Friday, April 02, 2010

The Stream-Team With a Body-Blow

Urologists are generally very funny. They know all the dick jokes... they have to... it's on their board exam for crying out loud.

Now this urologist has a set of big, brass balls, and we would be remiss if we did not tip our collective hats to Dr. Jack Cassell. Nice balls doc, and we are right behind you.


  1. I assume he isn't required to provide coverage for any emergency departments and hence is insulated from EMTALA which would require him to treat any emergent patient regardless of political orientation?

    However the best way to make a statement against the bill it to opt out of Medicaid and Medicare - until the government has to address the failings in these programs. However I imagine most urologists don't have many patients below medicare age.

  2. I was hoping you'd link to that story. Now if a large enough number of other physicians would visibly resist, I think it might start something. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? Not if your doctor doesn't like being kept ...

  3. Oh, but odn't bother with him if you voted for Obama, right? What a miserable failure this Cassell jerk is. Hope he loses his license.

  4. I wonder what it will take for those F**kwits in Congress and the White House to realize that the population is against the Obamination of our health care? Vote the bastards out!

  5. dear anon. 2,

    please do go on... explain yourself. why is dr cassell a failure? why should he lose his license? what do you do for a living? can i have some of whatever you do for the government rate? are you unemployed? go pound sand asswipe.


  6. At the time of being admitted as a member of the medical profession:

    * I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to the service of humanity;
    * I will give to my teachers the respect and gratitude which is their due;
    * I will practise my profession with conscience and dignity; the health of my patient will be my first consideration;
    * I will maintain by all the means in my power, the honour and the noble traditions of the medical profession; my colleagues will be my brothers;
    * I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient;
    * I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the time of conception, even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity;
    * I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour.

  7. Thanks for the recitation of the this version of the Hippocratic Oath, Anon Deaux.

    However, you never answered 911's question about why this doc is a "failure" nor why he "should lose his license".

    First, not all med students take the Hippocratic Oath. Second, those that do may recite various versions of it, or parts of it. I recall that my class voted on a choice between 3 or 4 versions and we recited the most popular one.

    However, even if Dr. Cassell DID recite your version....exactly what has he violated? Try reading the article again.

    He specifically states that he would not turn anyone away. Presumably, he would not treat them differently if they were an Obama supporter, so your persuasive skills are thus far akin to your critical reading skills (non-existent).

    I do not believe that expressing his opinion and preference thus giving patients a CHOICE to seek healthcare elsewhere is a violation of any oath.

    I do thank you for posting the part of the Hippocratic Oath that speaks to why abortion is wrong.

  8. dear anon 2.,

    let me explain for our readers who can read what you are wishing upon dr cassell's patients.

    you wish them to be without a urologist. for those who have had procedures done by dr. cassell they will be mostly out of luck as surgeons do not generally operate on patients that another surgeon has operated on previously.

    so, all in all, great idea, put dr. cassell out of business for exercising his free speech rights, and put 2,000 patients to the wind.

    you really are an asswipe. i said it the first time for effect, but wow, i don't meet to many of them, but you are one.

    obtw, good luck getting a job.

    pound more sand,

  9. I am actually anon tres, not deux, who seems to be an idiot, actually. I tried to highlight "* I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient;"

    I am actually a Canadian (well a dual citizen actually, but I have no intention of returning to the US anytime soon), and thus accustomed to the vile horrors of single payer socialized communist medicine (death panels, horrendous delays and all the rest), which as a social worker I find I rather like (so in fact do most of the docs and nurses up here, though of course they gripe about their pay, just like every other profession the world over).

    The patent insanity of the US debate over health care is vastly amusing and disturbing at the same time.

    This then: medicine should not under ANY circumstances be politicized. It is a tragedy that it has become such. Any suggestion that a doc does not want to treat someone because of their political beliefs is abhorrent; a doc should be willing to treat Himmler himself if he showed up in the ER with gall bladder problems for instance. To say otherwise is a betrayal of the practice of medicine. Now treating Himmler with a little bending of the rules around anesthesia I could understand, but still, would consider a violation of the Oath.

    In my family, we take Oaths very seriously. Just saying.

    You took some kind of oath. I did when I entered my profession, and I have kept it, and have not admired those who broke it. There have been a few. They are mostly in jail or on probation. Drugs were usually involved. But that is a whole 'nother topic.

