Monday, March 08, 2010

Taking Our Ball and Going Home

If we were a group of garbage men then no one would notice because we would be easily replaced. But we aren't. Still, no one seems too worried.


  1. [raising hand] I am. In fact, I'm scared shitless.

  2. Well 911, it took me a little longer, but I officially have 15 more shifts in the ED. The clinic is going good, but I will keep my one way ticket to Galt's Gulch in my pocket, just in case.

  3. Whats with the decline in Post Quality/Quantity?? Jesus, JD Salinger posts more often, and he's dead.
    I know, everyones workin, only 296 days until the Bush Tax Cuts Expire.
    and don't be hatin' on Garbagemen, and I'd refer to it as "Waste Management" unless you like concrete loafers,


  4. I just took a nocturnist job with the sole intention of banging out my last $160K in student loans in 2-3 years and quitting medicine thereafter. I want out.

  5. frank,
    nice jd salinger comment. always thought holden caufield was a throughgoing pussy and needed an ass whoopin' by some WWII vet kinda like Clint in "Gran Torino".

    but honestly, the reason for the decline in posts and in their quality is, well, just to piss you off. i think it worked!

    oh yeah, also, my co-authors all seem to be quite busy doing medicine or something. not me.

  6. I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes quality over quantity with you guys, so take it easy, whatevs, you earned it.

    Also anon's 4:27 post is scary, but so many new doctors are crushed by student loans.

    We should really make medical education free in this country, and just wipe the debt load clear. I'm sure it'd be a tiny fraction of what the Wall St a-holes got. OK I will shut up now.

  7. j: gotta call BS on annonymous's threat/promise to quit medicine...
    Docs have been sayin there gonna quit since even I was in Med School, even said it Myself, and I didn't have ANY Student Loans, just don't like listenin to whiny patients talk about their turds...
    160K in Student Loans??? Thats alot of Cabbage even in Mexican Pesos...
    and where else can you make 6 figures just following standarized E-BM(emphasis on BM)algorythms??
    I know, doin vasectomies for cash under the table(Literally) on Illegal Aliens, I mean Un insured Migrant Workers, its not like they can just go to Kaiser-Permanente...
    I mean, if "Annonymous" had any real skills he wouldn't have gone to Med School in the first place,


  8. I dunno, Frank.

    One of my main reasons for opting out on the med school option was the bills. I was informed it would be around $40K a year, at my State school, plus I had to buy my own surgical instruments (I was most interested in microsurgery, at the time, this being the early 80s, and I was assisting in orthopedic and neurosurgery trials as an undergrad). Then, there was malpractice.

    I had never taken a penny as a student loan or grant, and there was no way I was going to ask my family to take that kind of budget hit.

    I could have gone on a Public Health track, which made me shudder. I could have used a military track, which I probably should have, but I had been to Womack, at Ft. Bragg, as a kid, and wasn't inspired by that option.

    I can easily believe $160K in loans outstanding. I just would never take them out.

    I can also believe getting out, IF I had that kind of obligation limiting my options. That's a millstone.

  9. Cjurun, I paid a whoppin $50 for my 5 years of Evil Med School. And thats not really accurate, $50 was the microscope deposit, and I was only out the money for a few months till I gave em their effin microscope back...
    Did take out an interest free NDSL during 3rd year, bought a Kawasaki Ninja, stretched payin that mother off till purt near the 21st Century...
    40K for a State School?? in the 80's??? How WAS that Cocaine???
    I'm steering my daughters to wear the Real money is, Prostitution,
    I mean Nurse Anesthesia,

    Frank, M.D.

  10. Frank, she might be too late on that stock tip. ICUs are sensitive now about nurses trying to get on board for their required "time" just for CRNA and then getting out of Waco. It seems everybody's getting their CRNA these days -- do not pass go. But I am sure being the corporate team guy, you'll open doors for her.