Thursday, July 08, 2010

Surrender... Smells Like Paper

The government job is sweet. All I had to do was surrender to TOFKAJCAHO and focus more on checking all the right boxes on the computer (and punt the difficult patients). Now for some R and R. No running, no adrenaline, no screaming, no dead kids. Had a date with my wife for the first time in years. Nice.


  1. Obviously someone who did not do a ER residency. Sell out.....can't handle the grind. Signed...a REALD ERP

  2. dear REALDEPR,
    wrong on #1. right on #2.

  3. Anon: The average practice lifespan of an emergency physician is about 10-15 years, it is a burnout prone profession. Since you appear to be a boarded ERP I will suggest you insulate yourself in a cushy ivory tower job, or plan a careful exit strategy in case you need it in the future (I am being totally serious). I don't think there are any residency programs that are insulating against burnout.
    I love my emerg job too and am not yet burned out, but I see my burned out colleagues and plan for the future....

  4. Dear 911
    Some advice please..son's girlfriend currently in med school finishing second year..300,000 loan for all of it...

    People are saying she should leave now while she is ahead of the game.

    What do you really see as the immediate future of as well as income?

    Would appreciate your seem to be an extremely thoughtful individual.


  5. Kind of crispy after 3 years, got a second wind, completely burned after 12 years post ED residency. I guess I'm not a real ERP. Just a small business owner providing timely care to people who pay me for my skills and services.

  6. Government Management of Doctors

    Doctor:  I dreamed of being a doctor, and earned my M.D.

    Mike:  I'm puzzled. Why are you managing a government department?

    Doctor:  As a doctor, I realized I was mostly managing a government department. This way, I get paid to do it, and I go home at 4:00.

  7. I'm happy for you 911, but sad for the patients. Like my accident-prone son, who broke his arm in two places and lost all the skin on his hip in a bicycle criterium race (he finished the race with 6 more laps). Docs were awesome, even on the 4th. I'll be sure to give them a two thumbs up when the surveys arrive.

  8. thanks dev...

    re your son's girlfriend. she's in for a penny in for a pound at this point. there would be zero value to two years of medical school but definite value to an MD, whether she ever practices or not.

    honestly, i do not think the American people will swallow a British style or Canadian style program where you get in line with everybody else. the real question is whether there will be any excellent doctors practicing in five years and this is the part that folks outside of medicine just don't get.

    the difference between mediocre medical training and the excellent training that is the rule for American doctors is the difference between being able to fly a cessna and being able to land a tomcat on a carrier at night. especially in the surgical specialties the difference can be life or death.

    in other words, physicians DO hold all the cards here and at some breaking point they will be played. i'm currently waiting on the sidelines because the ER is about to go from all shit all the time to hurricane-shit all the time BUT i wouldn't be surprised if, in five years, i've got an agent and work four days a month in the ER and make what i would now working fourteen days a month. who knows.

    so, in summary, finish medical school, figure out if residency is worth it... if it's not, go get the MBA and everyone will still have to call her 'doctor' (wish that still meant something).

  9. Doctor has lost all meaning. Everybody calls themselves doctor now, even my landlord who is a lawyer.

  10. Yeah, Med School's Expensive, Obamacare Sucks, Bla Bla Bla...
    I wanta here about the "Date"
    1st Base? 2d? 3rd? Home Plate?
    Any PED's used? Viagra, Cialis, Flurnitrazepam???

    Frank "Git Sum" Drackman

  11. Had to go to the ER the other night (1am) for chest pains after being on my ass for two weeks post surgery. I read all these MD blogs who talk about the drug seekers and experienced one for myself. Th ER doc was awesome. Didnt tell me I was an idiot despite my profuse apologies for wasting his time (wasnt a PE, Wheew).

    There was a dude in a hallway bed with "back pain" who kept asking for more than the non narcs the nurse gave him. Th ER doc left him there for 2 hours as he was frequent flier and called his doc who happened to be in the hospital. I listened to him moan every few minutes.

    When the ER doc came in to discharge me (in less than an hour :) I brought up the dude in the hallway. I hadnt seen him, but heard him for the duration and we got to talking about the drug seekers. It is atonishing to me what people will do for drugs and he told me that he has seen it all and they will do anything for a fix. I just wanted to get home to meet a deadline.

    The lesson learned: Be nice to the ER staff and they will get you out ASAP. I was diagnosed, treated, discharged, stopped to eat and home in a little over an hour.

  12. 911:

    Thank you for your reply. When and if they marry guess they will be broke for a long while.
    Paying back that amount will be akin to purchasing a home. But they are young, right?

  13. cher frank,
    je parle la langue de l'amour. je n'ai pas besoin de medicaments.
    au revoir

  14. C.
    thanks for being an honest user of the ER.

    you are right... it's about like buying a house and it used to be a good investment. being a contrarian by nature i think medicine will be a good profession again, it's just not right now. as an example, back in the 90s the word was to stay the 'f' away from anesthesia because it was going to be taken over by the CRNAs... now, it's one of the best physician subspecialties to be in... in fact, a colleague of mine... after practicing ER for one year, went right back to anesthesia residency. the screaming masses in the ER convinced him and he did it and he's never looked back. problem was, he was a hell of a good ER doc.

  15. Frank:
    You are the lascivious one,aren't you?

  16. As an anesthesiologist who has to go to the ER to see patients pre-op - I am always horrified by the noise/total chaos you guys have all shift. I have one patient at a time, and feel very lucky

  17. Seriously, I felt like I was wasting their time. If I wasnt at risk for a PE (post surgical, non ambulatory for 2 weeks, 35, on the pill) I would have blown it off as I am in good health. So I felt terrible for taking up their time and really, who wants to be in the ER.

  18. Crazy World (Part One)
    The stately, seasoned, emergency physician entered the conference room, to urgently speak, about the current state of our Emergency Department. This physician had worked his way up the ladder from a unit clerk to nurse, to nurse manager, to nurse practitioner, to emergency physician, and was now a well respected and seasoned medical director of many years. He had recently been to the “Mountain” and had been informed that unless “we improved” that he, as well as the ED Nurse Manager, at our county hospital would be fired, and a new team hired. He also informed us that all EM Physicians, EM Nurse Practitioners and EM Nurses were also at risk. Ipso facto our emergency medicine residency training program was also at risk.
    The room was quiet. I have never heard a group of ADD, ADHD, ODD, Bipolar and Energy Drink inebriated EM Residents and Faculty so very quiet! The quiet was deafening. I could hear the atrial flutter rhythm of the physician sitting next to me. He may have been able to hear my apocrine glands gently hissing!
    I drifted into my usual state of fugue and postulated what the “Mountain” really wanted. Was it a volcano wanting the sacrifice of a young virgin EM resident? Good luck finding one in our crowd! Did it want the head of a seasoned EM Faculty placed on a pole outside of the ED with his blood splashed on the door sill? Was that in our contract? Did it want all of us to become prostate and chant, “Todopoderoso montaña usted es el más perfecto y omnipotente!”

