Saturday, May 14, 2011

Radiology Rounds

The film is interesting.... There's four or five findings of significance. But the story behind it is even better and I will tell it after you guys get a crack at this one.


  1. Fractured sacrum, degeneration of the left femoral head, and a....positive.....but upside down?? throckmorton sign??


  2. And L superior pubic shear? I suck at xrays.


  3. Oh my.

    Skateboarder vs. stair railing?


  4. Jeezus 9-11, whats with your Penis Fixation????
    Oh yeah, your a (choke) Bulldog (choke) fan.
    And did you know the last time UGA won the BCS Jimmuh Carter was president, and I remember my old Bulldog Fan Grandfather deriding my choice of college with "There'll be a N-Word in the Whitehouse before Auburn wins a National Championship!" he said before spitting his "Day's Work" chewin tabacky into an old Lousianne chickory coffee can which is what he always did to emphasize something profound, or after pointing out the technical inaccuracies of "Dukes of Hazzard" (Dar t'aint No Hazzard County in JawJaw!)
    OK, he was right, and only reason I went to Auburn was they didn't do background checks, I mean the top-knotch Agricultural and Engineering curriculum. And if a pregnant Sow ever shows up in my exam room I'll be able to calculate her due date right before I shoot her right between the eyes...
    OK, I wouldn't really shoot a pregnant Sow, its economically unsound...
    Buttt....I'll play "Overpaid-Probably-Sad-That-Bin-Laden's-Dead-Won't-Make-a-Diagnosis-Even-if-Waterboarded" Radiologist...
    and you know the real secret of the Bin-Laden compound?
    He financed the whole operation doing Nighthawk wet reads...
    Seriously, did you ever notice every radiology dictation sounds like a Bin-laden video?
    Oh yeah, the films, rotated, deviated, and penetrated more than Paris Hilton...

    Allahu Akbar,


  5. frank,
    as you know i work now for the gub'mnt and it's no longer frowned upon to love the cock and be in the armed services.... i mean if you are a chick or a dude... doesn't matter, so lay off dude... i just like penises okay....

    but seriously, MS1, not bad.... if you can see a fractured sacrum then i'll eat my shorts, but, interestingly, in the past this patient was noted to have an SI joint stress fracture. The throckmorton is slighly positive as you say, and that hip... wow, the hip....

    No one is quite sure yet about this hip, but the consensus after talking to the patient and talking to the radiologist is that this is congenital, or, perhaps, legg-calve perthes disease.

    This ACTIVE DUTY male either didn't bring up his leg length discrepancy when he joined OR actually didn't know, because he made it through all the initial training and graduated advanced training, and, ever since, has been taking and passing all of his physical fitness tests, which include a timed two mile run.

    So wow. Good for you dude, you are one tough MF'er. But the other point is that had I taken this Xray in the ER the story would go like this.....

    28yo white male out of his oxycontin and requesting extension of his disability and renewal of his handicapped parking permit and food stamps. patient demanding and angry with staff and calling lawyer on his cell phone... when he threatened my life i had him arrested and escorted of the property.

    i love my new job. and as to the future of this patient... his duty will be modified so he can put off his first total hip replacement as long as possible... probably not smart to have him carrying forty pound packs around on 12 mile road marches.

  6. and Frank,
    the dawgs won in 1980, the end of the Carter presidency... you should therefore hope that in 2012 the dawgs do it again... if not, we may turn into France.

  7. sounds like a chit surfer to me.


  8. OK, no Homo, but guess someones gotta save a life here..
    Looks like that left nut's a little catty-wompus.
    And I know its stupid to ask, but did you palpate to make sure its not Lance Armstrong's disease?
    OK I never checked a nutsack either...
    and weren't the old days better when Pro Athletes got testicular cancer and they just died and had "ABC Movies of the Week" made that scared the B-jesus out of me..
    Of course my Dad told me Brian Picolo got cancer cause he had a Black Roommate, heck they used to think estrogen PREVENTED Heart attacks...

    hey UGA VIII(IX?) just Died!!!!!!
    just kidding.


  9. shit. I was going to guess he fell in the shower and his "girlfirend's" dildo somehow got "stuck"