Sunday, February 12, 2012

MDOD Mach 2

When change is in the air it always helps me to consult our spiritual guides, Spinal Tap. Since our awesome contributors of yesteryear have all either gone to prison or fled the country and in order to continue to bring you the absolute best in medical rants from the fruited plain I am pleased to tell you to watch THIS SPACE for two new MDOD contibutors. One is a fellow traveller, a disgruntled ER doc (is there any other kind) who has served in the military, done regular civilian ER work AND academic ER work. She has not chosen her screen name yet but look out, she's got a mean left hook and an attitude that is almost as bad as mine.

Our second new edition is a PA. She serves in one of the branches of our armed forces.... Okay, she's in the Coast Guard, I mean Air Force. Whatever, she's in uniform and she went to one of those taxpayer funded 'academies' that we all hear so much about. I have had the pleasure of working with her at my new guvmnt job and she is a fantastic medical provider who also posseses a stunning left-right combo. Don't cross her, I have seen her employ her academy-learned leadership skills and wow, I didn't know what balls being crushed sounded like but now I do. Eeek.

Okay ladies, chime in anytime, and don't mind Frank, he's probably rubbing one out right now just thinking about your first posts. Frank, go easy on 'em huh?

Ladies, I cede the floor to you.


  1. Jeezo 9-11,
    I was bracin myself for your swan song, cause I know your takin Whitney Houston's death as hard as I am, in fact we almost named our contraceptive failure, I mean daughter "Whitney" cause she was concieved during The Bodyguard...
    2 new Bee-ot, I mean contributors???
    and hopefully they'll give us the woman's point of view, you know, from the bottom...


  2. 911 Doc - I have no idea what you mean when you refer to my "bad attitude"! I am all sunshine and light!