Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Canada Care Blow-out Sale

Isn't the 'blow out sale' right before they 'close their doors forever'? I just can't understand why the Canadian system (almost as good as Cuba's system I hear) is having these issues! I guess it's George Bush's fault.

And here's a highlight quote... this could only be said by someone with tenure (or Canada's 'private sector' equivalent, a comfortable office overlooking the quad, and a series of term papers yet to be graded on her desk). She smokes marijuana to deal with 'stress'... and she's derided by her peers for being way too conservative...

Scotia Capital's Webb said one cost-saving idea may be to make patients aware of how much it costs each time they visit a healthcare professional. "(The public) will use the services more wisely if they know how much it's costing," she said.

Correction... "The public will use the services more wisely WHEN THEY GET THE BILL."


  1. This was inevitable in their system just as it is with the idiotic Obamacare.

    The quote from Mary Webb proves that she doesn't actually KNOW any of the people who are suckling their system dry.

    Let's all tell the hoards of people who currently abuse our system the amount of $ each of their visits cost someone else. I'm SURE that will curtail their use of the ER for colds, STD's, stubbed toes, and itchy ears!

    This lady is in a great position to be appointed as a Czar in the Obama Administration....she's idealistic & clueless!

  2. Government Management of Doctors

    Fred: I dreamed of being a doctor, and earned my M.D.

    Mike: I'm puzzled. Why are you managing a government department instead?

    Fred: As a doctor, I realized I was mostly managing a government department. This way, I get paid to do it, and I go home at 4:00.

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  4. Canada is like that smug neighbor you envy at first driving that Lexus, then you see the repo man at their house taking their toys away.
    People won't give 2 shits until they have to pay the bill. That's why I like my clinic. Everybody pays or the Cat wont wash his paws and examine them. Same way with my roofer, HVAC guy (just paid $525 to get our a/c fixed, and guess what---they wanted to be paid. I wanted to be cool, and they were able to make it happen.) You want your strep or boil or vaginal leak treated, the Cat's gotta get paid.

    3 more freaking ED shifts to go. Shirley Q said it best... thank ya Lawwwwwwd.

  5. dear A Nurse,

    that is exactly what will happen, and it won't be their decision. such is life when responsibility is shifted from the individual to the group.

  6. oh, and recent polls show that many people believe in unicorns, faries, and aliens living amongst us... PT Barnum made millions off of 'em.

  7. Canadians may HAVE to give up everything else. I think that's the point.

    Once entitlements are in place, they are almost impossible to get rid of.

    Through my years as a hockey team doc, I met lots of Canadians. The only ones i ever heard say anything positive about their healthcare system were young & healthy. (ie didnt have to use it).

    I never had a player with any injury who trusted the Canadian system to fix them. I've also never met a Canadian with health problems who was a fan.

    Just because it may be numerically popular with the generally younger population of Canada doesn't make it a good or long term viable system.


  8. Yes, nothing is a better wakeup call than having to actually open your own wallet!

  9. In residency they passed out a chart showing how much the various anesthetics cost, hoping to reduce expenses.
    It had the opposite effect, both residents and attendings competing to deliver the most Expensive anesthetic. I mean, who would pay $200 to watch 50 Priuses stretch a tank of gas?
    I think my record was a 14 hour multi level back construction done with the then-new and expensive Propofol infusion, with a touch of Sevoflurane.
    And why don't you believe in Faries 9-11?? Ever been to Midtown??


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  11. A Nurse = FAIL!
    Bottom line is people should be responsible for themselves. I don't think its worth my money to take care of some crack addict. BTW I'm sure you would come to the ER for constipation as I imagine you have it quite frequently.

  12. 'no point in continuing our convo here'...

    then why are you doing it?

    'if my opinions went by the few americans i meet where i live, i really would have a narrow view of americans'...

    and if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump it's ass a hoppin'.

  13. Just as I suspected. Frank is behind increased Medical costs.

    (sorry, couldn't resist; free=more works in mysterious ways, meaning here that the doctors do not pay so it is free to them to choose the costliest option) Also c'mon, no one got his Billy Rubin thing, per Thomas Harris, the coloring agent in.....

  14. A NURSE:
    Your Country Sucks, only reason you got your independence is the Red Coats got tired defending your sorry asses and they can brew better Beer in England. When Castro needed open Heart Surgey where did he go??? Toronto? Montreal? Nope, the Big Apple. Only reason people go to Canada is to dodge the Draft or Slavery. Even the Montreal Expos deserted your pathetic excuse of a Nation.
    And whats with the speakin French??? Am I supposed to be impressed?
    Sure Canadians are satisfied with there Healthcare, they're satisfied to live in CANADA for cryin out loud.
    Now get back to your friggin Shine Box you friggin Ca-nuck.