  19. Crazy World (Continued) Part Two
    Were we providing poor care? Who did we kill now? Were our door to drug times poor? What about our ACS treatment? What about the Trauma indicators? What about the Stroke protocol treatment times? What about the pneumonia treatment quality? No, we were assured we were providing excellent care, educating excellent residents, doing quality research and were well respected in the community!
    My fugue state gently lifted, and I thought I saw Elvis in the distance. What then had brought us to this point? The director went on to say that our service times must improve, our satisfaction scores must improve and that we all must work like a team. No more silo’s, he stated! If we all just work harder, work smarter and try harder as a team we will overcome… Huh?
    Our ER is 30 years old and reached the point of over saturation in 1981. We have 20 rooms in which to treat 57,000 patients. We routinely have at least 5-7 boarders in the ER at any given time many for 24 plus hours. Many of the boarders require vents and other ICU care. We struggle with a paper documentation system, a paper chart system, and a vintage tracking system. We treat patients at Triage and were considering setting up a tent in the parking lot to improve our times. We turn no one away. There is no screen and release in our compassionate ER! We will treat all comers no matter what. Most physicians and nurses are proud of our compassionate care mission. Most importantly neither we nor our patients have any money. Our patients are 87% private pay (no pay). Our graduating residents go into jobs paying at least 30% more than the faculty that trained them. We cannot recruit new faculty because of pay and the work environment. Whoa! Now we have the “Mountain” telling us that we must work faster, harder, smarter and with greater teamwork?
    I drift back into my state of fugue as my urge to dismember (I really don’t care who!) is at Defcon One! As I drift off I hear ABBA singing “Crazy World”. “And I realize, it’s a crazy world, so I close my eyes”
    Who is this “Mountain” and where does he live?
    OMG! The Mountain is me! Good grief, my decades of membership in the major emergency medicine societies have given birth to a Gargoyle. This Gargoyle is the nameless, faceless, decision making, saprophyte that we have created by being pacifist and inconsequential in our specialty. We allow EM physicians to be voiceless, homeless, itinerant and needy. We allow our young to be eaten by major EM groups that are not owned by EM physicians but managers and stockholders. Most EM physicians have no chance at partnership. An EM physician can be fired in 3 minutes, but it takes 3 weeks to fire a nurse. We are only a commodity and thus have no stature. We step over the bodies of our fallen comrades.

  20. Crazy World (Part Three)
    How has this happened? Let’s take our specialty back. The ED is the most patient interactive and efficient area of any hospital. That is why all of the non EM physicians say to “Just go to the ER!” they will care for you. We do more for the patient in the shortest time compared to any area of the hospital. Consultants have never met a patient that didn’t need a CT or some extra blood test. It all must be done prior to going to the floor or ICU. Why is that? It’s because once on the floor or in the ICU the testing is dramatically delayed.
    Yes, we can manage to improve treatment times and improve patient satisfaction, but remember that the ED problem is only a symptom and not a disease. The hospital and society has the disease and all ED improvements must be conjoined by hospital and societal improvements. I would describe how to approach this but it is proprietary and slightly profane! I snap to attention as my trauma pager goes off and I’m feeling better now that I have “Wings” from the taurine and caffeine of my 24 ounce energy drink.
    I’ll work on my patient satisfaction a little later. The trauma patient likely has an alcohol level of 420 like the last one. He won’t remember when I tell him that I’m glad he chose our ED and that the ER nurse and Trauma team are all excellent! I sure like ABBA!

  21. I wake up,

    I’m in a hospital;
    I think.

    I don’t seem to be sick
    or injured.
    No bandages,
    I feel no pain.
    No monitors
    or hospital things.

    Nothing is familiar,
    when I look outside.

    It’s dark, quiet.

    I’m not sure who I am…

    But I’m afraid to ask;
    Afraid they’ll think I’m crazy.

    Tears stream down
    my face –
    I feel such a sense
    of loss,
    of what I don’t know.
    Maybe I don’t want to remember.

    No. I don’t care anymore…
    “Someone help me!”

    The dream ends
    just as suddenly…

    I’m home in bed…
    just a dream,
    the trauma’s over.

    It was long ago.
    I’ll always have the scar,
    to remind me,
    of what happened.

    You’d think I’d want to forget
    but memory is an important thing now.

    Bruce Whealton
    August 28, 2009

  22. I'm tired of ER docs claiming they have a hard job. My brother is a board certified physician so I am consistently around all kinds of doctors.

    I also live in Texas, where we have seen a flood of incompetent docs come in as a result of that tort deform measure of 2003. It now makes it impossible to hold a quack accountable if 1) a kid is the victim or 2) its an older person or 3) its a housewife, because they dont have any economic damages.

    Originally, I was glad the measure passed because it got rid of case selling, but now I have found that it only helps the incompetent doctors and harms the patients.

    Bottom line.. ER docs have it easy in Texas. Hopefully we will learn the error of our ways and overturn that terrible law.

  23. Dear Chucky,

    What do you do for a living "Sunshine"?

  24. Sunshine:

    Saving humanity. I have put child molestors, rapists, gang members, and other criminals behind bars.

    Today I continue my crusade.

    How about addressing the topic at hand there, sweet lips?

  25. Trial lawyers were writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (James Madison and Thomas Jefferson) while docs were sticking leeches on George Washington to bleed him out.

    Like your country? Thank a lawyer. Most of the first presidents were lawyers. Don't like it move to Mexico.

    Now, let's get to the topic at issue..

    I've been really ticked off at the ER doc bunch lately because of what you are doing to patients in Texas. My brother sees several kids who weren't treated promptly by ER docs (no I dont get a cut of the proceeds, you guys do that from drug reps).

    As my brother the Radiologist/ Nuclear Med doc says ER docs are the "glorified nurses" of the profession.

    Most ER docs are pro-tort deform because they are incompetent and they are blood sucking leaches. We can easily J1Visa more competent docs from China or India if there is a shortage.

    Oh, and I hate the whole "its about the money" argument. ER docs take bribes from drug reps all the time to overprescribe that Lexapro or the mildy different next generation SSRI when someone comes in with a mild headache or anything indirectly related to depression (SSRIs generally treat depression and anxiety btw for all the ER docs reading this)

    To win a med mal case in court and be board certified, you got to know the topic better than the expert witness (pretty easy when its a glorified nurses aka ER doc).

    I'll be back later and respond to any comments unless I get cowardly banned by the mod. If that occurs, good day.

  26. chuck,
    1 when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    2 i guess you will have to go back to buying lottery tickets what with all that tort reform down Texas way.
    3 go to medical school and do it yourself you freaking pompous douchebag waste-of-carbon.

  27. damn you guys get a lot of comments. wish i could get my blog this popular.

    er doc

  28. How to tell em 911!

  29. All Lawyers are saphrophytes!

  30. Chuck queefed:

    "Trial lawyers were writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution...(Thomas Jefferson).."

    The same trial lawyer that repeatedly raped his female slaves?

  31. 911Doc:

    Well I made better grades than my older brother (the radiologist/ nuclear medicine doc), so if I did go that route, it would be a real specialty and not something dumbed down quasi-physician's assistant specialty like ER medicine.

    However, someone needs to keep the patients safe from quacks. Plus, any board certified trial lawyer who goes to trial must know this stuff better than you incompetents.

    I find it humerous how you mention the lottery as if its relates to going to trial in front of a jury that also convicts people to death. Its fine to convict people to death with a jury, but holding blood sucking wanna-be doctors liable, no way.

    Oh, and 911Doc, med -mal was never a money winner for most. The board certified trial lawyers do just fine. All you think about is the money though. Some trial lawyers dont mind losing money to hold quacks responsible, though.

    Now you better get back to overprescribing the "newest most modern" ADHD medicine to any victim that goes into the ER so you can get that free lunch next week.

  32. Anon:

    I find it interesting you chose a term denoting "dead organisms".

