Monday, June 21, 2010


As of today I draw my pay from the government. Since it comes from the government it comes from taxes. Since it comes from taxes it comes from you. Thank you. Honestly, thank you very much. I WILL work for this, and I will do my job well.

I looked ahead at the schedule, and in four days I have two days off. It's the weekend. Then, next week, I have Friday off, and, since it's the July 4 weekend, Monday too. I get to work bright and early, and, I'm told, I will go home in the early afternoon.

I could have done this job with a lot less training, but no regrets. My last day in the ER produced the following memory... towards the middle of the shift a colleague approached me with the following question.... "Hey Doc,  nurse V caught one of my patients drinking from the toilet in his room... should I do anything?"

I think the patient will be fine (I know he will be back in the ER), but I don't have to see him anymore. Also, early that evening, going into the weekend, the hospitalist service 'capped' with 90 patients. Away all boats.


  1. Maybe you won't have to go back this time. My last shift was Wed. night. Still might fill in for friends that are sick/family emergency etc. but no more scheduled shifts.

    Use my money wisely my friend. My accountant looked at me like I was crazy when I told him I was going on a spending spree the likes of which have never been seen. I told him I was doing this to try to get myself out of debt, like my Uncle Sam is trying to do. He recommended I go to the psych ward and drink out of toilet.

  2. Gone over to the Dark Side.............
    and y'all have more "Last Shifts" than Evander Holyfield...

  3. frank,
    it's just like that "last" drink.

  4. Curse my life for finding this blog while studying for Step 1. I spent a whole day reading the blog and haven't studied at all. Glad Panda Bear found his way over here.

  5. Note to Anonymous 10:40,

    As much as these folks say that they are burnt out they are really just singed and not truly burnt out.

    If they didn't care they wouldn't be so jaded. These are really the best of the best.

    Get back to your study efforts. You're not ready for this yet.

  6. I have no doubt these guys are the best of the best, why do you think I spent a whole day reading the blog? I have man crushes on all of them. I used to read Panda's blog too and loved it. I will confess I am reconsidering going the EM route though.

  7. Congratulations, 911, but no thanks are needed, at least not to us. Since it comes from the government, it is borrowed from the chinese. I'm betting that, in our new found third world status, the functioning societies of the world will agree to allow us to default on our loans, just as they would for, say, Haiti.