Saturday, November 12, 2011

Can any of you ER docs out there explain this ad?

Who are they marketing to? I mean I know Drackman is going to buy a sono-site machine because of the hot blond and will make a joke involving the word 'probe', but serisouly. WTF? This is the worst commercial I think I have ever seen. Better than an MRI? For what?

"So when's the MRI"

"Don't need one... she's got something better."

"Why yes she does, and if I could just get her to drop that shitty machine I'd be all up in it too."

And later...

"See anything doc?"

"Yes, it's like a penis, only smaller."

And don't expect the snappy Frank comment tonight... probably stuck in traffic coming out of Athens. Man, that's going to be a crappy drive for Frank.


  1. Thanks 9-11...
    and if you pause at :05 you'll see a perfect example of how high heels accentuate a womans gastrocnemius. And is it my bifocals but is the soccer player at :21 doing what I think she's doing?...

    Jeez-us, my butt hasn't felt like this since that Jerry Sandusky football camp in 74'... And say what you will about the guy, he stops for School Buses.Haven't been to Athens since that crazy Professor shot his wife in some hoity-toity theater. And can you believe they got pissed when I tried to draw one of those "Chalk Outlines" on the sidewalk...
    Butt seriously, I'm happy whenever a member of my Tribe makes a name for himself on the National Stage. Aaron Murray, Mark Spitz, David Berkowitz.And heres hopin your over-rated-dope-smokin-dreadlock-wearin-1982-playbook-playin-Athletic-Director-fired-for-pickin-up-a-Hooker- beats those Nerds from Tech...

    Frank "your team cheated" Drackman

  2. All I can say is....

    HORN FRAWGS 36 boyzee co-moonity collage 35!!

    The last time we ever have to hear "Heisman candidate" kellen moore from a talkin' head again. And we saw a nice welcome to the stage game for the next NFL QB from that little school down in the Great Republic of TEXAS, Casey Pachall. He's from Brownwood TX so no questions about hows he say his name. 480 yds passing, 5 TD's, 1 for 75yds, the next goes 74, and the next 68! A run for 2 pt after(so he doesn't have to kill our kicker after the game!) and a slighty pressurized 2 pt pass for the winning pts. The boy may not be able to read but he can sling..And maybe best of all we end the blew terf curse for all time for everybody and we will never have to see that blew shit again. Once was enuff. Clashese with purple really bad. And I don't wanna hear shit 'bout the SEC or Big 12. This is a "rebuilding" year for TCU remember?? We lost 14 starters! And that red headed QB we had the last 4 yrs..Oh he's just starting for Cincy in the League. And we were supposed to be a running team this yr, OK? Gary Patterson's going to the Urologist Monday to get fitted with a big pair of brass ones!
    let the Purple Reign in the Big 12 begin!!

  3. frank,
    only you could spot that, but let's see... hot pseudo doc touching female soccer player's leg.... female soccer players have high proportion of 'same team' players... I think you have it right frank...

    aren't you guys going to the big east or some shit? nice win, have fun travelling to Syracuse. damn, would rather have you guys than mizzou in sec.

  4. Quick, where does she work...I need to get hurt.

    Run ads like this so people will pay attention to the TV. Next week she plays hot blonde pharmacist for Walgreens.

  5. Al,
    how does it feel to be SO popular? everyone, it seems, who comes into the ER wants you!

  6. They are marketing to the government.

    Out: Expensive MRI's ordered by old docs.
    In: Inexpensive whatever's delivered by cute, inexpensive technicians.

  7. AMG,
    nice thought... love how this smokin' hot doctor-like person has the whole 'HOUSE' sensibility going on like her butt smells like roses and she shits diamonds and how dare you talk to her. I LOVE that in MY doctor.

  8. 911, you know me so well.

    Hotness doesn't hurt anyone except, well those who are not hot.


  9. Dammit Old Fart, I typed a whole Screed totally slamming the fraud that is TCU football, and sent it to my Mom by mistake..damn Bifocals...
    But I'll recap:
    1: First of all, nobody knows what Conference your in it the WAC? Conference USA? Sun Belt?? and I watch alot of College Football..
    REAL College football, i.e, the SEC, occasionally I'll watch a little Big 10 for laughs.
    2: So are you moving to the Big 12 that has 10 teams(or is it 8 with Missouri and A&M leaving)or the Big 10 with its 12 teams?
    3: Congrats on renovating your stadium to a whole FIFTY THOUSAND capacity!!!!!oooohhh Ahhhh...
    There's 50,000 people in line for the urinals at an SEC game...
    4:and way to slam the one decent team you've beaten this year, the same Cow-munity-College that Jerry Sanduskied some TCU butt in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl IIRC...
    5: and I know its entirely theoretical like time travel or the prospect of a White President, but if you ever hope to be in a BCS championship game, ya gotta PRAISE your opponents, like how Nick Saban's gonna say Georgia Southern could beat the 75 Steelers...
    6: You lost to SMU!!!!!!! Who even knew they got there team back??


  10. Frank, you need to get back on your medicine. We lost our whole team last year. And we re-loaded MF! Didn't rebuild. We are the whole MWC!
    We can't help it we have 6000 students because we actually read the applications! How many does every school in the se-least have? Minumum 40,000??
    And we actually graduate our athaleets! With degrees that that fewer than 50,000 people alive possess.
    Oh and we play our GA Southworsts at the start of the season not at the end so we can rest our team..