    Incompetent quacks kill 98,000 patients per year. If ANYONE is bottom feeding, its incompetent ER docs.

    I have a hard time finding a difference between blood sucking quacks who feel that "1 mistake isnt malpractice" and try to avoid personal responsibility for something ANY board certified physician would not have done and those Child predators you guys see on tv.

    Quit thinking about yourselves and whats best for you once in a while? How about trying to do whats best for your patients, or finding another profession?

  33. Why we should all hate lawyers:
    • Lawyers want to control the lives of others
    o Having grown up in the USA we have been inundated with the legality of life since we were little children.
    o Lawyers have inserted themselves into all aspects of American life. If the Good Lord only needed 10 commandments why do Americans need 50 legal codes with in excess of 10,000 laws each?
    o What a tremendous waste of time and resources. If placed into book form the combined Federal and State legal codes would weigh some 36,000 pounds. Is that not just a little excessive?
    • Lawyers are not very smart, they just have big mouths and mighty egos
    o There has never been a lawyer that is not a Douchbag. The definition of a douchbag is ill defined in the dictionary however there is always the picture of a lawyer as part of the definition.
    o The Definition of a Douchbag usually incorporates the following characteristics
     Putrid
     Arrogant
     Stupid
     Saprophyte
     Synonymous with Prick, Dick, Wuss, Peckerhead, Jerk, and Limp Asshole
     In a hierarchical scale a Douchbag is slightly lower than an enemabag, although an enemabag can be substituted for a douchbag if you change the showertip. Lawyers do not change the showertip and use the bag interchangeably. Lawyers also use the Douchbag for other purposes such as rinsing their toothbrush.
    • Lawyers hate everyone even themselves. That is why they are lawyers. Why is that you say?
    o Lawyers were always the slowest children to be potty trained. That is because they love living in shit. They love the smell, the texture, the consistency and the warm squishy feeling that it produces between their butt cheeks when they sit down.
    o They will forever resent those adults that forced them to stop crapping their drawers.
    o Most lawyers hate their parents. They really hate everyone! That is why they try to control the actions of everyone.
    o Lawyers were the last to get laid and usually were successful only because of tranquilizing their prey with absinthe. The prey was usually some poor member of whatever sex they could artificially befriend. Lawyers always go both ways.
    o Often lawyers are both ways as they are born with a cloaca or some other ambiguous genitalia.
    • Lawyers want everyone to be as miserable as they are. Fortunately most people are not lawyers.
    • All Lawyers are socialists.
    o They think that they are so much smarter than anyone else that they should just naturally be in charge. Interestingly they can’t even manage their own lives and usually are found dead due to some perverted sexually deviant asphyxiation disorder. Their family usually then tries to sue the last physician of record for failure to diagnose the asphyxiation deviancy.
    • Lastly, Lawyers often change their names from Barry to Barack
    I’m interested if anyone else can come up with more reasons that we should all hate Lawyers. I know that there must be at least 50 more really good reasons.

  34. Theseus, don't be a hater. I'm a lawyer, and almost everybody likes me. I'm sorry things didn't work out between us, but I don't consider tweezers a sex toy.

  35. Theseus:

    Just going to point out a few from your list, since whats on tv is more interesting...

    "Putrid, Arrogant, Stupid, Saprophyte"

    -you just described the ER doc speciality

    "There has never been a lawyer that is not a Douchbag. The definition of a douchbag is ill defined in the dictionary however there is always the picture of a lawyer as part of the definition."

    -There was never an ER doc that was smart. If they were halfway competent they would have gotten into a real residency program.

    -Check out 'parasite' and you will find a picture of an ER doctor taking a bribe from a drug rep.

    They think that they are so much smarter than anyone else that they should just naturally be in charge. Interestingly they can’t even manage their own lives and usually are found dead due to some perverted sexually deviant asphyxiation disorder. Their family usually then tries to sue the last physician of record for failure to diagnose the asphyxiation deviancy.

    -ER docs are pansies in real life, and also have 0 personality. Which is why most of your wives (that are hot) cheat on you with trial lawyers.

  36. Why are you guys getting so worked up? You're increasing your chance of ending up in the ER with a cardiac event. Lawyers may be paid to be advocates, but we don't always have to believe our own bullshit. And you have to know that the statement that all ER docs are idiots just sounds like poor analytical thinking, counselor.

  37. Devorrah:

    My brother and 4 cousins are physicians. ER docs are generally idiots. Not many go that route unless they can't get into a real specialty.

    Also, active trial lawyers and "attorneys" are two different types of lawyer.

    Were you even a trial lawyer, or a regular transactional attorney?

    Your comment that "we dont always have to believe our own bullshit" disturbs me. Hopefully you didnt take a case you didn't believe in, unless you were a criminal defense attorney.

  38. Chuck,
    I don't even believe that you're a practicing lawyer, as you're obviously crazy. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  39. What's most interesting is that none of these sexually frustrated, blood sucking, too bad mama didn't use a hanger back then (the world would have been better off), can't get their wives to look at them, societal rejects won't address the real issues:

    making medicine affordable while not screwing over the patient.

  40. "It now makes it impossible to hold a quack accountable if 1) a kid is the victim or 2) its an older person or 3) its a housewife, because they dont have any economic damages. "

    This is true. I found this out the hard way. The doctors ASK what you do, too, so they learn who they can mess with without repercussion.

    Sorry, hons, but this guy is right on this score unfortunately. :-(

  41. anon4this:

    Sadly, thats the case. You can sue quacks if the victim is a rich businessman, or someone who has economic damages, but not those listed.

    Fortunately, most businessmen, and others in the upper class are smart enough NOT to go into an ER. Some go in, many don't come out the same.

    Its even sadder when 2 surgeons that live on my street now OPENLY ADMIT that the tort deform law HURT PATIENTS.

  42. Chuck, you spout drivel.

    The trial lawyer line is about "economic damages" because they pad and line their pockets by taking a chunk of the outrageous compensatory damages which were capped by the Texas law. Maybe the cap on "pain and suffering" was too low at $250K, that's arguable. But the legal profession and their lobby conveniently obfuscate the issue by leaving out the fact (as you did) that there is NO CAP on actual damages done to someone by malpractice.

    Bottom line is that the lawyers don't want to take the nuisance cases anymore because it costs them more to investigate and try them than they can make.

    You are so far off base about the drug companies that the rest of your arguments are made invalid. We get NO kickbacks from drug companies. We can't. Drug reps can't give us anything anymore and haven't been able to give us things for years except poor quality pens and notepads. Your assertions about drug reps, kickbacks, and docs being bought by them are insane and ill-informed.

    I speak for myself as well as my specialty. I was in both the top of my college and med school graduating classes. I had my pick of residencies and CHOSE Emergency Medicine.

    NO ONE goes into EM because they can't get into something else. This also shows a complete lack of knowledge of your subject matter. Twenty five years ago, before there were a large number of accredited EM residency programs, people WORKED in the ER because they couldn't get jobs elsewhere, but this is not the case these days. Today, EM residency programs are highly competitive, once again this year matching over 99% of their over 1400 positions. People end up in other specialties because the can't get in to EM, not the other way around. (There are always a lot of applicants trying to transfer INTO EM after a year of something else).

    I learned a long time ago that many docs have at their core a great inferiority complex. They satisfy this by criticizing other physicians. It makes them feel superior. I try not to play that game. I have also learned that when I see something that makes no sense to me that, once I get the chart, or talk to the doc and learn the rest of the story, it often makes perfect sense IN CONTEXT.

