Saturday, April 21, 2012

So What Would I Tell My Child About Medicine?

I would tell them something like this. And a tip of the hat to the wonderful Dr. Leap.


  1. Wow 9-11, long time, no read...
    Thought maybe you'd gone Freddie Mercury on us,
    Not AIDS, "Another one bites the Dust"..
    Or have you been on mission with Brother Richt snipping new born haitians prepuce-s, instead of watching game film or bailing out linebackers...
    And I have only one thing to say about Bobby Petrino,
    He Da Man!, I hope when I'M 50 I'm spending my Sundays with a hot blonde riding bareback..
    And why could't this have happened in 2008, you know when the 2010 BCS CHAMPION AUBURN TIGERS needed a new coach?
    Anyways, Medicine ain't the giggle it used to be, too many Foreigners, don't even speak effin English, you say "hows it hangin Flea" they don't even know what you said..
    And I took the latest Secret Service Scandal to encourage my daughters about a potential career field..
    Not Hooking,
    Secret Service, get to carry automatic weapons, wear cool sunglasses, travel, and you know they'll be lookin for a few good split-tails, I mean XX's due to the recent XXXX rated foolishness...


  2. IDK, 911. That stuff Leap said is cute and everything on a Sunday morning. But, most docs work for The Man. Corporate owns just about everybody in my metro. Nobody cares what is good for docs or me or the future or anything like that. All his little wish article is gonna do is cause admin to come up with a Magnet Status for docs. Then you guys will have to do stupid stuff too (so you will feel like important contributors, etc).


  3. Wow, this is like that uncomfortable silence at an AA meeting, when nobody has anything good to "share"...
    Well I'll jump in, Weekend of May 4-6 I'll be introducing a new character, "Cleetus the obnoxious Bulldogs fan", at the Georgia-Auburn baseball series. Sort of like how Andy Kaufman was Vegas lounge singer "Tony Clifton"...
    As "Cleetus" I'll be wearing a Pony-Tailed Baseball cap, Bib Overalls, T-shirt with Rebel Flag/Marijuana leaf, Cut off jeans, 70's style Tube socks, and wait for it......
    PUMA sneakers..
    Sort of an angrier Kenny Powers*
    And instead of my normal "HEYBATTAHEYBATTAHEYBATTA..."
    I'll be making lewd remarks about the Auburn players Sisters, whose names they conveniently have in the Program..
    And my obscene version of "Take me out to the Ball game" will come in the Second Inning.
    NOT in the break between Innings, RIGHT WHILE THERE PLAYING!!!
    And sure, I'll be "Asked to leave" just like my previous version, "Biff the obnoxious Florida" fan got escorted away from "ESPN College Game Day" in 2006...
    Seems my "I F***** Tebow's Mom" offended some people...

    Cleetus, I mean Frank

  4. frank,
    please youtube it. epic winning.

    i mostly agree with you. i admire leap for remaining out of the jaded/cynical/bitter corner. i admire him for still being able to do it.

  5. As a medical student, I appreciate this article. The financial part makes me sick to my stomach, but it's refreshing to read an encouraging article from time to time, whether or not it reflects real life. Thanks for posting.

  6. Speaking of 'party like a med student'... gee whiz... I don't know about your class but when we were in school in the 90s probably 60% or us would have failed the 'cage' questions... we turned out alright in spite of our 'disease' of alcoholism. what say you?