Tuesday, February 22, 2011

suckin' on the teet

2031 - somewhere in Wisconsin

"Tell me again what you were fighting for,grandpa."

"Well, we loved the safety of having a job where even if we took a dump on the desk, and threw it all over the place, we couldn't get fired. Also we didn't want to pay more than 0.2% of our income towards retirement, and, dad blast it, they actually wanted us to increase our contribution to our health care plan from 5% to 12%. I know we had a 3 billion dollar deficit, and our fight eventually led us to live in the squalor we now endure, but darn it, we deserved it. Now, go get me a rat so I can fry it up for supper. "

"And what did your grandpa do?"

"He sacrificed his life fighting fascism and killing socialist Nazis."

"Grandpa, you embarrass me."

As a doctor and small business owner, I am glad I work in a right to hire/fire state. We don't need unions these days. A couple laws saying babies can't work in factories, no chaining people to a milling machine, and that's about it. If you want to work for me, work for me. If you don't, don't. If your skills are valuable, I will reward you. If I don't, someone who wants to make more money and succeed will pay you for them. It's really not that complicated, retards. There are wonderful opportunities for you in Greece or Finland for you lazy socialist leeches.


  1. Harrumph and Huzzah!
    And if you really ARE a doctor in Wisconsin AND you are (wink, wink) writing 'work excuses' for these shitbirds then, when you are prosecuted for fraud and have your licenses pulled, your pictures are going up here you BIG FUCKING WOTHLESS PUSSIFIED LYING DOUCHEBAGS.

  2. It's hurtful that you use the word "retards".

  3. dear Tracy,
    "retards" is hereby redacted and we will substitute "morons". thank you for the suggestion.

  4. Like Will.I.am, I meant no disrespect. Simpleton maybe?

  5. I had wondered about the fraud thing. Were the docs giving slips on TV?


  6. What really gets my scrotum in a bunch is these were Univ Wisconsin "Family Medicine" ATTENDINGs writing the excuses...
    You know damn well if a Resident didn't show up for work and tried that he'd get whatever they do to residents now a days...
    I even showed up when I CAUGHT THE CLAP!!!!
    and didn't get no "Doctor's Excuse" just 10 cc of BiCillin, 5 in each cheek so you wouldn't sit lopsided...


  7. Frank... Can you can confirm that those shutbird docs were UofW faculty docs...

  8. Hey, 6-7, who am I? Accuracy in Media?
    And honestly, I'm sorta glad those stupid trees got poisoned.
    But according to "Pundit Press" 3 of the note writers were

    Lou Sanner UW Faculty
    Kathy Oriel UW-Madison FP RESIDENCY DIRECTOR
    Pat McKenna FP PGY-3 UW

    and I checked out the UW FP website, gotta be a joke , not an FMG in the whole lot..


  9. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2676528/posts


  10. Finnish is hard to read and write, familiar alphabet but full of fussy diacriticals. Greek is worse, unfamiliar alphabet. Socialist leeches won't be learning either of them.

  11. That would not be a problem, Ed. The leeches can just come to any Nordic country, say they are muslims and proceed to demand their 'rights'. No need to bother with the language, the government will pay for an interpretor for them.

  12. I get the fraud and ethics problem, but wonder if there is also a HIPA issue? Isn't standing out in the open exposing patient information problematic?

  13. Spoken like someone who hasn't worked in a blue collar job for a long time (ever?). Most employers aren't interested in "rewarding valuable skills," they want to pay the least amount of money for the most amount of work. Bottom line. To say that unions aren't necessary "these days" (as if the primary motivators that made them important in the past have somehow disappeared) is quite possibly the most outstandingly ignorant thing I have read on this blog as of late.

  14. I agree with William. You are a lowly doc who typically underpays those in your employ, and NEVER "rewards" those who work for you. Unless you have a clientele that are wealthy, unless there were "unions" who would provide health care benefits for their workers, most MDs would be scrambling to get patients, and making next to nothing. Trickle-down, you see...but then what do MDs know about finances/business....next to nothing.

  15. *APPLAUSE*

    thank you William and CannedAm for demonstrating more convincingly than I ever could why voting is so important, and why liberals are so dangerous.

    William, you assert only, you emote only, you do not make an argument. you seem to have a good vocabulary so therefore you are either self-deluded, or educated far beyond your intelligence. if it were not the case, if you made a single valid point, it would be impossible for me to do the following...

    Spoken like someone who has worked many blue-collar jobs. Most employees aren't interested in improving valuable skills, they want the most amount of pay for the least amount of work. Bottom line. To say unions are necessary "these days" (as if the primary motivators that made them unimportant in the past have some how appeared) is quite possibly the most outstandingly ignorant thing I have read in this blog's comment section of late.

