Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Government Work Update

I have now been employed as a government physician for two days. I have seen, in those two days, ZERO patients. I have been sitting at my desk and reading manuals because I have nothing else to do. See there's a hold up with paperwork and that will almost certainly be fixed before next week, at which point, I can start seeing patients, BUT, at that time, I will also have to learn how to use the low-bid electronic medical record thingy, so really, I don't expect to get a full patient load for some time.

Also, as part of my in-processing, I met the regional director for the system. We had a nice chat and I asked her about our clinic expansion which is scheduled for early next fiscal year. She chuckled a bit and then told me that they had to build the clinic as per the original plans, and do it completely. The day after that they will come back in and tear out a wall and some windows so they can then expand the expansion. Has something to do with government contracts and a whole lot to do with stupid. At least she thought it was stupid too.


  1. Good luck with that government computer system. My husband is a purchasing agent for one of the services (hint: the smallest one) and thiers is a disaster.

    Your expansion sounds quite familiar. LOL Thank you for working for "the man." I appreciate it and so does my husband.

  2. I don't know, 911. While you've escaped the frying pan of the ER, seems to me you've jumped directly into the fire. Working for the "gubmit" is inefficiency at its zenith. I hope it's what you are looking for.

  3. 9-11 you just JINXED yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its like a No-Hitter in Baseball, you never say out loud a Pitcher has a No-Hitter.
    See right now, your makin however much you get for 2 days/divided by ZERO patients, and you can't divide by Zero, its against the law, just like Same Sex Marriage, or marrying your Sister.
    Once you even see ONE patient your Dollar/Patient Average goes from Infinity to whatever.
    I know VA docs who've NEVER seen a patient, I think its required.


  4. Good luck with your job, 911!

  5. hoorah Marine Corps! (or maybe the Coast Guard?)

    dear lynn, i've been to the circus and been shot out of the cannon. i'm fine with sitting and eating some popcorn.

    frank, damn you and your math.

    dev, thanks girl, and don't be a stranger!