Friday, June 25, 2010

Whoop it up

Click on the title above to find even more reasons not to immunize your children. Immunizations are horrible and have led to millions of deaths, caused innumerable sore arms, and have caused countless cases of autism. (tongue firmly in cheek)


  1. But Jenny McCarthy says we shouldn't get vaccines...

  2. Jenny McCarthy's a Vagina with Arms and Legs.

  3. i used to think jenny mccarthy was a stupid hollywood slut, then i saw her in 'baseketball', saw her suck the chrome of a trailer hitch, and upgraded her to stupid cosmic slut.

  4. I wonder if the legalized marywanna will help?

  5. 1. should read "off" a trailer hitch.

    2. dear fabladyH, quite serious, she really was in a movie called "baseketball".

    3. dear Theseus, uh... huh, huh, huh... pertussis ROCKS!

  6. 9-11:
    I prefer the "Suck a Golf Ball through a Garden Hose" metaphor, because thats something they might actually try on "Myth Busters".
    And I got ALL of the required Immunizations like 22 times, cause we moved every year, and my Dad thought if he claimed my shot records were lost, the Child Protective Services would take me away.
    And look how I turned out.
    Maybe a little of the Ass-Burgers, but no Whooping Cough, and I'm not Artistic at all.


  7. Where do you guys get medical marijuana? Maybe the reason people want it is not so much because it's legal when prescribed, but because people know where it comes from ... as opposed to buying it off the street.

  8. Sorry for the length of this, but I am just perturbed.

    My better half is completely liberal. There is nothing I could do, including leaving, that would change that. And I love her, so that's not an option.

    She proudly marches off to cancel out my vote, just to make sure Roe V. Wade, whomever that asshole is, still has a seat in congress. Honestly, sometimes, when kids do certain things, I almost agree with her.

    Anyway, she also avidly reads something called "Free Range Kids," or something like that. I pretend not to pay attention, because I think this is good for her. It seems to be a place where Mom's, or mostly Moms, gather to discuss how to approach getting back to normal associations with children. Were it up to me, I would chase them out of bed with a flamethrower, at dawn, with instructions to not return before dinner time, feed them, then wave Bye.

    Anyway, Free Range encourages Moms of a certain type to put their kids in the car, drive them to a park they trust, then leave them there; that sort of thing.

    It's progress. I'm not allowed to call the boys a bunch of worthless pussies, anymore, because they are sensitive. Instead, we take baby steps, like making sure they have all the right needles stabbed in them for vaccinations.

    I was actually asked if the eldest, 17, could take a car and go to the beach. Are you kidding me (Dear)? I said, of course he could. She admitted she had done the same, at the same age.

    Were it up to me, all three boys would pop awake a few minutes before I arrived bedside, with a flame thrower, knowing what was coming. They would shovel down food and dash out of the house, perhaps to show back up for lunch, if they were really lame and lacked resources.

    It's rare for me to meet a male child, born since 1970, that is worth a fuck. My boys (step boys), are nice enough, and smart enough, but they are the laziest things I have ever seen. None of them, none of the three, even bother to use words. The best they can muster is, "You know, that thing!" Kristin and I actually had this conversation, last night. The boys are fucking illiterate and cannot use ordinary words. She brought this up! These are A, B, and occaisional C students.

    The youngest (11) may be the worst. When I moved out here years ago, I cleared out my half of a double carport, full of junk and found a cool gocart underneath it all, which I got running. I made sure he watched me work on it and learned what tools are and where they live. Two days ago, I pulled off the pull start, as the cord broke, so I found a drill and socket, then used the drill to start the motor.

    You know what he asked me, yesterday? Asked, Har! "I need the remote to start the gokart." No semblance of manners. No insightful question, based upon watching me do it. He knows where drills are kept, he knows where sockets are kept. "I need the remote."