    First thing my greatest teacher ever taught me was that practice in the ER is like working in a fishbowl. Everybody watches everything you do. They are quick to take credit for your successes and even quicker to lay blame at your feet for everything else. It's just part of the job.

    A surgeon fixes his own errors, or they remain an issue within his group; a radiologist speaks in generalities therefore never is never wrong, etc.

    Bottom line, your issue is an economic one because tort reform cost you money. Your "facts" just aren't. As to all of the 'doctors in your family and doctors in your neighborhood that you know who agree with you'....I can't imagine how your "facts" can be so wrong with this many "knowledgeable" references to draw from.

    But if you want to avoid ER's and have a foreign medical grad (FMG) care for you because of their superior training...please be my guest! At least, please avoid MY ER! I'm busy enough.

  43. Yet another lawyer upset because tort reform cut into their income from frivolous cases.

    Anybody hear the fact that there is NO CAP on ACTUAL DAMAGES in the Texas law?? Of course not.

    Every legislative year, the trial lobby tries to confuse the public with dishonest drivel like this.

    FACT: Drug companies CAN'T give us kickbacks. They haven't been able to give anything decent for years. They give us crappy pens and note pads. No cash, no trips, no textbooks. This guy either doesn't know what he's talking about, or he's making it up (a lawyer certainly wouldn't make something up would he?).

    FACT: Emergency Medicine is one of the most highly competitive specialties in the NRMP. Once again this year, EM matched over 99% of over 1400 positions. People go into OTHER SPECIALTIES because they can't get into EM, not the other way around. It was true years ago (like 25 years) that people worked in ERs when they couldn't get a job elsewhere, but those days are gone.

    I see mistakes made by surgeons. But I don't go out in the community and state that all surgeons are quacks and only became surgeons because they couldn't get into another specialty. That's puerile.

    I'm not sure I'm interested in a radiologist's opinion about EM practice at all. That's like asking the manager of a tee ball team his opinion of the All Star Team. A little knowledge of something completely beyond his grasp.

    Docs like to criticize each other. It makes them feel smart. Unfortunately, they enjoy it too much and do so without all of the facts, and some bottom-feeder like Chuck is happy to cash in on it.

    Next time you hear a "real doctor" (not a radiologist) criticize ER Docs, ask him how often he or his office tells his patients to "go to the ER" when they call. We're the object of their derision when the sun is up and their best friends when it goes down.

    Seems to me that if you really had all of these high level contacts, you'd be better informed.

  44. No way "Chuck" is a real guy. No fuckin' way.

    He's a phantom, an apparition, second cousin to Dr. X. 911 conjured him out of thin air. He doesn't exist, except on this blog of course. My money's on the fact that 911 gives "Chuck the Lawyer" a few fairly irritating paragraphs every once in a while as a service to his readers/co-authors. "Chuck" is a virtual punching bag. A piñata. Everybody come look at the comment clown, see his hilarious "lawyer" posts, count the number of times he makes references to leeches or certain sucking animals.

    Thanks 911, it's cathartic.....I don't know where you got the inspiration for this "Chuck" character, but it's absolutely brilliant!

  45. But, attorneys won't even TALK to you without economic damages, so the (bad) docs can do up to some amount of "actual" damage (which I am not sure what that means -- civil suits are about dollars, so does this mean the amount it cost + the amount it takes to get it fixed? If so, that was still not enough in my case for a lawyer to even talk to me) and get away with it.

    Sorry guys, you know I like you but "Chuck" amidst all his drivel is correct in my experience on this one.

  46. RubyRidge....sorry but your analysis on this one is off base..911 is a stand-up way Chuck is bogus...can't you discern that on your own by all of the drivel he spews??

  47. One final thought Ruby...maybe Chuck is going off the deep end because the news lately has been anything but positive regarding the glut of lawyers and the fact that even lawyers who graduate from the finer establishments...Yale, Harvard, Cannot find employment..or if they do not for the BIG bucks they dreamed of. Google it.

  48. I worked a shift last night but unfortunatley read Chuckys posts earlier. A lawyer came in with chest pain and then went into cardiac arrest. Unfortunatley the poor guy didn't make it. No one could tell his head from his behind. I tried to intubate him but only feces came our of both ends. I even set the vent to 65 of PEEP and all he did was blow up like a toad.

    Oh well! It's all Chuckys fault.

  49. erdoc85:

    There is NO CAP on actual damages, but again.. kids dont work, meaning they have NO "actual damages" other than medical bills. Even if they are honor students, you cant award them future lost wages, because they are too young to make any determination of what they will grow up to be. It would be too speculative.

    The same tune plays out with housewives and the elderly. That is the whole point..

  50. Last Anon:

    What's the difference between a dead one of you worthless blood sucking ER docs in the road and a dead dog in the road?

    -kid marks in front of the dog

    Anyone that walks into an ER room knows or should know he will die. You people are the bottom feeding bottom of the barrel, as anyone in the field will tell you.

  51. *skid

    Oh, and ERdoc..

    ER medicine is a sought after profession?!

    that's funny. cite me the source to that BS assertion.

    You people are glorified nurses.

    And regarding the "glut" in the difference in my business and I make about the same as my brother, the radiologist.. nice try though ;)

  52. Lets make a deal Chuck.
    1: You don't talk about my Wooden Penis
    2: I won't talk about the Splinters in your Tongue.

    Only Lawyer who's not better off dead is Denny Crane from Boston Legal and he was just a make believe character.

    Frank "Perry Mason was a Poof" Drackman

  53. "Bottom line, your issue is an economic one because tort reform cost you money. Your "facts" just aren't. As to all of the 'doctors in your family and doctors in your neighborhood that you know who agree with you'....I can't imagine how your "facts" can be so wrong with this many "knowledgeable" references to draw from."

    Really doc? Which facts of mine are wrong?

    First of all, I've made more money since 2003-4, so your argument is moot.

    What part of the fact that kids and the elderly DO NOT have actual damages do you not understand?

    I'm okay with the rest of the tort reform package EXCEPT the $250K cap.. its WAY too low.

    I'd even be okay with capping attorney fees to the cost of the case, or something that does't harm patients.

    But I despise your kind (ER docs) because I am tired of seeing the number of patients whose families CAN NOT afford to give them a halfway decent life because of that low $250K cap and your desire to make more money due to lower premiums...

    In order to win, we must hire an expert witness who:

    1) makes less than 20% of his income from testifying. This means he must be a practicing physician.

    2) he can't be biased. he must testify equally for the defense and the plaintiffs, or he will look skewed and be useless to a jury

    3) these guys generally need to publish heavily and be respected in their fields

    4)these guys must have 0 AMA blemishes, as many ER docs seem to have, and have gone to top of the line med schools

    These experts are also VERY expense, which is why you need to lose money sometimes to stick it to a quack or the kid will be living in an eternal hell.

  54. Frankie:

    settle down, son. Go slap your mother in the face for not using RU-486. It will take you a while to get that.

  55. Chuck...regarding the "glut"..nice to know that you are so self-serving that the ONLY one you seem concerned about is YOU. Sex with you must be a real treat.

  56. Chuck (rhymes with F(iretr)uck):
    Thats the Best you Got??? My effin Daughter can Trash Talk better than that.
    My Youngest Daughter that is, and if you mention a family member once more I'll track you down like Caine in "Kung Fu" and slap you with a Habeus Cockus.
    and they didn't have RU-486 in 1961, just grain alcohol and a good kick in the ribs, which might explain why I don't play well with others.
    And you know you were Pre Med till you found out Pedastry wasn't a Specialty.
    I mean, its YOUR specialty, but there aren't any ABMS recognized residencies in it...