    Anonymous... Wow... I will pray for you. Must be hard to hold both hands out and put your foot in your mouth at the same time. But you have mastered it... Congratulations. But I truly feel very sorry for you and truly will pray for you.

  16. Hey William:
    The World needs ditch diggers too.
    And what a co-ink-i-dinky, I need's me some
    ditch diggers to dig's me some ditches.
    Drop me a line at Drackman62@hotmail.com if you think you can under cut some illtempered Hordurans...


  17. Seriously, $5/hr, all the pool water they can drink, shovel(s) provided, and I don't demand any more ID than I do from the President(Peace be upon Him), and do I get a Smile? a friendly "Gracias"? Nope, just hard resentful looks like that guy in "No Country for Old Men"..


  18. Hey Judge Schmails... I mean Frank... Thought you were dead... How'd you like to mow my lawn?? I figure a college bound kid lime you etc... Etc... Etc...

  19. 911Doc,

    If the kind of straw-man hyperbole presented on this blog is your standard for an "argument," then I find it hard to be offended by your retort that mine came up short.

    Unions provide workers with a voice, and bargaining power that would not otherwise exist in a system where the number of workers far exceeds the number of jobs. Though you exaggerate by crediting unions with an employee's right to "take a dump on a desk," you ignore important union victories that you yourself enjoy: the 40 hour work week, worker's comp, and unemployment benefits.

  20. hey William,
    I don't have a 40 hour work week, workers comp., or unemployment benefits. For 8 years of med school and training i had 80-120 hour work weeks, and nade less than minimum wage. So did everyone on this blog. doctors don't have a union, nor do we want one, and you continue to prove yourself an ignorant shill for people who think they can't make it without you... You are a pimp. but if you would like to organise a physicians union and lead us on strike for the 40 hour week an all that shit knock yourself out, but you would be reviled by 'blue collar' union types because everyone knows that doctors are simply silver-spoon rich bastards who only care about money... Uf we strike people die, when teachers strike they are only hurting children. Douchebag.

  21. William:
    Go Eff Yourself, you Homo.
    Thats how real Men argue, not wimpering about straw dogs and finding things hard to be offended by. You know what Offends me? OJ Simpson! How come Jehovah hasnt at least given him a heart attack yet?
    OK, I work 40 hours a week, cause I'm on a salary, and if I work 1 second over I'm workin for free, and Frankie don't works for free.
    1:Workers Comp is a Joke, and the one time I tried to use it all they did was treat my injury, instead of committing malpractice so I could get a $20 million award.
    2: Unemployment's a joke too.$300/month? thats like 1/2 a day of my daughters rediculously overpriced private school, what about the other 20.5 days? its like one pair of my wifes shoes, whats she supposed to do? walk around nekkid in a pair of $300 shoes?
    Hmmm I like that part actually.
    OK, I DID apply for unemployment once, and they gave me some BS about how if you got fired for showing up for work drunk, you didn't qualify, and you had to be willing to take ANY job, even those horrible jobs Americans just won't do, like Primary Care, so I had to work under the table, giving oral to widowed old jewish women, I mean, selling lipitor samples for a penny on the dollar.

    so take your "Union Lable" and put it where your BF puts his salami!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PS 6-7, whats a "Huzzah"?

  22. It's what people used to say before "right on". "hooray", and whatever Gabbie Johnson kept saying in Blazing Saddles during the town meeting.... You know, the "authentic frontier gibberish"...

  23. Unions have had some past victories, but now they have seriously overplayed their hand. The things they want are just NOT sustainable. Are you Union guys listening: JUST NOT SUSTAINABLE. So what to do? Hang on to unreasonable benefits and have the whole economy get royally flushed down the toilet, Union members included? Or move with the times? And I'm a Union member.

  24. Your hurtful words are hurtful.

    My understanding of your argument is that since you worked so hard to become a physician, anyone else who complains about working conditions is simply a whiner. That seems odd to me, as most of this blog is little more than an outlet for complaints about your own jobs. If things are that bad, couldn't you have figured that out at some point during your "eight years of med school and training?" It must be awful to have invested all that time, effort, and money only to become so unsatisfied you have to blog about it.

    Unions are a vehicle for powerless employees to gain some control over their lives at work. How can you begrudge anyone that instinct? Don't emergency physicians form doctors groups to achieve the same results, or leave the hospital and open clinics on their own? Its about getting as much as you can given the resources at hand, and you would absolutely do the same.

