Sunday, August 15, 2010

Romani Ite Domum

We have established Twitter (MDOD_Blog) and Facebook accounts (Emdee Ohdee). Now write it down a hundred times, and if you mess up....


  1. Does this remind you of medical coding?

    Medical coding is the transformation of narrative descriptions of diseases, injuries, and healthcare procedures into numeric or alphanumeric designations (that is, code numbers). The code numbers are detailed in order to accurately describe the diagnoses (that is, what is wrong with the patient) and the procedures performed to test or correct these diagnoses. Because medicine is not always an exact science, codes were developed to identify all reasons for seeking healthcare.

  2. Dood...911-er...set up your page so we fellow MyFacers can friend you.

  3. and how, pray tell, do I do that. all this newfangled roman technology...

  4. Thanks for the laugh :) . I was in high school when this movie came out. My Latin teacher highly approved of this scene.

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  7. and of course being a regular reader here makes the ole Johnson-rod get bigger, but it's a slow process and requires reading here a lot.

  8. I find showering with neumatic females works, though your results may vary.

  9.'d better not.

    I want to be FB friends...but then my anonymous status is gone because I use my real name. And seeing as how I fully expect to wake up one day to Frank standing over me with a knife mumbling something about fava beans, I'm not sure I can do it. Dang it.

  10. Hello Amy,
    Beautiful Weather We're Having.
    Jeez, I'm in your head bigger than Ted Kennedy's Tumor, which is still growing BTW, infact, there's rumors that it'll run for his Senate Seat in 2012.
    Only complication is establising Massachusetts residency, so when they dig Teddy up in 2011, they'll say it's just so they can use his Glioma for research, but you read it here first.
    Talk about breaking down barriers, I don't think there's ever been a Brain Tumor in the Senate, except maybe for Chuck Shumer.
    So rest easy Amy, I'm more of a "It puts the lotion on it's Skin" guy.