    Your Witness, Ball Sack

    Frank "I Cheered for the Romans in "Passion of the Christ" Drackman

  57. Last Anon:

    There are too many 4th tier law schools. There are too many lawyers that went to crappy, unranked law schools. I'll be a first to admit that. Of those that made the grades during undergrad, love the law, and do it to make a difference (hard for self serving ER docs to grasp), it will work out.

    Unlike the AMA which limits med schools so doctors' salaries dont go down, the ABA doesn't.

    Speaking of sex, when was the last time you had it? Seems you guys are a bit sexually frustrated that you talk about it all the time on a message board.

    Let's stick to the issues, even though striking blows against you guys is fun and all.

  58. Frank...
    Chuck seems to be totally up his brother's obcessed is good old Chuck with how much his brother,the DOCTOR, earns?!!

    Mom must have loved the doctor best.

  59. Frankie:

    You're an idiot. First of all, your lame insults don't make any sense, and second, I'm glad you were able to google what the abortion drug was back then. Too bad it wasn't around.

    Now go back to watching Kung-Fu reruns and making out with your stuffed doll. I would like to respond to some self-serving ER docs and see how long it takes them to address the real issues.

  60. Last anon:

    He's a great guy who does what he does for his patients. We are pretty close. You do it for the money and because you couldn't get into a real specialty.

    Now how about you address the issues?

  61. Chuck(rhymes with "SUCK")
    "Your an Idiot"?!?!?!? Really, Trig Palin has better comebacks than you.
    I prefer "Cape Fear", The one with Deniro, not Robert Mitchum, and I woudn't really call Max Cady a "Hero".
    More like a Role Model.
    And if your gonna use the "Inflatable Doll" line that was old when Rodney Dangerfield first used it on "Laugh In" in 1971, at least get it right. its.............

    "Hey Chuck(rhymes with SUCK) save your breath, you'll need it later to blow up your INFLATABLE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Seriously, Steven Hawkins is quicker on his feet than you.

    Frank "First lets Kill all the Lawyers" Drackman

  62. ^

    I guess that's what happens when you mix clozapine with alcohol..

  63. Chuck...
    Sticking to the issue with this one...
    Since when have doctor salaries not gone down?
    Have you not paid attention to the fact that medicare medicaid as well as insurance reimbursements have gone down. Ask doctors who used to be in private practice. That model is quickly becoming a dinosaur. Saw this coming in the early to mid 90's. Many loan institutions give docs a hard time now because of the fact that salaries are going down. 38% of docs are now employed by a hospital rather than independently. Do you really believe the stuff you spew when men and women who have gone into medicine give up their 20's as well as early 30's..and that is if they go directly from college? Think that is easy ...most of us really did see it as something worthwhile. When people like you have your law suit happy rants, the general public joins the bandwagon and then we end up with this...Obamacare. Medicine will not be the same for a long while. I wish you the best of health, but one day you may need that ER doc you have trashed...and you know what? When he or she saves your life those ER docs will be manna from heaven.

  64. Anon:

    You still didn't address the issues regarding not being able to compensate a child, elderly person, or a housewife.

    You guys still make into the 100's and 200's. I don't want to hear your sob tales, unless it is for your patients.

  65. Chuck, if this was a MMA match, you'd already be in the OR gettin Arch Bars. Your the Washington Generals/Cleveland Indians/French Army, in other words, You Suck, Chuck, hey, that rhymes.
    And I notice you didn't rebut my assertion htat your a Board Certified Pederas-tician, seriously, have you ever been in a Court Room except as a defendant? Any charge you don't answer is true, its sorta like "If its not documented it didn't happen" thing.
    I gotta friend, whos an Oncologist, and its so amazing, cause all the Lawyers who get Chemo, well there hair doesn't fall out...
    and its what happens when you mix FLUFENAZINE and Alcohol, dumbass,

    Frank "Sonia Sotomayor looks like John Belushi" Drackman

  66. Jesus, Frank.. were you treated for your schizo by an ER doc? whatever the hell meds you are on, just aren't doing the trick.

  67. Ewww Good one Chuck(rhymes with Yuck)!!!
    Time to Tap Out, Chuck...


    Don't let the Door hit ya in the Ass on the Way Out..

    Frank "Clarence Thomas Rules!!" Drackman

  68. You are right,Chuck, making 100 to 200 is over the top for ,what is it?800,000 docs in the country only.

    Gee maybe if we could all shoot hoops or ride a bike really fast or throw a ball really far or hit a golf ball,why,then, maybe we would be worth that
    over-inflated salary, correct, Chuck?

    By the way some pediatricians are lucky to see 80 grand.

  69. I think Chuck's studyin for his Pedastry Boards, that Oral ones a Bee-Otch
    C'mon, any doc who can't make 300K is either lazy or a chick.
    Or a Lazy pregnant chick.
    And even 100K isn't that much anymore, my Pool Guy makes 100K.
    Thats right, 100,000 Pesos, which is a little under 8 grand American, or about what a Pediatrican makes per month.
    And even the Split-Tails could make that much if they wouldn't take 3 years of maternity leave and then only work a 1/2 day a month when they finally come back 19 years later when there 2.4 kids are all grown up...
    And I don't count pediastricians, cause Pedastry's a crime.


  70. final thought for today...if you are really that concerned for the children etc who lack adequate compensation..get the laws changed...after all the entire government is run by those in your very same profession.
    Or you could do the caring thing...give your salary away to all who you see are wronged.

    Doctors don't always get compensated and they are not allowed by law to balance bill or get a tax write-off for all of their losses.

    So you see Chuck, we do our "share" every day and with all of the liability.

  71. Anon:

    I have never met a pediatrician in Texas making $80K. The mean annual salary is $156K. Check it out at..

    I don't find it morally acceptable for you guys to make more money at the expense of the kids some of us have to see that will never walk again not being compensated.

    Whoever said that actual damages arent capped is right. However, thats the whole point. Kids do not have many ACTUAL damages. $250K is all he can get from age 5 til 55 in terms of lost wages, etc.

    Being in pain for 50 years? the hell with it right? soft damages are for wimps.

  72. Anon:

    I think I pointed out that trial lawyers take on med-mal cases pro-bono. That's the only way to do it, but unlike you guys, it can cost a few hundred thousand, or a million+ to cover expenses.

    And regarding getting the laws changed... i'd be okay with a cap on soft damages, as long as it was higher than $250K.

  73. Chuck,

    Please let me know wht you feel would be a fair salary for doctors?

    I remember a politician once remarking(believe it was Michael Dukakis ) that they should earn 40k

  74. know who really gave lawyers a bad rep? Johnny Edwards

  75. anon:

    What I think a physician should make is irrelevent.

    What I think Is relevent is that 250K cap I keep discussing.

    I think the salary should be what it needs to be as long as patients can be compensated. Currently they cant be compensated.

    The insurance companies made it appear premiums would shoot down exponentially in Texas once that cap passed. They lied. They did go down, but not as dramatically as doctors expected. Further, I have seen a number of AMA blemished docs come into Texas.

    The real winners: incompetent docs who are able to get away with unquestionable negligence and insurance companies

    the winners: young/ old patients.

