Friday, October 01, 2010

Mice Bombs and Butt-Drugs

The world of primary care medicine is rather devoid of dramatic-intervention stories. Oh, but the news does not disappoint, and never fails to bring me back to my ER and military roots! Witness the following....

The Brown Tree Snake is a plague on Guam. It got there, story goes, stowed away on some military jet, and has taken over the islands 'fragile ecosystem'. I have no idea why Al Gore is not there in a pith-helmet hunting the damned things but he's not. Enter the US Navy and tylenol poisoning.

I gotta say, aside from the flammable bat-bomb project we actually funded in WWII that this has gotta be the goofiest thing I have heard our military doing in a long time. Tylenol will kill people, evidently it kills the Brown Tree Snake too.

Secondly, this guy has gotta be some kind of world class clown or moron. The line between the two is often very thin. This compares favorably with the Fusilli-Jerry episode of Seinfeld. "Yeah, Officer, the pot up my ass is mine, the crack up my ass is not". This gentleman was, no doubt, taken to the ER for 'clearance for jail', where the ER doc either did X-Rays to see if he was a mule, and, if he was, gave him Golytely and sat him on a toilet for twelve hours, or, more likely, just said, 'fuck it, he's cleared for jail.'

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  1. How bout dem Dawgs?????