Thursday, January 26, 2012

Intranasal Bloody Casts

Oh joy. With my turbinate shaved down and mostly gone (middle turbinate) there was some bleeding, well, a lot really. And then I've got these silastic rubber splints sewed into the medial septum bilaterally, so, along with a bandage on the end of my nose there's no place for the blood to go. So it piles up back there and now the fun begins. I have had, and pardon me for bragging, the most tremendously large bloody casts migrate out from the inner sanctum of my very violated nose (with the assistance of a finger of course). These are big enough to flick at least twenty feet across the room. But I would never do that. They do take a hell of a long time to dissolve in the toilet though. Joy.


  1. So, worst pain ever? Did anyone ask you to rate your pain using that highly accurate rating system, and if so, please tell me you said "15".

    And if you are worrying about dwindling readership, you may have blogged your way to a whole new readership using these highly searched terms in your descriptions: gag, back, throat, tons of mileage, back of my throat i want to cough up, sucks, bleeding, rubber, inner sanctum, violated, assistance of a finger and for the really unique fetishes, paralyzes. Speaking of Frank, what's up with your site? I miss it.

  2. oh wow,
    cant' believe I forgot to mention it. turns out I was written for one to two percocet every four to six hours for pain. and as anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows, the deal with percocet or lortab is that you get an adult dose of Tylenol with it. but if you only give one, you defeat the purpose and do basically jack shit for pain. so they tried to give me one percocet in my last night in and I said I needed two. the nurse said, 'but you said your pain was a five and we can only give it if it's a seven'. no shit, I almost had to choke her out. but I scratched my chin and swallowed and said..... 'hmmm, nope, it's a 7.25'' and I got my second percocet.


  3. @ the Week...
    had to put Frankie's Hideout in Hiding, something about Mrs. Drackman not appreciating Me having her Sister in my Spankbank...
    @9-11 hey at least they didnt offer you "Bio-Feedback", like I got with my Rotator Cuff...
    Works great, especially if you suck on a 200 mike fentanyl lolipop first...

  4. I don't find narcs worth much for me. I've had abd surgery and just dealt. Of course I had a lot of pain leading up to it, so I had some coping mechanisms developed. Really you gotta watch those and your tummy. You sure don't want nausea on top of the throat swelling triggering the barf reflex.

    Oh and stop picking your nose!


  5. This thread is useless without pictures....and don't forget a quarter for reference! ;-)