Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"You Are Going to Hate Me"

Last words my surgeon said before popping off the OR (above).

I love honesty, I believed him, but I don't hate you Doc. Hate the way I feel for sure. Hate the feeling like I want to pick these stents out of my nose and the feeling that I have something in the back of my throat that I really want to cough up.

But, all in all, I guess I'm doing okay. This sucks, make no mistake, but it needed to be done.... I mean, for my second career and all.

Oh, and I hate, at the moment, all manner of Electrocautery, Sharp blades, Rongeurs, and bone burrs. And I don't even have any love for the narcs.... Just not helping that much. More to follow dear dwindling readership. More to follow. Off to call the Waaaambulance.


  1. Dwindling Readership??
    I think its that Grumpy-HomoRN driving the Poontang away. And despite what they say, Chicks don't really dig Homos, its just the politically correct tang to say, like how I picked my daughters %99.99999999999 Non-People of Color Private School for it's chess club.
    And you don't take narcotics for pain, dummy, I mean you can, but you just waste em on those stupid pain receptors..I mean when I got my Rotator Cuff repair, I didn't take ANY of the Oxy's my Sawbones gave me, still got em in the medicine cabinet.
    Well most of em'.


  2. Pain medicine never really helped me either. Especially that one that I hated because it just made me in pain AND the room got spinny. I think I talked to you when I was high on that one, right?

    I hope you feel better soon! It always seems to take forever to feel better after surgery but then a few weeks later you can't even remember how bad it was. I hope it goes quickly for you! Good luck!

  3. The kid said the motrin worked better. The liquid narcotic made her feel like poo and so she couldn't poo.