Monday, February 13, 2012

PCM - Prescribing Clinical Mayhem?

So my first question, 911Doc, is just how painful your penis enlargement was? 

You see, I have a patient who just underwent a penis reduction recently and his pain requires oxycontin and percocet scheduled.  Yet somehow, the consultant gets to be busy enough to avoid writing scripts for the narcs, telling the patient to follow up with his PCM.  Unfortunately for PVT Pile, his PCM only has a "community college" level education and slept through the 5 minute class about prescribing narcs in PA school. 

So for your enlargement, was the oxycontin enough, or did you end up going with something stronger? 


  1. I dunno 911.

    I don't think you are well enough to hang around the new chick. I'm not ready to write you back to work yet. She's a little tough. As far as Frank goes -- I'm worried already about seeing a beat-down video posted on youtube.


  2. "5 minute class"?
    beats the "No Minute Class" we took at My Med School...
    and you know they never tought us how to please a woman? Whats up with THAT?
    and I think it was 15 yrs before I realized "Sig" didn't mean "Signature", always wondered why you had to sign twice.
    and No snooty Pharmacist ever called me, they don't make money NOT filling Rx's and when they do call I ask em how can I get paid 6 figures for puttin pills in bottles...
    and whats a PA doin puttin down Community Collgeges? Where did YOU go, some really prestigious Pointy Headed 4 year School like Valdosta State?
    Community Colleges are the BACKBONE of America, training our future Cosmetologists, Oil Change Technicians, and even Yours Truly benefitted from a Community College...
    If it wasn't for some boozy broad with a smokers hack and a bad harelip repair, I still wouldn't know how to make a woman squesl like a pig...
    And every year,
    OK, once every 10 years, I dig deep and write a $10 check to Chattahooche Valley Community College...
    The Foreplay's over America,
    Time to get FUCKE*


  3. The reduction went well and the surgeon got enough tissue to help three burn patients with skin grafts. Of course, when you rub the graft it expands so its not exactly ideal. And my surgeon DID write my scripts, but I feel your pain. Besides is OxyContin really that bad?

  4. Attention all MDOD fans,

    Our Brother Old Fart needs your help.
    Probably caught up in the TCU Marriage-Juan-a scandal, an innocent victim, not his fault they don't have Medical-Whacky-Tabacky in the backward Repubic-lick of Te-jas.
    OK, we don't have it in Jaw-Jaw either, which plays havok on my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome,
    or is it Glaucoma?, been a tad forgetfull lately.
    But seriously, anybody in the greater DFW area, do a brother a solid, and stop by the Harris County Detention Center, see if they've got any Seasoned Citizens without Papers...

    and if your just out there lurking, Old Fart, prove me wrong,