  25. William, your world and mine are so different. in my world I want to achieve things and excel and I don't want your help or anyone else's. have people helped me? sure. have I had to ask for help? sure. and it has usually been given. but I have never sold my soul to the groupthink you represent, never extorted money from my neighbor to pay for my life-partner's health insurance by pulling a 'sick out' at work. you put forth the idea that individuals are powerless against the 'machine'. wrong, individuals are powerless when they listen to people like you telling them they can't do it without the union, or that they will get screwed without the union. they pay your paycheck don't they you slick son of a bitch.
    hurtful? you fucking pussy.
    and now I see the people who have swallowed this line in the ER every day, unable to do a damned thing for themselves and desperately waiting for that next crumb from the government. you are in league with Satan himself... you drag down... you create nothing... you threaten and you scheme and your proletariat give you your power and your false sense that you are helping the 'little man' when all you are doing is damning him to a life of dependence. screw you pal, you leech.  

  26. William, words are just words, can't hurt anyone, except that time some bruthas tried to brand me, nuthin like a glowing red hot Afro-Pick Comb inches away from yo' grill,to get ya to dig deep and find a few more ATP's.
    And becoming a Doc's not that hard, especially these days with quotas for every minority/disability/perversion, and its basically just memorizing a bunch of useless facts,diagrams, pathways.
    "ATP" for instance, didn't understand it then, don't understand it now, something to do with energy, dont really know, dont really care.
    anyway, 3rd and 4th year's where you really learn to be a doctor, how to deftly interupt a patient without them even knowin they've been interupted, how to pick up a nurse without getting a sexual herassmeant complaint, how to throw an X-ray so it'll stick on the X-ray-lookin-at-thingie.
    Seriously, we spent HOURS flicking X-rays, while todays students just look on a computer and practice asking actors pretending to be patients sensitive questions so they don't offend La'quont'tra'rielle when she shows up at 3am demanding her free Gardasil...
    And I'd LOVE to have a doctor's Union, a REAL Head-Bustin-Throat-Slashin Union like Sly Stallone in"F*I*S*T", and when Jug-Dish down at the Urgent Care doesn't ....
    umm I'd just like an excuse to beat people up.

  27. So I guess instead of assembling an organized military to defend our country, we should send out self-starters and motivated people like you to handle the issue as individuals?

    I respect self reliance. I think it is essential and a fantastic characteristic in people. Still, there comes a point where a reasonable person must conclude that a job can be better done (or only done?) by working together. Didn't they teach you about working as a team at some point in medical school? Or are you so full of yourself that you truly believe you can take on the world on your own. What happened to humility?

    PS. Why are you so angry? Does it make you feel like you are winning when you call people names? Don't be such a prick, and maybe you'll have more energy to make a coherent argument.

  28. in fact the first military was the militia which evolved into the national guard and it worked pretty well back in the day, but please don't try the third grade apples and oranges switch. you think the people I take care of every day, active duty soldiers who have been fighting for us and will again, are like a union? you think they get anything like union wages? union breaks? fuck no. do you think they would ever consider forming a union to demand them? fuck... they signed up for other reasons, things you wouldn't understand. they signed a contract and they honor it.
    and you do the apples and oranges thing again by saying I'm equating self reliance with solitary confinement-  Howard Roarke shit. PUHLEASE bitch, and don't patronize me with the 'didn't they teach you about working in a team' crap you fucking douchebag.... I couldn't do what I do without living the team concept... but a team is made of individuals, and people like you want everyone to be the same.

    take on the world on my own? no, but I could take you, and I would dearly love to. and that's why I'm so angry, and why so many of us are, it's that people like you think we have evolved ourselves out of violence and think that we wouldn't resort to it and that we can talk all things out. but you are against what we believe in... individual rights, individual freedoms, and freedom from an oppressive government. you know, stuff in our constitution. and when you lose an argument you call a sick-out, or you 'organize' to bring to pressure the force of the mob against the duly elected representatives or 'the man' or whoever your bete-noir of the day is. communist.
    we are ready for a fight. because with puffed up pseudo intellectuals like yourself we have it figured out. at some time it comes down to nut crackin' time and increasingly, it is evident, that the 'loyal opposition' may not accept defeat at the ballot box, so they may have to be defeated in the streets. time to start employing the bitch slap, because that's what you are and what you deserve and the only thing you would understand. 
    nice link by the way.... pimp, shill, hack, pussy, communist.

  29. I employ 30 people. I pay them a fair wage. I took a chance, borrowed a tremendous amount of money, and have started to see success from hard work and using my training to help others. I would close up shop or just fire everyone and hire new ones if they tried to unionize and tell me what to pay them and how many breaks they get. I offer health insurance, disability, life, and a great work environment and all I ask for is a good days work and a good attitude. And I work 60-70 hours per week So suck it you union shmucks.