    I have treated a good many people that I despised. In fact, as a social worker, that is pretty much my job, dealing with seriously fucked up people. That is why hospital folks call me up, to hand the mess off to me and forget about it. Thanx.

    Anyway, you all keep on admiring Dr. Jack Cassell, I will continue to despise him for a near violation of whatever oath he took.

    Medicine should not be politicized, at least never ever at a doctor patient level. Is that clear enough?

    But I have kept my word. I have helped the most despicable people you can imagine, and shared none of their secrets with the world, though in a few cases I really wanted to, and I have discouraged none from seeking me because of who they were, what group they belonged to, and how they voted. In my ethical world view, that is simply unacceptable.

    But I am just a Social Worker, not a Medical Doctor, so I'm not sure I get a vote. You keep on admiring those brass balls. I don't, obviously.

  10. let me get this straight... medicine should not be politicized but it is 'nearly communist' in Canada. himmler should be treated the same as all other patients but you would kill him with too much anesthesia.

    good thing you are a social worker. nothing you do works anyway because, if you are like my social workers here, you foster the external locus of control mentality that screams for 'government run' healthcare (of the non political but killer-communist type).


  11. Do you actually read English? I was implying Himmler would get less rather than more anesthesia, given that he was in with one of the more painful conditions I could think of off hand (which any actual doctor would know). Are you actually a doctor? And as for my references to the medical system in Canada, have you never heard of "irony?"

    As a social worker, I get calls from ER all the time. Almost always, they are because there are situations that the medical staff cannot handle and want to give to someone else. And I take them. And I often can handle them (except for pedophilia, that one is pretty much unwinnable). Domestic violence (both genders, whatever family structure), child abuse, substance abuse, severe paralyzing grief, and so on, I've dealt with them all.

    I do not necessarily believe that the government can cure any of these. I do thank the Canadian government for essentially paying my salary to allow me to help. And I can help, otherwise you ER guys wouldn't always be calling me, would you?

    BTW, thanx for the insults and abuse. I hope never to god to show up in an ER and receive your very compassionate care. If you are an actual doc that is.

  12. dear grammatically challenged social worker,

    please name for me one thing of import that is 'apolitical'.

    if you want your views to be imposed on Amercian doctors then go to fucking medical school, go 250k in debt, and then come out and offer your services to the tender mercies of 'the government' since it has done such a good job with the post office and the VA and the military medical system.

    also, have your Canadian premier stay in canada for his heart surgery and not come down here and get it where we still have excellence as our watchword.

    keep telling yourself that the government does things better and more efficiently than private enterprise, alcoholism, drug addiction, and poverty are diseases, not the result of behaviour and thererore the result of choices.

    and i'm sorry i misunderstood you, himmler should get LESS anesthesia than others to cause him MORE PAIN but all patients should be treated the same even if they are Himmler.
    i got it now.

    obtw, how long did you have to spend in school after high school to become a social worker? for me it was twelve years to get boarded in ER, but who's counting.

    and you would be damned lucky to have me as your doc in the ER because i'm fucking good at it and i would treat you the same as Himmler though your reasoning ability leads me to believe that you might have enjoyed working for him.

  13. You guys are beginning resemble my 82 year old father in oh so many ways -- crabby, stomping around grumbling that you aren’t being respected by the government and just about everybody else, LOL!!! Sucks to hate the job so much after all the money and years put into it. But it’s time to put on the big boy pants and move on like everybody else in the working world. Hard lesson but it is important to learn that the world will not suffer even a hiccup if you leave medicine, it never does. You just are not that important.

    You have a job when so many don’t. Stop the whining and realize you are blessed. Sheesh.


  14. Hey Annonymous,
    That Hypocritic Oath's as outdated as 8-track Tapes... I'm sorry, thats an overexageration.
    My Foghat Albums still sound pretty good...
    Cause the real Hypocritic Oath says doctors won't do Surgeries, Abortions, Prescribe Dangerous Medications, or Kill our Patients...I mean talk about em behind there back(Really, thats in there)
    We didn't even take the Oath at my School, oh,we got a framed version, along with the diploma and class photo on graduation day, as long as you had that form from the Bursars Office sayin you didn't owe any money...

  15. Anyone else see the hippocracy here?

    Dr. Cassell says that he would prefer not to care for someone who supports the alteration and destruction of his profession and practice...but at the same time he clearly says that he would not refuse care to anyone.

