Saturday, February 11, 2012

More ER Docs Going Solo....

Some time ago I posted THIS. 

A good friend / ER doc just posted THIS.

And the universe inches ever closer to absolute zero. (very dramatic eh?)


  1. Wow - I never saw your cowboy post! How eerie is that? Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Dammit 9-11,
    did the ENT take your balls along with your Tonsils?
    OK, I know your an UGA fan, so I wasn't expectin your link to lead to some hard core anal, but at least one of the Natalie Portman/Scarlett Johanssen kiss photos I've worn calluses searching for.
    Or a cute photo of UGA VIII, IX, or whatever your up to by now, jeez, your Mascot's are gettin to be like Superbowls or French Kings.
    And I've been goin Solo since I was 13 or 14, wait, that's not true.
    Lets see, that Brady Bunch Episode where Marsha falls in love with her dentist aired in 1974, minus 1962 equals...
    since I was 12...

    Seriously, might wants check the suction cannisters, which reminds me of this Nurse in Pittsburgh,
    thats what we called her,

    not "Nurse in Pittsburgh" dammit, "Suction Cannister"


    1. Oh, pu-leeze Frank! Sorry my post isn't lewd enough for you, but since it is not anonymous, I decide to only publish those things anyone can read. Easier to be vitriolic (or more vitriolic) when anonymous!
      However, I was going to try to help you out with those Scarlett Johansson pics, but I can't post links in a reply...
      You should not have any problems finding those pics or her and Natalie- or her and Sandra - or her and a variety of other women! I am starting to understand why she is no longer married to that cute guy anymore....
      So no more calluses - just Google with one hand, and - um, whatever - with the other!

  3. Just be careful Ziabeth with that stuff. I've seen a couple wacky looking MDs who dabble in injectables and end up experimenting on self. Never seen so many puffy-faced/paralyzed odd looking people. There is one gyn in my locale who offers services, and really, someone needs to take that stuff away from her. OMG.


  4. Frank,
    one day you will discover that it's not all about sex. I mean, I think you will... people tell me that it's not all about sex and since so many people say it I guess they are right... it's not all about sex is it?

  5. SCRN- warning noted! Actually don't "use" myself... At least not yet!

  6. @ SCRN,
    I think the botox Bus has already left the station...
    Seriously, Ziabeth's pic looks like one of my jail-bait daughter's jail-bait BFFs..
    and speaking of mixed metaphors, 9-11, at least I satisfy my pre-versions in private, unlike my better 1/2 who's spent over 6 figures on riding lessons, clothes, boarding, vet bills, shi*, her Horse lives better than I do...
    Seriously, what IS it with women & Horses, its almost like its a sexual thang or somethin...


  7. Haven't seen the inside of and ED in years. Don't miss it a bit. Guess that's why I haven't posted in a while. Nuthin to rant about, except Obama force feeding birth control pills to Catholic girls. But I don't get it. Seems like they would want more bastard kids livin off the govt teet. They always vote Dumbacrat. Can someone explain this one to me?