Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Joint Commission... the Dominoes are Falling

Sorry about the paucity of posts lately. My new Gub'mnt job has allowed me to take a relaxing vacation while getting paid. Went to one of those nice Caribbean islands and swam in crystal water, ate too much, and had a great time with the family. The boss and I were wondering what kind of medical care was available on our particular island just in case one of the ankle-biters broke an arm or something, and as soon as we turned on the television our fears were put to rest. The hospital on the little island we were on was on the television AND, lucky us, it was "one of the best in the world". How is that possible say you? Ah, well, they are certified by the Joint Commission International. In reality what this means is that the doctors and nurses at the hospital are now all pissed off at not being able to eat or drink where they were accustomed to, and they have to carry around five or six laminated cards telling them what to do if someone spills a drop of blood on the floor. We were so reassured that we plan to fly there for my upcoming whipple procedure and bilateral fem- pop grafts. And you thought JCHAO were a useless bunch of parasites!


  1. Any island is fine with me, as long as they serve-up Spam better than Mr. Lonely.

    I spent most of the week in the Keys, where the "health" community seemed focused on prostate exams and checking for hernias.

  2. Do you know what the fail rate is for JCAHO? I called them up about this. It's 1% - do you really believe that 99% of US horsepiles are tiptop? So it's like public school - everybody passes, baby.

  3. Everybody passes as long as you adopt their bullshit and pray in front of the policy and procedure manual 5 times daily as required.
    You nailed it exactly. Can I get disability for the cervical disc herniation caused by those damn laminated cards?

  4. J-Ho still are a useless bunch of parasites with anal retentive personalities