Thursday, October 15, 2009

The World of Medical Administration

Paychecks available in medical administration if you can write something like this for an interoffice memo at the clinic. Warning, remove all sharp objects from your computer area before reading.

Good morning all,
Bill and I frequently put out magazines in front of Triage and Physical Therapy for our patients to read. These magazines are from our personal subscriptions, which we decided to share with our patients and the clinic. The past few weeks there have been one or two magazines for our patients to read; magazines that are very outdated. Thursday I brought in 13 new magazines and placed them on our magazine table at 0800. By 1000 there were 6 left. Now today, there are 2 left. We expected a few would walk off, or a patient would take one home, or some could get tossed because they are old, or that some would be taken into the "reading room." But to have 10 magazines disappear in 2 working days is a bit excessive. I'm unsure if staff is taking them to their areas, or putting them in their waiting rooms, or if patients are taking them. But we will be putting a sign up asking patients not to take our magazines. If you decide you would like a few of the magazines we brought, please make sure you leave us with a good amount of magazines. We don't mind sharing our magazines, and we don't mind bringing them in... just please, if you take them, don't take them all. ;)


  1. I leave my personal magazines in waiting areas, for my own entertainment, not the patients...
    That look on some Trolls face when they see its "Der Spiegel" instead of "People"...priceless...
    And back before you could get porn free on line it was always a Hoot to leave a well paged through sticky copy of "Screw" magazine in that Smug Born Again Docs Office...

  2. Put out copies of that AARP publication. Can't remember what it is called, but nobody will take it.

  3. frank,
    nice reference to al goldstein's seminal publication (always wanted to use that one... thanks for the opportunity). could just put a bunch of obama's 'autobiographies' out there, or pelosi's masterpiece- hell, there's like, a million of them boxed in some warehouse somewhere, but i like the 'screw' magazine idea best.

  4. How funny. They make it sound like someone stole all the food collected for the food drive.

  5. How about breaking up copies of the various "Health Care" bills into 100 or so page packages, for patients to consider? Feel free to first highlight certain provisions.

  6. I'd put out back issues of National Geographic. With the frequency I see scads of them listed for "free (you pick up)" online, I suspect they'd take awhile to walk out the door.

    I bet Frank could tell us which issues have the topless women in them too. (;

  7. CJ: That's a great idea! But you'd have to translate it into plain English first and add illustrations. Then it would hold their attention.

  8. So,...those high paid "medical administration" people don't have to come anyway near those annoying..uh..patients?