    I'm a bad, insensitive person, sometimes. I told him to get his lazy ass the fuck out of my carport. Remote was the only word his lazy mind could grasp.

  9. Yeah this is really long and again, I apologize.

    One day when that same boy got off the school bus, he found me working on another kid's bicycle in the same carport. Every morning, before 7, I would see this kid ride by on a bike about to fall apart; I could hear the rust, grinding away. Every afternoon, as he left the vegetable fields, he would grind back past the house, with who knew how many miles left to go. One day, I had gone out to collect mail at the end of our long driveway and here he came, grinding along. I stopped him and, using what little spanish I have, told him to get his ass INTO my carport (get out of the gutter, Eto). We tore that bike apart and honed and oiled every speck of it, then I handed him wrenches and oil to carry home.

    Everyday, mostly, I see him ride by and he waves.

    Littlest boy, whom goes to school next to the vegetable fields, arrived home towards the end of our efforts, then later asked me why I had done that. His honest opinion, despite how many nice things I do for him, is that I'm a mean person. Just to know that he would ask me that, plus to know that he asked me as we did our daily work on spelling for which, if he gets right, he gets a bag of Skittles, should be insight into how "mean" I am, towards him or the other two boys.

    "My" boys have been brought up to believe that if Mom hands out change in an intersection, or if a church group makes up gallon ziploc bags with deodorant, toothpaste, and snacks, to hand out to bums at intersections, they are doing their good deeds. Schools teach them this, church teaches them this, and Mom teaches them this.

    It's unusual if you help a stranger fix their bike, teach them how to do so themself, then give them a starter kit. I love these boys and will keep on trying to gently shake some sense into them, even if it elicits occasional cussing, but I have to ask:

    Why, exactly, are we vaccinating these children? I don't happen to agree with that guy, Roe V. Wade, but I am concerned that the kids that do wind up being born don't have the fair shot that I got, at being happy, healthy people.

    I actually have to go into these kids schools and ask them to either stop making my kids watch, "An Inconvenient Truth," or at least allow me to come in and and talk to the kids and give them my best, backed-up response. The youngest used to have freakin' nightmares and cried about us being drowned by a flood. Now, he has nightmares about me showing up at school.

    What about all of those other kids that I, or you, can't get to? When the youngest's school sees me coming, they now have an assistant principal meet me, with a note pad. That day, there is a change of policy at his school; that week, every school in the county will have revised policies. I don't quit; just ask the boys, "I am mean."

    I don't see any point in vaccinating our kids from the Whooping Cough, then not allowing them to be as good as they could be.

    My kids are worthless, the lowest of the low achievers. In other words, they get As in school, on occasion. Everything we try to teach them is torn back down in school and in church. The least possible effort is encouraged, as a standard, as long as they are polite and don't get into trouble.

  10. I want my kids to get into trouble and defy authority, or they are no children of mine. Yes, they are step boys, so they are not my children, but they know I am a fighter, in the polite way. How do we immunize our kids from being complacent couch potatoes that would rather play Runescape, than invent Runescape?

    My boys can't spell, but they can cheat. I honestly can't remember the last. young, employee I had that was honest and hard working. The best I ever had was a smart kid that was constantly causing me to redo his work. I got him a Mississippi State Univerity sweatshirt for Christmas and told him that it was because MSU stood for making shit up. My very best employee, in years, made things up out of whole cloth, to finish reports, instead of researching them properly. And didn't really care.

    There are very good reasons that I have gone Galt. Soon, if not already, medicine will be filled with degreed people that are smart, but just don't give a damn, because they have been dumbed down.

    Vaccinations? I would sooner go out and hang by the mailbox for the kid on the bicycle to ride by, then offer him a job. I'd be better off teaching him to read, then math, then chemistry, because I would bet I could trust his effort. I have had slack employees; I can't even trust my best employees to be honest and give a good effort.

    Apparently, that's considered lame, today.

