Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thank You, Emergency Docs

And nurses, and techs, and clerks. This is my first full holiday without any ER obligation in a LONG time, and guess, what? It's GREAT.

But I tell you where it is most certainly NOT great, and that's in your local ER... It's busy there and has been crazy-busy since Tuesday and will remain so through Monday at least as all the local docs who have taken the week off trickle back to the office and wonder why they didn't take one MORE day off.

Thanks ER folks. No one knows how important you are until they do. No one knows you guys don't have holidays, and no one knows that the holidays are the worst kind of chaos for you. You try to put on a brave face and you decorate the ER and you may have some holiday music on, but it's hardly a holiday.

Thank you all.


  1. amen.I laughed when I was asked what I would be doing with my extra time off over the holiday.-Yvonne RN

  2. I LOVE workin the Holidays..
    especially Easter and X, oh excuse me, JesusChrist-Mas. And how come you Christ-ians only celebrate the beginnings and end of your false Saviour's life?
    How bout His first tooth? Facial hair? Piece of Ass?
    And you know Hey-Zeuss was a hit with the Ladies, he was 1/2 MAN after all...
    OK, thats about it, I'll be workin 12-25, no extra pay, but thats only cause I take a month off for Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanna, and the other one...


  3. I'm dreading working in the ER, a lot of holidays will overlap with my time there. While it's always interesting to hear a drunk man narrate how he manged to get that bruise on his cheek or that chair's leg up his ass, I'd rather be home sleeping instead.
    The funniest thing happened the other night when I was on-call in surgery. Two rival gangs who'd gone at each other allegedly with choppers and knives showed up around 10 minutes apart at the gate!! Talk about fresh lacerations to suture

  4. Oh this is SO true! It makes the rare holiday off that much more incredible! Glad you were able to have a thanksgiving off!

  5. Jeez this blogs quieter than when my "Horst Wessel Lied" ringtone went off during Mrs. Drackmans Kaball-a study group...
    Congrats Old Fart on TCU getting a "Major" Bowl Bid...
    The LAS VEGAS BOWL, with its (Dr. Evil Voice) One MILLLLLLLLLLLL-ION dollar payoff...
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    thats almost enough to pay next year's recruiting class..

    Frank "SEC rules" Drackman

  6. Everybody needs a holiday every once in a while. I hope the next time you get a few days off, you get to really enjoy and relax.