  76. Chuck, your more annoying than a pack of Jehovah's Witnesses.
    You know, the African American Ones that smell like Lysol and can't take a hint.
    If you post ONE MORE TIME, your admitting for eternity that your Gayer than Ball Room Dancing/Ping Pong Cleats/a Football Bat.
    No take-backsies/quitsies/anti-quitsies/startsies

    Balls in your Mouth, I mean Court, Shyster,

    Frank "You think it's a coincidence that both Johnnie Cockran and Robert Kardashian died of Cancer" Drackman

  77. Last anon:

    Edwards was a damn good trial lawyer. He compensated a number of dead kids' parents because their children died due to a screwed up pool suction mechanism. He also instigated change in the pool industry.

    Should the parents have been there? yes, but the pool company also should have made a better product, and now they do make safer products.

    Edwards screwed up when he cheated on his wife and couldn't keep it zipped up.

  78. Chuck..

    You are correct on the insurance premiums point.That was a misnomer.They were never going to go are still paying extremely high malpractice rates. There were no winners there regarding that.

  79. correction *the last "winners"= losers. i wish they were the winners, but they arent.

  80. Chuck..

    Edwards played voodoo in the court room..calling up the dead etc..such a slime. Now everyone gets to see who he really was and still is..he did not "screw up'' ...he always was that morals.

  81. Chuck:
    Your Gayer than Soccer BTW,
    John Edwards is a Good-for-nuthin-Cheatin-on-his-terminally-illin-Wifin-Ambulance-Chaser, and the only reason God hasn't hit him with His Ted Kennedy/Johnnie Cochran/Robert Kardashian Cancer Stick is he's too busy lookin for AlGore...
    Seriously, I'd sooner buy Bin-Laden a Beer than that 4th Trimester Abortion.
    Frank "I hope John Edwards gets a Brain Tumor" Drackman

  82. Chuck,
    Edwards could have done a lot of good with the money he kept from the "4 Trials"
    instead he spent it on what he hoped would be the second white house...big enough to land a helicopter on his lawn.

  83. last anon:

    then why are so many "docs" advocating for caps on non-economic (pain and suffering damages) other than to avoid liability? That is where it makes it impossible to sue when a kid is injured.

    In order to lose, generally 1-4 medical professors or very well respected physicians must testify IN COURT for the plaintiff that a doctor screwed up.

    Juries are VERY sophisticated nowadays and a case is won or lost based on the expert. These guys charge an arm and a leg as well.

    we got rid of the 4th tier never-been-inside a court room wannabe billboard advertising lawyers filing lawsuits and then trying to sell them to real board certified trial lawyers already. I was for that move.

    I really don't know what else could have been done to be fair to all parties.

    PS trial lawyers get sued all the time as well. On average a few times during a career.

  84. To anons re:Edwards,

    Its obvious you guys have never participated in a civil jury trial.
    First of all, under the Daubert standard you can't put in "voo-doo science". It needs to be acceptable in the field. Some billboard lawyers try doing that, but only in depositions. Nothing is more fun than taking such a case to trial, and making a circus out of that "lawyer", then having him sued for legal malpractice. However, it rarely happens.

    Second, even if you could, only an idiot trial lawyer wouldnt completely destroy the opponents case if they brought in some chiropracter into a courtroom and started spewing out garbage.

    Juries put people to death. They are not that stupid.

  85. 911, this is genius. Like, Keyser-Soze genius.

  86. Chuck..
    Another thing about all these lawsuits..and absent parents blah blah blah

    Whatever happened to individual responsibility?
    Hell,mickey d cant even pass a hot cup of coffee to an old broad who decides to put it between her legs while driving and then gets 3 mil? Insane.

  87. Anon:

    Personal Responsibility defined by Rush Limbaugh: Everyone is responsible except me, my family, other docs, and businesses.


    That woman won that case because the EXPERT witness was the man who saved more lives during 9/11 than ANYONE based on his innovations in burn treatment. He made that case.

    He made it because he called Mickey D's and told them the temp their coffee was made was excessive without warnings. I may be wrong on this, but I'm not sure he charged for his testimony. He passed away within the last few years.

    Last, nowadays, you cant sue Mickey D's and win because EVERYONE KNOWS they serve their coffee to the point it will severely burn you. Back then, everyone KNEW it would burn you, just not take off skin in the process.

    And she didnt get 3 million, she got $750K. She also weighed something like 75 pounds because of the treatment and her injuries as a result of that burn.

  88. RubyRidge..
    You may have apoint there...911 has not posted in a while. Free time with new job for dates and possible alter ego? Didn't he once say he attendedlaw school but never finished or maybe never used his law degree?

  89. Mickey D's case..

    "Plaintiffs' expert, a scholar in thermodynamics applied to human skin burns, testified that liquids, at 180 degrees, will cause a full thickness burn to human skin in two to seven seconds. Other testimony showed that as the temperature decreases toward 155 degrees, the extent of the burn relative to that temperature decreases exponentially. Thus, if Liebeck's spill had involved coffee at 155 degrees, the liquid would have cooled and given her time to avoid a serious burn."

  90. Ruby... if that's you in the picture, either you are another unsuccessfully treated schizo patient that mixes his meds with alcohol or the feds are looking for you..

  91. dear Ruby Ridge,
    i wish this wasn't legit because it means that there is a "Chuck" out there somewhere. he's like one of this chiropractors who believes he can prevent all disease by spinal manipulation... it's a fixed delusion.

  92. 911Doc;

    glad you have re-joined the party. Unfortunately, many ER docs I have come across sadly arent any better than chiros.

  93. Chuck..
    When did Rush say that?

    He dislikes being misquoted.

  94. Anon:

    its evident in anything he says about the topic. The idiot has done nothing except yap on the radio his whole life. He never even finished undergrad. Same with Glenn Beck and Hannity.

    No college degrees. Sean was a bartender for a bit. One of them got into some "special" program to a good college, but didn't go through with it.

    Yet some people worship those idiots.

    Last, i gotta mention something. If I had a nickle for every DOCTOR who wants to sue ANOTHER DOCTOR, well I'd have a bunch of nickles.

    A case I recently read.. a psychiatrist sued his go-to doctor and it went to trial. He lost because the jury felt he should have known better as an MD. Interesting, but its not rare for an MD to sue another MD for malpractice.

  95. Chuck,

    If it is none of my business great I respect that but who did you vote for for pres? Just wondering....cause you seem very upset about a lot of topics.

  96. Chuck, seriously, go to Thailand if you want to molest little boys..
    You know who else didn't go to College, much less finish??
    Charles Manson, I mean, Lebron James/George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor, Filmore, Lincoln(Booooooo.......),Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, and Harry S. Truman,
    Sooooo if it wasn't for President's who didn't go to College we'd never have beat the Redcoats(Washington)I'd have Slaves cuttin my lawn instead of Mexicans(Lincoln), and Hiroshima wouldn't have got nuked(Truman).
    and I only went to College for the Drugs, I mean, cause you had to to get in Med School.

    Frank "Only thing I learned in College was how to Burn One" Drackman

  97. I voted for McCain. Although I was hesitent at the time because I was scared he would die and leave Palin in charge.

    I'm really only "upset" at seeing young kids who are paralyzed, an adjunct professor/ medical expert says the MD/ DO screwed up big time, and not being able to do anything except hear the mother cry in the office.

    You can only take a few pro-bonos a year..

  98. Chuck, don't take this the wrong way, but
    Your Weighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh too interested in young boys.
    I voted for McCain too, although I was scared he'd live and Palin wouldn't get to be in charge.
    I saw Palin LIVE 2 weeks ago, and shes a STUNNER, TV blunts her personality, like those Anti-Psychotic Drugs you know so much about.
    And I know you take more than a few Pro Boners a year...

