Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conscripts 'R Us

I don't know why it took so long for a physician to put forth this argument except for the presence of lawyers in our midst. I mean, all of us have lawyer friends and while we may be able to say primum non nocere they can say res ipsa loquitor, and, more importantly, convince courts to take our homes away.

Exaggeration? Sure, a bit. But perception is reality and doctors DO feel as if ANYONE they take care of, given a bad outcome, a stroke of fate, a lighting bolt, as it were, could take away their homes, and their lives, and everything they have worked for.

A reasonable fear? Maybe not... but we don't control the congress. So what of this argument?  The argument that if there is a 'right' to health care that physicains and nurses become, at best, indentured servants, and at worst, slaves?

The reality is on display in every ER across the country. We have been reduced to the status of technicians of medicine. We do not set the rules in the ER, we have no right to refuse service to anyone, and we can be fired or sued on a whim. We have been relegated to the Jim Crow areas of the ER... tiny back rooms where we can, if we are careful, enjoy a soda or a cup of coffee. And for all of you taking righteous umbrage at this comparison, suck on this.... I am a native American of both Caucasian and Melanesian descent and I know people of trans-gender status who have relatives who know people who have relatives that were slaves and in concentration camps and were made fun of for being people of short stature.

Rand Paul, keep on kicking-ass brother. I only wonder why there isn't a line of physicians behind you saying the same thing. Do I believe I am a slave in the common sense of the word? No, by no means... I was free to leave, and I did. And so will many more. What will be the consequence when all that cotton lies roasting in the field? Haha. Are you pissed yet? Good. Glad to have helped... but I'm looking for a logical, not emotional, refutation of Dr. Paul's statement.


  1. Rand Paul is Da Man!!!!
    and no Homo, but any dude who pokes the American Board of Opthalmology in the eye and starts his OWN board deserves a good firm hand shake IMHO.
    OK, his Dads an Idiot, except for legalizing Heroin, and Prostitution, and allowing business owners to kick people out of there stores for any reason, including Race, Religion, and National Origin...
    I mean whats the point of owning 10% interest in a Pawn Shop if I can't kick shady characters out?? Yew gonna set my shop on fire??? I wish...
    And remember the "Sopranos" episode where Tony takes Meadow up to New England for her College interviews, and he spots this dude who turned states evidence 10 yrs earlier and went in the Witness protection program, then Garottes him before nonchalantly picking up Meadow...
    Where was I? oh yeah Garotting no good dirty rotten rats, which is what I'd like to see happen to all the lawyers...
    except for my Guy Marv, he's Gooodddddddd......


  2. I will make a trivial comparison, but perhaps apt. I am a biologist by choice, but have to pick up work wherever I can find it, not because I am not good at what I do, but because most of the profession has been taken over by bureaucrats, leftists, and (believe it or not) lawyers.

    The difference that makes my comparison trivial is that I am NOT required to work without being paid for my work. It takes two more years of school to have that privilege.

  3. CJRun, you rock. How did lawyers and bureaucrats do this? I know part of it is that we never said 'no', and we never said, 'well then you do it', but wow.

  4. Americans have a right to due process, a speedy trial, and judgement by their peers. Does that make judges, court staff, lawyers, and jury members "slaves" as well?

  5. interesting point, William. but i don't think the analogy holds, for, to get to a trial and to receive due process puts one in the category of having committed or at least having been accused of a crime. in other words, one can not simply come to a court and say, 'i want a speedy trial', and get one for whatever seems to be troubling him at the time.

    however, this same person CAN stub his toe, pick up the phone, call 911, be transported to my ER, and be checked in and evaluated simply because he demands it. I can not, in the ER, say to him, 'get out, you aren't hurt', nor can the EMS crew refuse to transport, and, even if this person IS NOT A US CITIZEN and has, say, a small sub-ungual melanoma that is not obvious or even visible at the time, this same person, after never paying a dime for this visit, can, two years later, sue me for malpractice, and probably win, for missing the melanoma diagnosis. so no, i don't think this is at all the same thing.

  6. Well, I saw this and it seemed apt:

    "If you think you have a right to force me to pay for your health care, then why don't you have a right to force me to pick your cotton?"