    Frank "Nuke Canada Now" Drackman

  15. frank,

    obama needs to hire you as SECDEF... i'd rather people fear us than laugh at us and i think they'd be damned afraid of you (though i myself am not as i use similar tricks to yours).

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  17. don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out sugar-tits.

    interestingly, i came across a famous letter from mark twain the other day... thought it might be fun to post it here...

    Nov. 20. 1905

    J. H. Todd
    1212 Webster St.
    San Francisco, Cal.

    Dear Sir,

    Your letter is an insoluble puzzle to me. The handwriting is good and exhibits considerable character, and there are even traces of intelligence in what you say, yet the letter and the accompanying advertisements profess to be the work of the same hand. The person who wrote the advertisements is without doubt the most ignorant person now alive on the planet; also without doubt he is an idiot, an idiot of the 33rd degree, and scion of an ancestral procession of idiots stretching back to the Missing Link. It puzzles me to make out how the same hand could have constructed your letter and your advertisements. Puzzles fret me, puzzles annoy me, puzzles exasperate me; and always, for a moment, they arouse in me an unkind state of mind toward the person who has puzzled me. A few moments from now my resentment will have faded and passed and I shall probably even be praying for you; but while there is yet time I hasten to wish that you may take a dose of your own poison by mistake, and enter swiftly into the damnation which you and all other patent medicine assassins have so remorselessly earned and do so richly deserve.

    Adieu, adieu, adieu!

    Mark Twain

  18. A Nurse your husband was probably one of those people that hated waiting in the ER for 3 hours to get some Tylenol because the doctors were busy seeing true emergency patients. I bet your husband is a lazy SOB (not shortness of breath in this case) who likes to have everything given to him. Why do you think he married a nurse? so you can take care of him of course! So go make him a sandwich and be content with the fact that he is no longer wasting precious resources here in the great U.S of A.


  19. I did not say that I had "proof" that the Canadian system was bad because I have worked with hundreds of players and their families over the years. Nor do I feel that I have met every single Canadian.

    I was only reporting my experience of taking care of people who were covered under the Canadian system.

    I HAVE met Canadians who liked the system. But as I mentioned, they were folks who were young and healthy and didn't access the system. Seemed to me that they liked the "idea" of the system rather than liking any actual care that they had received.

    It said a lot to me when I had injured players who did not wish to have their injuries treated in Canada. It was my impression that they knew the approach to their treatment would be aggressive in the US and passive in Canada. I can't compare outcomes because I never had a player opt for a return to "the Motherland" for treatment.

    It's still a very academic discussion since I do not believe that you can extrapolate a healthcare system designed for relatively scattered 33 million people to a more dense population of 300 million.

    The point of the post was that the Canadian system is not sustainable in it's current state. That is an argument that we have all been making about the health care takeover in the US. It was not a viable solution.

    With about 85% of Americans having coverage, and about 85% of those happy with their coverage, we needed some "tweaks" to our system, we did not need (nor did most Americans WANT) an overhaul.

    Fortunately, the Leftists will likely pay dearly for their agenda come November.

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  21. dear nurse A,

    you are right. my last post was less than decorous. as a consequence i thought i might redo it and, at the same time, point you to a blog that will be more to your liking. i also would like to present you with the coveted MDOD douchebag of the month award. honestly, you had us at "bonjour".

    the redo follows the ROCKY quote.... "STAY DOWN!"

    dearest nurse A... the MDOD door is a bit tricky and can close with great force. as you depart please take care so that it does not impact your buttocks, for this would cause us no small amount of heartache, sucrose-encrusted-mammary-being.

  22. Dear 911,

    You had me at sucrose-encrusted-mammary-being... I may never be the same.


  23. Check out "A Nurses" blog if you need a good laugh.
    She's an overweight man-hating (Insert misogynistic epithet here) with a bunch of Cats, who used to live in San Fran Sissy-co. Who'd a thunk it?
    Canada's really just there as a substitute if something ever happens to Alaska. The top 10 TV shows in Canada are American, ditto with the top 10 Books, Songs, etc. They drive American Cars, drink American Beer, and they don't think Jim Carrey is funny, he's Canadian and had to come to the US to make some real(American) money.
    Canadian Football??? the fields 110 yards long, only 3 downs, and they have a team called the "RoughRiders"
    We have Clint Eastwood, You give us Michael J. Fox.
    and Celine Dion/Shania Twain/Alanis Morisette doesn't make up for Bryan Adams.