    Frank "Trig Palin's got more sense than Obama"Drackman

  99. Chuck, its "Hesitant", as in

    "The Young Boy was HESITANT to get in Chuck's Car"

    HAHA(Nelson Laugh)

    Frank "You can't spell "Hesitant" Drackman

  100. Good one 91...I mean "Chuck." I'm glad that you totally clicked on my profile on that very real computer that you're actually sitting in front of. Did you frame your 100% legitimate and physically tangible law degree?

    911- Sadly enough, I'd actually be -more- surprised if he wasn't real.

  101. Chuck...Shit happens

    unfortunately all the time.
    Why ,if the DO screwed up ,did the family not win any compensation?

    Or has it not gone to trial yet?
    Never said all docs were great either.
    But the lot of them should not be vilified cause of the bad ones.

    Voted for Palin but held my nose when I knew McCain was part of it. Hope she goes solo this time. Finally, a woman who isnt afraid to be beautiful.

  102. Frank.. perhaps that schizo drugs you are on have worn out their usefulness... or meds just arent working.

    I've head that electroshock therapy is a last resort for people like you, but in your case it may be worth the try.

  103. Chuck,
    1 thank you for admitting you are a liar
    2 what does a college or advanced degree have to do with the validity of one's ideas?
    3 i guess, based on your clear and deeply held core beliefs that you would refuse employment from mr limbaugh, right?
    4. How many associates does the cochrane firm have and how long do you have to answer phones before making associate?
    5. since the mcdonalds case was in 1994 what exactly you mean about the doctor (evidently the inky good one in the world) who 'saved more lives blah blah blah.?"

  104. Frank and Ruby:

    Instead of hounding around on message boards, try and get some help.

    It is clear BOTH of you are delusional and not in touch with reality.

    Oh and Frankie.. I wouldn't be surprised that the "Sarah Palin" you saw a few weeks ago was just one of your delusions.

  105. Chuck(rhymes with Suck)
    Its Electro-CONVULSIVE treatment thank you very much, and thanks for practicing medicine without a license, which is Ill-Legal(at Bushwood)in all 50 states,just like your 500 GB collection of Child Pornography.
    "People Like Me"?? You mean 1/2 Jewish 1/2 Redneck?? Don't call me when the Mossad/KKK burns a Star of David on your front yard...
    And when they get done with you, might wanta bone up on section 245, Title 18 USC, which you violated, in addition to who knows how many 8 year old boys...

    Frank "Summon THIS" Drackman

  106. 911:

    1) where did I admit I was a liar? You must suffer from delusions as well.

    2)my point was he has no life experience nor the intelligence, since he flunked out of college to be worshipped by some many simpletons.

    3) hell yes I would refuse employment from that bum. I'm content with my business situation and I take a small percentage of cases as it is.

    4)No idea. Big law is not somewhere you go to be a trial lawyer. Some guys are stuck there for years.

    5)I dont believe he was a physician, but a PhD. Not sure how we got into that topic though, since we were discussing the $250K cap.

  107. Now I get it! "chuck" is a chick. something about that last post... Could also be "cannedAm". seriously chuck, thanks for bumping the stats and I'll give you props for yelling at everyone else for wasting their time on message boards... Be interested in how many times you posted here. And seriously, may you contract a fatal case of pruritis ani after having your hands removed.

  108. "Anonymous said...
    Chuck...Shit happens
    unfortunately all the time.
    Why ,if the DO screwed up ,did the family not win any compensation?
    Or has it not gone to trial yet?
    Never said all docs were great either.
    But the lot of them should not be vilified cause of the bad ones."

    People do screw up. However, because of the $250K on non-economic damages, the kid is screwed for life. I'm not advocating that the doctor get jailed, I'm advocating that his/her insurance carrier insure some sort of a "life" for that kid so his mom doesnt have to put up a second mortgage on the house.

    At this point, in Texas, the kid is screwed by the $250K cap on non-ecos. He does get his med bills and care paid for, but his earning capacity is too speculative to get him a respectable amount. In other words, he is at the mercy of whatever the insurance company wants to pay him, and as you know those guys always go out on a limb to pay the victim what is reasonable.

  109. 911doc: the first time I posted here was last night.

    Nice one, skirting on the issues. You showed your true colors.

    In return, I hope you acquire Adiposis Dolorosa. It would serve you right for attempting to be immune to liability.

  110. Chuck, I know your only experience with Mental Health Professionals was when you tried that Electroshock(now you've got me sayin it) treatment for bein a Ho-Mo...
    But your confusing Delusions, which are defined as Pathological fixed beliefs that are either false, fanciful, or based on deception, you know, like how you think all those bodies burried in your basement are just sleeping,
    with Hallucinations, which are perceptions in the absence of a stimulus, like that 600 long Snake I saw after droppin too much blotter acid...
    He sounds like a Lawyer to Me, 9-11


  111. 911 doc: oh, and I hope you punch your mother in the face as well for not getting her worthless fetus removed.

    There is no question in my mind the world would have been a better place. We'd import a real MD from China or India to more than compensate for your worthless existence.

  112. Chuck, I strongly suggest you refrain from talkin' bout 9-11's Mother.
    9-11's CRAZEE, he makes Jeffy Dalmer look like friggin Richard Simmons. Ted Bundy look like Ted Baxter, Charlie Manson look like Charlie Brown.
    Mom's/Daughters are off limits, check my numerous Carpal Tunnel inducing Posts, have I mentioned your Dirty Stinking Whore of a Mother Once??? Except for just then??
    Nope, flame like a MAN, you flamin Turd-Burlar.
    and you can't import PEOPLE,not legally anyway, Jeezus, your worse at pretending your lawyer than you are at hiding your 200 TB collection of your Mom's best Cum-Shots

    See? it's not nice to involve Mom's

    Frank "Was that YOUR Mom" Drackman

  113. 9-11's been watchin "Tombstone" again...
    Well 2 can play at that game...

    "In Vino Veritas"

    Frank "Doc Holliday" Drackman

  114. Maybe "Chuck" is some magical gift from the blog gods! Seriously, most trolls aren't this easy.

    "In return, I hope you acquire Adiposis Dolorosa. It would serve you right for attempting to be immune to liability."

    Seriously, what kind of a fucking insult is that? "I hope you acquire..." Who the fuck starts an insult with "I hope you acquire..."?

    Yo Frank, maybe we can score some of "Chuck's" mom's prenatal LSD, and maybe, just maybe, if that shit mixes with the paranoid delusions juuuuuust right, hallucinate some fucking sense out of ANY of these hilarious Chuckposts!

  115. frank,
    to continue with the 'tombstone' reference, is chuck Ike Clanton or should we call him 'law dog'?

  116. Frank and 911:

    I always knew all those years of studying Latin would finally pay off big time.

  117. Holy crap! 120 comments (well, now, 121).

    I had to see what triggered that ... last thing I read was Drackman's voyeuristic comment, then it seemed a comment dam burst somewheres. Now I see it's a doctor-lawyer cage match that has attracted all the attention.

    May I make a suggestion? If one of you guys feels inspired, I think you should partner with an asshole lawyer for the sake of putting together a joint blog. It would be more entertaining (and possibly more legal) than a cock fight. Just a thought ...

