Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cross Species, Aberrant Pre-Pubescent Behavior

I find few cases truly disturbing these days. But we recently had one that is the cause for night-mares.

A young girl was brought in by her parents last week for physical and psychiatric evaluation. The child had rectal trauma, and the unshakable history was that she had been violated by a dog...not a euphemism for a despicable human, but truly by a canine. (No, I don't know and didn't ask how you initiate such behavior).

She reported that she enticed dogs to "mount" her, and had been engaging in this behavior for some time (she estimated her "suitors" in the double digits). Often, she would allow other neighborhood kids to watch this. On the day she came to the ER, she had reportedly "made friends" with a very large dog which caused obvious bruising.

When reporting this to CPS, they actually asked if we knew the "assailant's name"! (Yes, I did answer this absurd question by saying: "It was either 'Spot' or 'Rover', she didn't get a good look at the collar").

To be sure, the kid could have been making up the story to cover for a human attacker. But if she was, she deserves an Oscar (or a Lassie, or whatever the appropriate acting award would be).

The Sheriff insisted on a "rape kit" which brought to mind the image of deputies running around the country-side taking sperm samples from the stray canine population.

Needless to say, this case took up much of the shift as there is no good disposition for a case like this, and law enforcement, CPS, and MHMR couldn't decide what to do with her.

So, just when you think you've seen it all.....think again.

I only wish I was making this up. But even my twisted brain couldn't have conceived this story.


  1. It is a crazy screwed up world world we live in. At work we have had, on several occasions, to treat dogs who have been suspected of being abused by l assume men but who knows maybe women as well. We have to swab the dogs at both ends for DNA for the police. Never sure of the outcome but it is a very screwed up world.

  2. I know of a girl who, a couple of decades back, was being repeatedly abused by a farmhand that worked for her father (without the father's knowledge). The man would show up at her house at times he knew she would be alone, and he would bring his dog along to, um, participate in the abuse. The girl was in her early teens at the time, and while it did cause some issues for a while, she is now a well adjusted mother of four with a stable and happy family life.

  3. WOW! Thats all I can really say.

  4. Really Phillip, she has a "stable" family life??

  5. OK, I need you to tell me this is an April Fools thing.

  6. speechless. i can't help wondering if it could have been a cover up. yet who would have come up with such a story?

  7. Very Sad. I'm curious, was any STD prophylaxis prescribed? It would be difficult to determine what pathogens she was exposed to.

    Very sad for parents/family. Any siblings will have a very difficult time as well.

  8. No STD treatment was felt indicated (but we did consider a distemper and parvo immunization!).

    Cultures were taken in case she was covering for a man (but we really didn't think so).

    Finally, suspecting Nancy Pelosi to have been the product of butt-sex between dogs & humans, we thought about pregnancy prophylaxis!

  9. This has April Fools written all over it but.....
    and I thought I had it bad when my Mom's German Shepherd would hump my leg...
    3rd year Pediatrics...had a Mom bring in one of her Dog's Turds...Her spawn had recently been treated for Pinworms, and she wanted to make sure "Killer" wasn't afflicted too...

  10. Frank,
    I thought the same thing, but our esteemed colleague swears it happened. If it did, I am a bit puzzled. The patient was not arrested but the dude caught horse-fucking in Washington state sure was. Is there something legal here that I am missing?

  11. If her pregnancy test was positive, I'd recommend a call to The New York Times or The National Enquirer, whichever one is on your speed dial.

  12. Don't buy it. I work with CPS a lot, and while I have seen quite a bit of strangeness and horror, nothing like this.

    Some basic physiology: a dog's penis is a rather small thing, unlikely to do much damage. The bigger thing is that while a dog will hump your leg, trying to get a dog to actually achieve intromission is an entirely different matter, and usually impossible. If I was with CPS on this case, I would be all over the family and associates. SERIOUSLY all over them.

    That is, if it isn't an April 1st thing. Which I kind of think it is.

  13. Dear Anon:

    As I said in my post, she may well have been trying to cover for a human abuser. From talking with her, I don't think so, but it's always possible and had to be considered.

    Like with humans, penis size in dogs is variable, but the larger breed dogs have larger penises.

    Now, let's use our critical thinking skills for just a moment. We are talking about a pre-pubescent girl's rectum. Do you REALLY think that no harm can come from a 7 or 8 inch long large breed dog penis? I have seen significant vaginal trauma in adults caused by smaller organs.

    I do agree that the whole idea of how one initiates such a behavior from a dog made her story even more bizarre. But it clearly does happen (do a little research and look at the pictures that you can find of adult women and large dogs).

    Finally, please do not do any more of your "extensive" work with CPS, you are clearly not qualified. This post was not a joke.

  14. So I work as a unit clerk in a rather large Trauma I center, which means I field a lot of stupid phone calls. At 03:00 this morning dude calls telling me that his "friend" has had an object stuck up his ass since noon and has just dislogded said item. They were wondering if he needed to come into the ER. It took everything I had to not start laughing at the beginning of that conversation.

  15. OK, it isn't April 1 stuff. And you do see very weird shit in ERs. But.

    I am very much am qualified. If such a case came to my attention I very much would take it seriously, and like I said, be all over it. I hope your local CPS folks are. Even if everything is exactly as stated, prepubescent girls do not normally talk and act that way. She picked something up from someone, somehow, and that is something that urgently needs to be looked into.

    Incidentally, I have a fair amount of training and certification and experience on investigating child abuse. I am not prepared to run internet searches on women and dogs, but according to what I have learnt in the course of my training, bestiality just does not happen as described. And even large dogs' penises are, by human standards, quite small. Even if they do have a bone in them, and a bulb used to get a lock of sorts.

    I just do not buy it, and nor would any other experienced social worker. At a bare minimum, this is a family that needs some serious help.

    Something is very seriously wrong here.

    I respect your qualifications and experience and skills. Please respect mine.

  16. "Prepubescent girls do not normally talk and act that way. She picked something up from someone, somehow, and that is something that urgently needs to be looked into."

    No kidding? We should do that? Thanks!