Thursday, December 09, 2010

There's No Blood in the Urine

So I don't work in the ER much anymore and you have heard that many of my compatriots, board certified in ER medicine too, do not work there either. So who does? Well, lots of PAs, and I like PAs, and lots of doctors who trained in 'something else'. Usually 'something else' is family medicine, sometimes internal medicine, hell, I even know an anesthesiologist who prefers to work in the ER.

So at my super duper government clinic job we get all ER follow ups. And our ER sucks the big one. I mean SUCKS it. If you are sick where I work do not go to the ER, they will not do a spinal tap on you if you have fever and a headache and vomiting, they will punt any sick person immediately to civilian land, and they will send you home with a kidney stone calling is 'muscle spasm'.

See, having blood in the urine is cool and all, but it only happens in 85% of those with a kidney stone. Add to that a history of kidney stones and if you come in and see me with a bloodless urine, but excruciating back pain, I am going to assume you have a stone (or something worse) and I am at least going to take a plain film KUB to help the urologist out in following the stone, and in satisfying myself that you have renal colic.

To have this poor sap show up in my clinic which ALSO punts sick people immediately, and have me, with an old Xray machine, make the diagnosis is, I think, where ER medicine is headed. They need me in Alaska, they need me in Missouri, Montana, Virginia.... 'critical shortages', but I'm not going. And I know my friends who have kicked the habit ain't goin' either... Shame. Real shame that. 


  1. The sucky docs in your ER can't be any worse than the yahoos working in the VA ER

  2. 911doc,

    What would it take to bring you back to the ER? You can't be happy in that dull, bureaucratic job.


  3. StorytellER Doc and ERP (er stories blog) seem to be going strong. I think Panda was dead on arrival

  4. 911doc,

    I'm a medical student intent on Emergency Medicine. I look forward to your posts everyday (you've been leaving me hanging...) but I worry that I might encounter a lot of the bureaucratic crap that you so frequently rail against, especially as I'm doomed to fifteen years of Navy medicine after graduation.

    I know there's not much I can do to avoid the common pitfalls and annoyances of EM, but I was hoping you might be able to lend some advice as to how I can best prepare for an EM Residency/anything I can do as an MS-1 to better experience EM.

    I'm one enzyme away from tossing my biochemistry books out the window, and I can't wait to be active in the ED. Your posts provide a welcome insight into clinical emergency medicine and a brief respite from the TCA cycle.


  5. Greg,
    All that needs to happen is EMTALA getting repealed, Obamacare getting repealed, JCHAO getting disbanded, Press-Gainey getting sent to clear minefields in Afghanistan, me getting six-hour day shifts only, and me getting back the ability to tell patients, when appropriate, "no".

    Dear MS1... More when I can get to a computer.

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  9. 9-11,
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  10. frank,
    do you know something i don't? AJ for another year? no way, but PLEASE let it be true... Richt needs to channel his inner dark side, which is probably a lot like George Will when he's angry... looks just the same as when he's not. Best thing Richt ever did was get the team on the field the last time we stomped Florida, which was, hell, four years ago now? but he repented from that, which is also a real shame that.

    you are so over the top with the War Damn Eagle thing i actually hope you guys thump Oregon, and i'm just the kinda guy that if they lose, i don't thing i will be giving you too hard a time...

    and glad to know who it actually is who is pissing in the glass of water... shoulda known it was you all along...

  11. dear MS1,
    you are set... the military might be the best place to practice real emergency medicine in the forseeable future because everyone has a primary care 'doctor' and you get to punt the not sick immediately. of course, if this thing in afghanistan keeps doing what it's doing you may get to practice it in a CASH or support hospital in the land of the poppy.

    but seriously, screw the first year, it's all more hoop jumping. and the clinical years is where you make your mark. you want to do something simple to get way ahead on ER med and lots of other things? buy 'emergency medicine secrets'... markovchik and pons. read it once every two months. it will make you look like a genius.

    other than that jump in and don't worry about the freaking amino acid cycles... the evidence on the worthlessness of that is well demonstrated by PAs who do their school in a couple of years and learn on the job. work with many, and many don't swim very long in the ER, who, after a few years, are right up to speed with advanced ER residents or docs...

    get the best grades you can but enjoy it. you will do fine. thanks for reading.

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