  11. Cjrun,
    you repaired a little hispanic kids Bicycle??? Wasn't that a "Very Special" Dif'rent Strokes Episode??
    I prefer the Doberman Analogy, Children can be trained, just like Dogs, unless there really stupid, sit,stay,get the paper, and the way to supress that teenage Id, is to fill there heads with so many useless facts that theres no room for anything else.
    And if that doesn't work try 150mg Medroxyprogesterone IM every 3 Months, trust, but verify, I always say.


  12. I have a prescription for my medical mariwanna from a Navajo shaman who says i have end-stage fibro...

    CJRun... wow, gotta read the rest of it now. we see free range kids all the tim in the ER... the free range concept is rapidly abandoned when the little monsters get so much as a sniffle or an abrasion.

  13. Don't "Free Range" Chickens still end up in Colonel Sander's Boiling Cauldron of Lard????

  14. Have you ever seen what 'Free Range' chickens eat?

  15. "It's rare for me to meet a male child, born since 1970, that is worth a fuck. My boys (step boys), are nice enough, and smart enough, but they are the laziest things I have ever seen."

    I was born in 1969, and I completely agree. My peers in high school were generally, not too bright or hard working. Many of them didn't have their first jobs until age 18. I started work at 14.

    If you have a problem with the kids, look at the parents.

  16. Oh yeah. These lazy short-sighted kids? They are now banking CEOs.

  17. CJrun,
    don't take this the wrong way,
    but your Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too interested in young boys.


  18. As a man born in 1986, let me give you the counter point.

    Everything you said up there, CJrun, is true, and I love that it's true.

    Why? Simple, it makes things that much easier for me, I'm one of those "take no prisoners, damn the torpedoes" kind of guys. An old school guy who when I says I'll do something, it gets done or I do the very best I can and have a damn good reason why it didn't work and some suggestion on how to make it work.

    There are those of us out there, who not only "get" your Galt reference, but live by it. I first read Atlas when I was 15.

    Not so shockingly, I didn't do all that well in school, not because I didn't have the aptitude, but because I couldn't stand the teachers, who are mainly there, in my opinion, just be there.

    Most of my (high school) teachers and I worked out a deal where they would pass me if I would just keep my mouth shut most of the time in class, because I would call them on their shit constantly.

    I constantly work a minimum of two jobs, and was working 7 days a week up until 3 months ago, when I started a business with a good friend, who is younger than me.

    We already have more clients then we can deal with. Because we go out there and don't take no for an answer.

    Hope this gives you a little hope.

  19. 911DOC - WTH is end-stage fibro?!?! Is that fibromyalgia? End-stage fibromyalgia? Is that a joke?!
    Bulrush...I completely agree with you! All these lazy, good for nothing kids ... its the parents!
    Cjrun ... am I missing something? What does this post have to do with your answer really and what in it sent you off of this tirade? Again, am I missing something? Because its happened before, me missing something, so it very well may be happening here!
    Dixielaurel ... do you have a child with autism? No? I didnt think so because a mother of an autistic child would never discount or belittle another autistic childs mother over her beliefs on the subject. In fact ... no person who does NOT have an autistic child is in a position to have an opinion on the subject at all. That is my opinion. Which I have a right to have because I am a mother of an autistic child. Which would explain my lack of humor over the issue, my NOT discounting another mothers beliefs and my confusion, anger and guilt toward the subject of vaccines. Confusion toward whether my children should get, should have gotten, their vaccines. Anger because me trying to protect my children may actually cause them harm instead. Guilt because it may be MY fault, that my son will never have a normal life, because I chose to allow doctors, who I thought were trying to prevent illness, cause his autism. I love my son more than I ever thought I could love another being, him being autistic does not effect that at all, but I know he wishes he had a normal life.

  20. Five infants died of Pertussis in CA? Where is the hysteria about a Pertussis Pandemic? After all how many infants in CA died from H1N1?