    Anon 3 says that this is a "near violation" of the oath that Anon 3 apparently overheard Dr. Cassell take.

    Yet, Anon 3 bemoans some of the despicable people that he/she provides services to...and just the fact that those services are provided to the best of Tres' ability upholds the noble social worker's oath.

    Cassell isn't refusing care, nor is there any evidence that he's treating anyone differently based on their politics. He is expressing his viewpoint on healthcare on his own office door. His Urologic practice is HIS business. He has a right to express his viewpoint.

    I see NO difference between Anon 3 disliking patients and providing good services and Dr. Cassell expressing his opinion about his preferred patient and also providing good service.

    Just because you don't like Dr. Cassell's political point of view doesn't mean that you can twist this into "near violations" of practice ethics.

  16. dear scrn,

    nice lecture mom. here's the problem with it. since 1995 the number of ERs in the country has plummeted. rural trauma care is nearly non existent. three out of 5 boarded ER docs on this blog alone no longer practice in the ER. every day in my email I get six job offers, but I'm not going back. medical schools are scrambling for students and there is, by the admission of dear leader, already a crisis due to a physician shortage. so while my leaving the practice of ER was mourned by only a few, current policy is set to destroy " free medical care for all" because docs are fed up.

  17. there's a nursing shortage (NOT). We'll just import even more foreign MDs to fill the gap for much less $. Now that is more your reality, and that's gonna be so huge.

    Besides, whining is not becoming. At least Frank manages to be kinda cute when he whines. Dr. X never whines (what a man).


  18. Hey SCRN do you say that to all the boys???
    Wanna make $5 the hard way???
    If theres not a Nursing Shortage howcome the only one in the room when I'm puttin in a Chest Tube is the friggin Janitor...
    and I'm not complainin, sometimes its nice not to have anyone see you drop the Central Line on the floor...
    and how many more furrin docs are there??? drop by my ICU at rounds time and you'd swear you were in a 60's Bollywood Musical...

  19. dear scrn,

    here's your whine free response. i had not heard the argument before that a doctor who trains outside of the US... bangladesh, uzbekistan, wherever (does it matter??) is interchangeable with one trained in the US but who knows? someone should do a study.

    i know it will never matter to you, because you, being intimately involved with the health care system, will always know who the best surgeon is, and i'm sure when it comes to surgery for you or your family you will go to him. me too! you will also know who is a good internist, GI doc, or oncologist. for the rest, anyone who breaths and has an MD will do. i finally get it.

    note to self... do not whine, polish that turd, punish the achievers, and damn the torpedoes!

  20. Frank (always the charmer!) sigh, what can I say?! You always say just what a girl wants to hear.

    911, that’s just it. It’s been happening for some time now and will continue. The fact that it’s healthcare (this time) makes it worse, of course. But in the end money rules all. To the money people, healthcare is just another investment. They will change healthcare so that it’s profitable for them. They do not care if we stay or leave. As far as who gets the “good doctor”, well that one has always been a bit of who you know for everybody. My decisions on healthcare unfortunately must lean towards who is in my PPO network, as is true with most everybody who is not independently wealthy. A few months back I sat in on a staff meeting. The entire focus was on how unsupportive the network was going to be on any leanings towards “taking care of our own” that might be “left over from the 70’s” as it was put. So actually I have fewer choices.

    You see, I am quite familiar with the corporate side of things. I have seen other industry forced to fail. I guess I am less one to be stunned that it is happening.


  21. O'Reilly covered this story on his show last night.

    Two lawyers (one liberal and one conservative...and both pretty hot) both concurred that Dr. Cassell is exercising his 1st Amendment right and to say he has violated an oath or a medical practice standard is ludicrous since he has not refused to care for anyone.

    Seemed obvious to me, but it was nice to hear a lawyer (especially the liberal one) concur.


  22. I saw the same show ERdoc85...
    the brunett on the right with the big DSLs is Kimberly Guilfoyle, former Victoria Secret Model, the perky blonde on the left was Megyn Kelly, former college cheerleader/field hockey player, not quite in the Erin Andrews league..but not bad either

  23. Also Kimberly Guifoyle was married (until a few years ago when he cheated on her) to Gavin Newsom (spelling?) mayor of California