    Real wages in this country were going up significantly before unions. This is called a free market. Socialist dipshit FDR and his Wagner act really got the unions in the Democrats pocket and still do to this day (90 percent of union political donatios go to Democraps). Unions serve to exclude better workers from a trade in order to secure higher wages for the shitty ones already there. Markets are distorted, higher prices are paid for goods and fewer people are hired. Inefficiency is the norm. A 2002 study by Richard Vedder of Ohio University calculated that the labor unions have cost the economy 50 trillion dollars over the past 50 years. That means our GDP would be 30 percent larger if it weren't for union "activists". I want my 40 hour work week, i want hot cocoa every morning and a back rub, i want 2 week paid vacations. You make me sick.
    Workers of the world unite!, my ass.

  30. S Cat...sounds like an awesome place to work. I'll need a job in a couple of months when I graduate.

  31. William..
    Organized Militaries are overrated...Damn British with there red uniforms and marching in a straight line, got there limey asses handed to em by a bunch of whiskey swiggin rednecks in coonskins.
    Rome was organized, the Visigoths weren't, and whens the last time you had to habla any Latin?
    Jimmy Carter's ill advised 3 Stooges-esque Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission was organized while Lee Harvey Oswald couldn't hold a steady job. And shows how little you know about Medical Training, its eye-for-an-eye-dog-eat-dog-cut throat-competition, seriously, I once threw the circuit breakers for the gross anatomy lab one weekend, just so my classmates couldn't study..gotta bring down that curve. If I wasn't gonna Study NOONE was gonna study.
    and to answer your question, YES, calling people names DOES make me feel better about myself, Smegma-Breath.
    I prefer to be a counter-puncher, holding my most penetrating insults in reserve, like the US nuclear arsenal, unleashing them only when absolutely necessary, like the other day, when this jerk remarked that the gleam off my head was distracting the players, and I told him to enjoy the remaining 3.6 years of his expected life expectancy.
    Yeah, I really told my Dad.


  32. La'quont'tra'rielle? Princess La'quont'tra'rielle!

  33. 911 Doc, and all other logical reasonable people on this blog. Look into Thomas Sowell. He has irrefutable logic and reason when it comes to Economics. He is brilliant, and I believe you will very much enjoy him. BTW he is all about the free market.

  34. Here's your no longer local socialist (but absentee voter) chiming in. I've been silent about this whole union busting thing because unions aren't today what my own grandfather was instrumental in starting in the 1920's. Today, Unions are big business. They are the powerhouses and even THEY are not about workers' rights -- they're about Union power. They are thuggery and manipulation and they breed an attitude of 'the best we can do is the best the weakest among us can.' Why should only union members have access to all those cushy deals...5% toward healthcare that includes extremely low OOP (out of pocket) costs to the insured? Guaranteed overtime pay...time and a half, double-time, banked vacation time amounting to 52 weeks' paid time off? What makes a union member so much more special than a non union member? Not a damned thing. What y'all fail to realize while I'm so busy agreeing with your single-drum beat is that this is not about balancing budgets and making our world a free market society in every corner. It is about servicing the elite who wish to own even your asses (and probably do). It is about taking from the people and giving to the wealthy. Privatize all education (bam! no more gubbernet bill) privatize service (I lowered taxes!) privatize your god-damned town because by golly some mo fo can make a dollar off it. So you keep banging that personal responsibility and personal ability and individual effort drum (kind of sounds like *mine*mine*mine*mine*) while they hand our freedoms, our jobs, our futures over to a few corporate overlords who really don't give a flying fuck who's starving or not because THEIR kids have jobs by golly. You betcha. And keep believing you are one of them.

  35. so move to north korea or venezuela or cuba already... then you can at least live in a country that shares your philosophy, but i see from a quick peek at your profile that...

    "And yes, I am an American living in Canada. (Hence the nick -- CannedAm.) I like it here. There are things about the states that I miss, but my love is here and this country has things to offer that my own does not. Things that make my quality of life much better than it ever was in Ohio. Guess I'm stuck here. Though there's a nice spot in the Appalachian hills where I'd love to spend my retirement!"

    you have been educated but can not think. you emote and then you emote some more. you can't see two feet in front of your face and you have never looked in the mirror. in short, you are the child of privilege dealing with your guilt by knocking the doers and achievers... please stay in canada. but do come back here as often as you like because you are a true-blue way-left liberal... and some people do not believe you exist... they believe people couldn't actually be as stupid as that... but there you are. have fun gardening! please tell me you grow marujuana, it would just make the picture so perfect!