will wash away the accumulated dirt, hog shit, sweat, and 'body odor' from the previous three weeks. "Soap" may also be used to clean your clothes! See, if you come in to the ER smelling like you just wrestled a skunk then you are a lot less likely to get the kind of 'hands on' care you might expect. We will also talk about you at the nurse's station in unkind ways and speculate about your family and their hygiene habits as well. A picture is included above so you can see what 'soap' is and assist you in its purchase. It is not as expensive as a pack of cigarettes!


  1. 911DOC'S Scribe7:04 PM, August 27, 2009

    Agreed!! Maybe the Commie-Care Plan can implement mandatory hygiene!!!

  2. Interesting article published in a UK based newspaper recently...

    They took measurements of bacteria on the skin after using certain alcohol based sterilizing gels along with other cleansers and finally a bar of soap.

    One hour later they measured the bacteria again. Best performer by a mile was the soap.

    Interesting to find that companies making fortunes preying on fears could achieve a better goal just marketing what has been around for years. Simple bars of soap. No foams, gels, gimmicks....all you need is soap.

  3. ...and to buy it and wash yourself of course... ;-)

  4. Oh come on MDOD!!!
    You are violatiting the first law of libtardness....the ability to be free!!!!
    To be free of the social constraints placed on the populace by the bourgeoisie and the elitists!!!!
    Shame on you for forcing those poor disenfranchised folks into succumbing to a standard that is not of their own reality!


  5. If you write a prescription for it, can people get it for free?

  6. LOL! One day when I was in high school, I helped my mom with the billing for the clinic by stuffing and stamping envelopes. While we were doing this, an enormous woman came into the lobby and announced loudly to the receptionist that she thought maybe she had a uterine infection. The woman was wearing nothing but a pair of filthy bib overalls and muck boots, and I don't think she bothered to wipe her feet when she came in. She was ... fragrant. At that point I actually felt sorry for my dad. Any time someone complains that doctors make too much money for what they do ought to have to get up close and personal with strangers like this one.

  7. Great Post 9-11!! Was the Little League World Series Rained Out?????
    Seriously, doesn't it piss you off whenever some Patient "Advocate" blathers about how many infections we doctors cause by not washing our hands??? I do a 10 minute scrub AFTER every patient I see, I know, overkill, especially since I tripple glove, and don't go anywhere near an exam room unless I'm at MOPP 4 with Level III Body Armor...


  8. I would rather deal with a GI bleed than unwashed sweat/urine/beer three months old.

    I mean, you feel sorry for the GI bleed. The GI bleed pt is embarrassed - and shouldn't be.

  9. Not to mention shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorant.

  10. C'mon Grumpy, you're asking for too much :-)

  11. "The Hippie Paradox"

    They are the most likely to be naked and the least likely to be clean.