Monday, July 12, 2010


The last post got way out of control and went blue quick... thanks, Frank, for demonstrating how to hit low, early, and often. Beautiful.

It got me to thinking... there are legal emergencies right? I mean, getting caught with that dime bag... having the cops find that semi-auto .22 with the serial number removed, you know, stuff like that. Seems to me that the mass of Americans (and others who happen to be within the borders of the good old US of A) are stuck now with some hack of an overworked public defender, and they probably don't see the PD until they have cooled their heels for a day or two in the clink. I've even heard of attorneys refusing cases based on a client's inability to pay them and shuffling them off down to the legal aid society! In America? I say "No More"! I say it ends NOW.

I am asking congress to pass ELAAMTA, the Emergency Legal Access And Monetary Trickery Act, so that every attorney practicing in the US will be forced, under pain of federal law, to take any and all comers to their offices, at all hours, and without expectation of remuneration until their legal emergency is solved.

It will be left to physicians to define what a "legal emergency" is, and left to physicians to define what a "legal screening process" is, as both will be required by this unfunded mandate. Complaints of legal malpractice will be settled by a physician magistrate. All in favor vote 'aye'. This legislation will pave the way for EAGAATA, DENTALA, VEMTAALA, and OBAMALAMADINGDONG, and before you know it we've got everyone covered like a jimmy-hat. Harrumph!


  1. Frank hitting hard? I ignored everything he stated after he started randomly posted about child molestation after being presented with a list of people unable to go after quacks. I actually felt he was more psychotic than that one guy who took a picture of himself dressed up as the Taliban or whatever the hell that was supposed to be in a corn field with a rifle.

    He's like a turd that won't flush.

    What is frightening, but not surprising is that idiot is a practicing physician.

    I'd be for your silly "bill" if lawyers would be able to directly decide a quack's fate.

    At this point, juries decide a quack's fate and a medical professor decides the standard of care. Apparently you hate facing the facts and love skewing things.

    I'll let you charlatans dance around the issues in this post, I'll answer the remainder of legitimate ones in the last post to those who choose to deal with the topic.

  2. Chuck is obviously a hard-working attorney with a rich and satisfying personal life, as he time to troll.

  3. Chuck..

    Really hope you are not permanently signing off...

    you bring an entirely different perspective that has pushed a lot of buttons...

  4. Have you, or anyone you love, ever been injured, called a name, spat upon, not been offered a job, worked in a naval yard, tripped and fell, died, taken any drug, lived, eaten broccoli, lived near a catholic priest, changed the break pads on his car, had a bad paper cut, or ever been done wrong in any way shape or form call the law firm of Chuck, Buck and Phuck. If we don't win your case, you don't owe us a dime.

    I like the idea of free emergency law care 24 hours/day regardless of ability to pay. But we would need 220 more physicians in the House of Representin', and since we actually work and don't just run for office or, say, organize communities, I don't see that ever happening.

  5. how many seconds to take the bait this time?
    too funny.

  6. CHUCK!!!!!! Your Back!! And are you really John Mark Karr?
    Security too tight at Kindercare???? Prove your NOT a Child Molestor, thats what we have to do in Court.
    And even if I was Psychotic, at least I can live near a School if I wanted to(I Don't).
    And your metaphors suck, I'm the turd you STEP IN, Turd Burglar.
    Wanta sue someone?, try your "Law School", and I'm not sure that bein "Rufus the Jailhouse lawyer from Cell Block C's Homosexual Lover" counts as "Law School".
    And way to pick on a girl, Pussy, Amy will F your Shee-Ot up worse than that time you tried to ref a prison pick up basketball game wearing those tight 1970's shorts.
    And might wanta stop listing John Wayne Gacy as a personal reference, prospective employers Google that stuff now a days.

    Frank "Make My Day" Drackman

  7. To quote Anchorman..."That got out of hand quickly!" Frank, thanks for the endless laughs. It made my delay between cases truly enjoyable.

    And WTF is up with Chuck? He's an angry elf, isn't he?

  8. Jennbird, y'alls hair is absolutely petrifyin c'mon Girlfriend, its not 1992 anymore!!! And not all Doctors are Quacks, the guy I see for my AIDS Dementia is an absolute HUNK.
    Still cant figure out how he does that prostate check with both hands on my shoulders...
    And how'd y'all find out about my Adam Walsh Underwear? You mention it again and I'll slap u with a Writ of Man-Damus, and I do mean "Man"

    Chuck "I buy Milk for the photos of missing Children"

  9. Frank...

    Stand-up is your second calling!1