Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pass Me the Victory Gin... NOW!

This is so sweet. If I had been forced to watch this as part of some mandatory 'customer satisfaction' indoctrination I would have already stabbed myself in the eye with a pencil. As it is, I found it on youtube looking for actual footage of patients going berserk in actual ERs (can't find any).

This doc, who seems a lot like Mr. Rogers, tells us that everyone in the ER deserves to be treated 'like a family member'.... well guess what folks, everybody's got that crazy Uncle who cooks meth in his trailer in the woods (and spends most of his time in prison)... Do you roll out the red carpet for HIM when he makes parole? I didn't think so.

The physician in the ER, and the nurses, and the staff, deserve respect for their positions and their expertise. The patients themselves deserve our best as clinicians and either deserve our respect and kind treatment or not depending on how they behave in the ER.

I don't get how they all deserve to have us grovel and kiss their asses simply because they are breathing within our ER. They aren't customers, so few are paying.... So this video is just nauseating, and, if I'm not mistaken, advocates lying. I guess lying is okay if it helps the Press-Gainey... Got it.


  1. This almost seems SNL. Too funny!

  2. What, you already burned through your ration of Victory Gin? Tough cookies, I'm not sharing mine...

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  4. OK, see if I can type this before the next Predator fly by...
    Just a few random thoughts on Doctor Homo, I mean Friendly...
    1: First Impressions Count, I can't take anything seriously from a guy with a Richard Nixon haircut.
    2: If I was President, first thing I'd do after the Executive Order authorizing a $1,000,000 bounty for every Lawyers Penis presented (with valid ID of course, the LAWYERS ID, to prove the disembodied Penis's bona fides, and because I don't believe in requiring ID for anything except DVD rental)to any US Post Office, would be making the word "Health Care Provider" the new "N-Word", Oh, you can say it, but only at risk to your physical/professional status.
    3: Emergency "Department"??? I HATE effin British Medical-lese, and I'm almost happy that English will be the "Second Language" the majority will have to lie and say they understand on job applications. Almost enough to make me take some Laudanum with paracetomol...
    4: Take the patient a pillow??? Somethin tells me Dr.-light-in-the-loafers takes it up the rear, I mean does that alot.
    5:Offer the patient "more pain medicicne" what if the patient's Keith Richards? Rush Limbaugh? Me, I mean Olympia Dukakis? 10:1 Dr. Don't ask Dont Tell has stock in a private Drug Rehab facility.
    6:Treat the patient like a family member? First of all you can't its unethical, just like having sex with a family member, which is totally creepy, except that time I made out with my Cousin, I mean
    What if the doctors Scott Peterson? Charles Manson? Bing Crosby????
    its enough to make me rend my garment,
    umm OBL's having a "Team Building" meeting at 0900, gotta go,


  5. Boy this guy is full of cliche's and marketing 101 phrases. "They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." If I only had an oxycontin for every time I've seen, heard, or read that one.

    I never have bought into the whole MDs versus DOs thing but after seeing this little video, why is my first thought, "What do you expect from a DO?"

  6. MD... DO... don't matter... spineless drivel. where is hawkeye pierce?

  7. I'm still alive you mutha'!!!

  8. I might be a little prejudiced, cause my Great-Great-Great-Grandpappy fought alongside Confederate General Nathan Bedford Rosenbaum(of"Charge the dummest the mostest"fame)cause I went to an MD school, and got rejected by the one DO school I applied to, and I know, that "MDs Rule" bumper sticker probably didn't help, things, or my doctors note excusing me from any "Hands On" patient contact due to my Germophobia, I mean "Global Aquired Immune Deficiency"or GAIDS, which was a cool fake disease to claim you had until AIDS came out and ruined everything.
    Where was I? oh yeah my Germophobia, do you know I even wear gloves to make love to my wife...don't wanta leave fingerprints if I forget the "Safe" word...WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh yeah, I LOVE DOs, there like the Washington Generals* of Medicine, they dress like Doctors, and speak the language, but you always know Meadowlarks gonna switch in that ball filled with helium when the score gets close...
    Seriously, some of my best Spank Bank withdrawals were from this hot little filipino DO who gave the best foot massages,
    I mean "manipulations" he,
    I mean SHE was great...


    *Washington Generals, Comic foil basketball team that lost like 100,000+ geames to the Harlem Globetrotters

  9. This is exactly what I thought Happy Ho looked/sounded like before he posted a picture of himself.


  10. Frank! What happened to your blog?????