  11. OK Oldfart, I dont usually like to abuse elders but I'll make an exception..
    "Lost your whole team"?
    Did you lose a Heisman winner?
    Umm thats the award for the best player in College Football, you probably forgot since TCU hasn't had one since 1938, you know back in your junior year...
    Ditto with the Lombardi award, the best Defensive Player, which no Horny Frog's ever won..
    And do you hear me whining?
    Well, not about players leaving, I save it for the corrupt Refs/NCAA enforcement division/Nick Saban..
    And not sure what enrollment has to do with Football, but wikipedia saya that Vanderbilt, who would beat TCU like Ike beat Tina BTW, has 6,794 future losers...
    and what is this "Graduate" thang you speak of.. Just kidding, and Cam Newton's gonna get his degree..
    JINX!!! Who gives a Rats Patootie if he can get a "C" in "History of Jive"? Just Win Baby..
    and with the exception of Boise State, which people respect in the way that Ron Jeremy is respected, your entire schedule is Georgia Southwesterns, in fact, if TCU finishes hinger than 6th in the Big 12(10? 8? I'd be impressed if you could even tell me who'll be playing next year) I'll lick a horny Toad...

    Frank "Graduate of the current BCS/SEC Champs(hey I've got 2 more months to say this) Drackman

  12. The entire ad is kinda summed up between :13 & :16. ".. A real doctor.. You don't need one"
    Thanks for telling me. Let's see a sono-technician stick the probe up that female athlete's vagina to look for ligament tears & then we'll talk!
    Thanks Frank for that awesome :21 observation, I'd almost switched off after the exasperated coach yelled, "We don't have a backup!"

    If only our technicians looked not-so-garish, life would be that much better

  13. Frank, get your tongue prepared. Horny Frawgs got big stickers! Maybe you can practice on Sanbuttsky's ass..Last time I looked, TCU was the only team in the nation with a winning record against OU alltime. They are the only "beeg school" team with the balls to schedule us.

  14. Jeez-us Old Fart, think you gotta bad batch of Namenda...
    and 2 of these games took place while I was actually attending THE 2010 SEC/BCS NATIONAL CHAMPION Auburn University, and I don't remember em...maybe I need the Namenda..

    September 5th 1981, Auburn 24 TCU 16
    September 13th 1980 Auburn 10 TCU 7
    October 22, 1966 Auburn 7 TCU6

    thats 3- Nill last time I checked...


  15. I just want Frank to set his alarm at home, on his Iphone, and elsewhere to sound off at 6:15 every day this year.

    Why 6:15?

    Because for an Auburn fan it's 45 to 7 all year long in Georgia!

    How 'Bout Them Dawgs!!!!!

  16. Dr Dawg,
    first of all F*** you, your mother, and the F-150 you were conceived in.
    Oh I'm sorry, it was an F-250...
    Nothing Personal, but Auburn fans take our football seriously, unlike some schools I could name, who schedule Vanderbilt every year, and finish there season with an irreverent ACC rival...
    We make Elie Wiesenthal look like friggin Mr. Rogers, which is why Doug Barfield is still in hiding somewhere in Brazil.
    He was an Auburn Coach from the 70's who sucked so bad he cheated, and still couldn't win, which is why we fired his ass after 4 years, which was like 3.9999999999999999 too many.
    and I'll ignore how sad and pathetic that a grown man identifies himself by his colleges mascot, a singularly ugly and stupid breed that eats feces and is suited for nothing but the jobs even illegal aliens won't do.
    and the ugly and stupid breed I'm referring to is "Georgicus Bulldogius Fanius", I love UGA LXVIII or whatever your up to now...
    Do I call myself "Dr. War Eagle"? "Frank Tiger"? Dr. Strangetongue?
    Oh yeah I do, my bad.
    And if it wasn't for an Auburn Graduate, Georgia wouldn't have the one pitiful National Championship they have, back during the Carter administration...
    So enjoy your victory, your upcoming Jerry Sandusking in the Dome, and say what you will, he didn't rape little boys on national TV..

  17. OMG. I think we've finally found a suitable playmate for Frank.


  18. Hey Old Fart,
    I watched a few plays of that thrilling TCU/CSU game yesterday...
    I know, My team played that Terror of the Southern Conference, Samford.
    By accident, thought it was a Georgia AA Highschool playoff game, you know, the rinky dink stadium, Scoreboard with "Guest" instead of the visiting team's actual name...
    But the size of the Crowd gave it away.
    Georgia Highschool Playoff Game Crowds are bigger.

    Frank "TC-Who?" Drackman

  19. Oh I forgot..
    "Visiting Team has to dress in the Parking Lot"
    Thats Awesume, in fact I'm gonna send a personal letter to my close personal friend Cecil Newton, I mean Gene Chizik, suggesting the 2010 SEC/BCS CHAMPION AUBURN TIGERS make there opponents dress in the Jordan-Hair Stadium Parking Lot, which isn't much bigger than the parking lot of a Qwik-Trip BTW.


  20. So we don't like the visiting teams taking their shits in our plumbing! You ever seen the pile a ram can make? BFD..
    And the reason is the stadium is being renovated to the tune of $125mil..And I see where Auburn is running all over trying to schedule us again..Probably remember we went into Death Valley and beat Clemson 3-4 yrs ago
    And why are you rankin' on my school anyway? I not going around slamming Auburn. I mean how would it look if I was making fun of a school that requires a double digit SAT score for admittance to it's hallowed halls of education?

  21. $125 million??
    thats like more than Auburns paid our players, I mean "Student Ath-uh-letes" in the last 20 years...impressive.
    And We don't take the SAT in Alabama, we take the ACT, which is shorter, so we can get home in time to watch our 2009/2010/SEC/BCS NATIONAL CHAMPION football teams...
    Seriously, I answered "C" to every question on the last section of the MCAT so I could catch the last 1/2 of Auburns 1982 home opener...


  22. Yogesh Kumar molests collies.