  118. "Age Quod Agis"

    Frank "I'll be your Huckleberry" Drackman

  119. You're solid gold tonight Frank. I was laughing out loud.

    I think Chuck is really old. When I read his comments I hear this old man voice like Mr.Burns on the Simpsons.

    I've never met a lawyer that likes his job. I don't even think my lawyer likes his job.

  120. I've had a long shift, and don't have the time or energy to read all of these posts.

    Furthermore, I do not wish to read anymore of these silly, baseless posts that declare that I am a useless glorified nurse because I chose to practice Emergency Medicine.

    It's a waste of my time.

    As to your facts that are wrong, I addressed these in my previous posts about getting kickbacks from drug companies, ER Residencies being for people who can't get into something else.

    I can't pull any stats disproving that all ER docs are quacks, or all of the docs who moved here because of tort reform are quacks. Nor can I find any proof that foreign medical grads are better trained than American medical grads, all of which you have asserted, but I think that all of those assertions make any of the rest of your opinions not worth my time of anyone elses.

    I actually agree that the $250K cap is too low. But I do know that before Tort reform, there were only TWO companies left that would insure me (and no, I have never been sued in 20 years of practice). The rates were outrageous.

    After tort reform, I have my pick of companies, and the rates are almost 50% lower.

    Lawyers can't continue to bleed the system with nuisance and frivolous suits. You have only yourselves to blame.

  121. Amy gets the Velvet Vulva-Zella for best comment!

    Frank "I Heart Vulvas" Drackman

  122. Frank...

    Hysterically funny!!!


    I,too, am still laughing out loud.

  123. you guys need to realize that this chuck character is here spewing venom because he feels powerless over the successful tort reform texas has had and there is nothing he can do other than go to internet blogs and declare all er docs as idiots that can't find a real specialty. the more obnoxious his comments the more we should laugh because there is jack shit he can do about his stunted gravy train, isn't that right chucky-boy? hahahahaha

  124. Dear paulie:

    You must be a bit on the slow end. I think I mentioned that I make more money now than pre-2004. I'd make a hell of a lot more if I wanted to work past 7pm. Once you get board certified, you don't get to worry very much about business.

    Oh, and trial lawyers still take a select few pieces of shit like you to court pro-bono every year even if you harm those without actual damages, don't you worry.. hahahahahaah
    The only thing tort reform did was take away the ability to sue those without actual damages like for the last time 1) young kids 2) the elderly and 3) stay at home wives (housewives).

    ..And all that is because of the $250K cap... I don't have much of a problem with the rest of the changes.

    Most of you idiots are too stupid to realize you can still be sued if you harm a rich businessman, however most rich businessmen aren't dumb enough to go into an ER as much these days.

    Oh, and if Amy considers under 40, old, then yeah, I'm old.

    And being a trial lawyer is really fun. You get to go after pieces of shit like incompetent doctors who feel they deserve the right to make that one mistake.

    And Amy, as a "stay at home mom", you are either too stupid to realize you are pretty much screwed in Texas if you get injured by a quack or just don't care. You have No actual damages because you dont work.

  125. *for those

    btw any other pansy deflective comments that don't address the issue won't be answered.

    You guys know what I'm talking about, and those that support the caps know you are living pieces of human excrement (since you can be sued but by wealthy working people but not those mentioned) which is why very few of you stepped up to the plate to address the real issues.

    And to re-submit, my business wasn't negatively affected. I would only take a few med mals a year anyway.

  126. Chuck...

    Just many of these med -mal cases present a year in Texas(the legitimate ones)

    How many are due to ER docs?

  127. response:

    Don't have the statistics, and now its impossible to tell for sure because most cases are not taken in because of the cap. BTW any doctor sued feels his suit is frivolous and not legitimate even though a practicing physician must okay that claim for it to go through. If you have a problem with any suit, take it up with the physician who green lighted it.

  128. oh good question!
    chuck, also tell us whether you are a. excellent b. non-pariel or c. bod-A-fucking-licious either in bed or in the courtroom or both. also, feel free to use this comment section to advertise for your services... it's free! after you advertise for your services you can even put up a legal ad... much cheaper here than on that 3am cable access spot. finally, please tell us how many aangels can dance on the head of a pin. google doesn't give a good answer.

  129. 911Doc:

    You are the perfect example of a deflective pussy who won't address the issues.


  130. The point that you are missing is that Dr's are not God. They are human and therefore they make mistakes. We expect perfection and no human can deliver that. Not even pompous, ego-maniacal trial lawyers.

    The problem with medical malpractice is that it has been beaten to death as a cash cow. So many things that people sue for aren't the fault of a doctor. There is a whole section of society that thinks getting in a car wreck or having something medical go wrong is winning the lottery. This is wrong.

    Accidents happen. Things go wrong. Not every medical mishap is attributable to human fault and people who want to destroy a physician's life because something didn't turn out how they wanted it to are assholes who don't deserve to practice law. A doctor can do everything right and still have everything go to hell. They are not gods.

    There absolutely had to be tort reform. So you don't like how things shook out. It still doesn't warrant you attacking EMR physicians. Anybody who knows anything about medicine will tell you the safest place to be in a hospital (safest meaning with the best practitioners)is in either the EMR or the ICU.

    "Oh, and if Amy considers under 40, old, then yeah, I'm old."

    Dood, then why do you still sound like Mr.Burns?

    BTW, I am a pro-active sort of patient with enough medical understanding and education to protect myself. I can sniff out a quack from 500 yards off. Nobody will take care of me better than I can.

  131. chuck the papers we signed where you bought the rights to this blog are null and void since your check bounced and all. you can get your money back from legal zoom... at least part of it. bye chuck, and thanks for all the yuks. you can have all the last words you want after this... 12 years of full time ER practice, hundreds of lives saved, no malpractice suits, 8 years training to be able to do it, and i would save your life in a second... so would any of us here... you are a very poor ambassador, probably, for the legal profession.

  132. "So many things that people sue for aren't the fault of a doctor."

    If that were true, a medical expert (usually a med professor nowadays wouldn't okay it).

    I guess I'm gone from here. 911Doc is too much of a pussy to take the truth.


  133. "The government job is sweet. All I had to do was surrender to TOFKAJCAHO and focus more on checking all the right boxes on the computer (and punt the difficult patients). Now for some R and R. No running, no adrenaline, no screaming, no dead kids. Had a date with my wife for the first time in years. Nice."

    911, heard you got a new gig. Sounds like things are good. I'm glad. It sure took me a while to find some empty space to sign the card though!!! Sheeesh Chuck. Tho I must admit I do admire your stamina.


  134. 911 I'll just let you respond about medical professors. *Yawn*

  135. There are plenty of "expert" hired guns to make any suit go forward. I have seen enough "practicing" non-practicing physicians say in depositions the stupidest shit that it would surprise me if a case were not brought every time.

  136. naaah... you're definitely here because you're not able to get your jollies by conventional means. i don't buy for a second that you're a happy, well adjusted trial lawyer that's merrily raking it in off the backs of doctors. your frustration is palpable and i don't know about the others here but i'm loving every post you make. waaaah! waaaah! all doctors are idiots! waaah! pathetic.

  137. Chuck wears Adam Walsh underwear.
    and I don't mean Adam Walsh-Style underwear, I mean Adam Walsh's actual underwear...

    Frank "Thar ain't no Rules in Love or Trash Talkin" Drackman

  138. This is hilarious. Abbot and Costello couldn't have done better. I think this whole argument should go to mandatory arbitration. That should start a whole new thread.