Wednesday, October 06, 2010

All is not Lost

I noticed today that the Times Square bomber was sentenced to rot in prison. I notice counsel didn't pursue an insanity defense, and, reading his statement to the court here, jihadi-guy doesn't sound insane... he just sounds like he wants to kill the infidel (you and me). If you don't care to read his declaration of war you can simply watch this video and get the gist of the 'statement'.

So I'm at work taking care of stuff and I get a call from a young guy... he's in the service, and he's got a shoulder problem. He got his shoulder problem while fast-roping down a tower with a pack and a rifle... he's probably going to need surgery. In the meantime he's in physical therapy three times a week and calling me after every session. He very badly wants me to sign a piece of paper that will let him go to a special school where he would learn how kill nasty people like the convict mentioned above in unconventional ways (and with great precision).

Problem is, he can't go yet, obviously. He's gotta get his shoulder fixed first, and he will, and then he will go. And every day, in my office, I have young men and women coming in with various medical or orthopedic issues, and, with very few exceptions, they are scared stiff that they will NOT be allowed to deploy with their units. They want to go. You should thank them when you see them in the airports, they are our future, and, at least when I look at them and listen to them and try to help them, I know our future is bright.


  1. Ummm didn't you hear?, the fighting in Iraq's over, and the Afghanistan lease is up next Summer...
    and those 886(to date) killed in Iraq/Afghanistan since Barak Who-Sane Osama (Peace be upon Him) ascended to the Throne???
    Dick Chaney's fault...
    C'mon do you really need a perfect shoulder to shoot A-rabs in the head?
    Anyway, the IDF's lookin for a few good Arab Killers.


  2. This is exactly why I do all the time. It's important to appreciate the wonderful people they are and to make sure they know that we do.

  3. R-Girl...
    Did you just say you'll do any Soldier all the time???? Course, could be my bi-focal Rx is a little old...
    I was in the First Gulf War, the one we won in 100 hours, even got a Purple Heart/Bronze Star/Order of the Arrow, all highly classified of course, so I don't have any documentation.
    I mean I could tell you about the time I captured an entire Republican Guard regiment single-handedly while putting in a chest tube with the other hand, but then I'd have to kill you.
    But if your ever in the A-T-L and wanta cheer up an old Vet, don't go by the VA hospital, its full of fakers.
    Frank "War is Hell" Drackman, War Hero

  4. Let me reword that because as much as I love hot doctors and soldiers, that is not what I meant. I send letters and packages to soldiers my kids and I choose on the way you were thinking would probably show my appreciation pretty well too.

  5. I will selflessly volunteer to do any pneumatic, young, heroines, all the time.

  6. Media kept saying: "The 'Times Square Bomber' showed no remorse". They seemed surprised. The Left's ignorance of fundamentalist Islam continues to astound me.

  7. Just want to put in a good word for Soldiers' Angels here ... check it out at