    Frank "I hate Canada" Drackman

  24. frank,
    she's also a telephone triage nurse. guess what she get's to say to everyone? 'go to the ER'. i knew all along it was her. she also appears to not understand cartoons based on one she posted. she's cuckoo for coco-puffs.

  25. Aww C'mon Nurse-A,
    Pulling all your quotes about how you hate America based on the Americans you know (except your husband)? Now that's hardly fair!

    -Doc Ag

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  27. So why did you erase all your previous comments again?

    Doc Ag

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  29. Ummm A(nal) Nurse
    Did u say "Powned"?? thats an American Word, but thats OK, cause your probably usin an American Computer, when your not watchin American TV shows, American Movies, or listenin to American Music.
    We have the Yankees, you have the "BlueJays"
    We have the Patriots, you have the "RoughRiders"
    Of course you don't need to work, you live in Canada for cryin out loud, y'all can't even afford to print 1$ Bills.
    Our 1$Bill has George Washington, you have the "Loonie". And have you ever tried stickin a 1$ Coin under a Strippers Thong???
    OK, we have the Sakawagea, but nobody uses em, not even the Indians.
    We have Andrew Jackson on our 20$ Bill, you have Queen Elizabeth, who just might be uglier than Andrew Jackson, or Abraham Lincoln.
    We have 5,113 Hydrogen Bombs, and thats only the ones that are ready to drop, theres alot more in area 51.
    You have "Zero" "Nichts, Nada, None" and if the Jews ever decide to leave Israel you better hope they don't wanta move to Canada, unless you want Montreal to become a cold Hiroshima.
    Your America's wimpy little Brother, and always will be.

    P.S. Only reason I'd move to Canada is you have a town called "Dildo", its in NewFoundland, google that s*** if you don't believe me

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  31. A(nal) Nurse:
    Your Country has a town called "Dildo", you know, like the one you use on your Draft Dodging Eunuch of a Husband.
    And you didn't read my entire posts? Well I didn't read ANY of yours.
    Now go clean your effin Cats litter box.


  32. Franck Drackman, you truly are an *asshole* - I'd be embarrassed to work with you... And 911DOC is no better. Jesus, you fellas must have voted for Bush, EH ?

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  34. A(nal)Nurse,
    So you've got some Money, its CANADIAN, good luck spending it anywhere people wanta go.
    I can take my AMERICAN dollars to the sleeziest whorehouse in Thailand and buy sex, drugs, and rock n' roll to my hearts content. They won't even take your worthless money in Atlantic City, except, hmm myabe if you go to "DILDO" New Foundland, you can use your "LOONS" to buy a new Dildo.
    And don't blame me, your the ones who named a town "Dildo" and your money the "Loon".
    And big deal, your whole country works Part-Time, y'all haven't even won the Stanley Cup, the ONE sport you can play since the last Millenium, 1993 to be exact.
    and you wanta talk Nobel Prizes?
    USA 320
    Canada 18
    How do you say "Loser" in Canadian?? oh yeah, you speak the same language as your Master, American.
    And how come there aren't any famous Canadian Cereal Killers??? We've got Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and ummm
    the one who ate the gay guys, Jeffy Dahmer.
    And you ain't foolin nobody, We see y'all drivin to Florida with your Canadian License Plates, and your "Save the Seals" bumper stickers, drivin 40mph on the Interstate cause of your stupid Metric System, but don't worry, when you come to my ER with the Nasty-Snatch we'll take care of you, even if we won't take your money,

    Blow me,

  35. hey frank,
    this club's restricted so don't tell 'em you're Jewish... and what's with the pictures? it's a parking lot.

  36. Anon 6:43 "you fellas must have voted for Bush, EH ?"


  37. Hey A(nal)Nurse, thanks for publishing what was supposed to be a private E-mail, So how come you left out that pic of my 14 inch pet Alabama Black Snake??
    and don't worry, I won't publish YOUR e-mails, there are Internet Pornography Laws afterall...
    And that wasn't an apology, you'd know if you were a real American, casue thats how we role in the U-S-of A, we'll drop 2 Nukes on your cities but still buy your cars and TVs..
    Or what is it Canada produces??? ummm oh yeah,
    Canadian Bacon, love it,

    Frank "I've got Photos" Drackman

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