Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boring is Good

Okay Frank. Here's a post for you. The one redeeming thing about working the ER was that I was never at a loss for material. These days "boring" is the word, and a glorious word it is indeed.

In fact, I recall a very similar post from the MIA Lofty Zahari not too long ago.

Here's my day now... Not sick, orthopedic issue, orthopedic issue, orthopedic issue, not sick, physical exam, orthopedic issue, lunch, work out, administrative time, not sick, orthopedic issue, go home.


And I'm over the self recriminations like 'You are wasting your talents', and 'the ER needs you', and all that crap. You know who needs me? My family. So piss on all you haters out there.... all you ER abusers, all you folks looking to hitch your wagon to the disability train/ drug dependency train/ or lawsuit lottery train. Screw you all.

I'm bored, and I love it. No one pukes on me, no babies die, and no mother f******* administrators come to talk to me about 'customer satisfaction scores' (and step on their vanishingly small dicks while I try to manage chaos they have created).

Screw all of you. I'm on a permanent vacation and getting paid too, oh, and, uh... you guys who pay taxes.... You are paying me. It's so sweet! I couldn't beat them, so.... well, you know the rest. Now to get the sex change and go gay so they can never fire me. I'm looking forward to having boobs.


  1. It's not comfortable to sleep on your stomach if you have boobs, 911. In the summer when it's hot you will want to wear your bikini everywhere, but you can't.

    You need to think this through.


  2. Funny that Lofty goes silent almost the same time Bin Laden gets a 5.56 NATO lobotomy...
    In the Navy, you can sail the 7 Seas, I mean, we used to have this friendly competition to see who could go the longest in Sick Call without seeing any real physical pathology, you know, something tangible you could put your hands on, torn ACL, Grungy-rea, Breast Mass...
    And since the Second Marine Division didn't have any women, the only breasts you saw were Doris at the Base Bowling alley...
    Had a streak of like 7 weeks when this Malingerer with "The Worst Headache of my Life" came in, which might have been a useful HPI nugget back before even illiterate Crack babies can wax eloquently about "NNT"s from watching too many "the Doctors" episodes...
    But I did like Spike Lee, make a shitty movie with racial sterotypes that would get a White Director Black listed for decades, I mean "did the right thang"
    Went to the Rifle Range and let the PA take care of Mr-My-Head-Hurts...