Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bubonic Plague, Pneumonic Plague, and a Cat

Now Grumpy has already told us that whatever we read in this paper is utter poppycock (so I REALLY doubt this story) but, I must say, that if you have never seen a dead hand on a live person these pictures are very good indeed. And class, questions for you... Etiologic agent of the black plague? Transmitted by? Is the plague communicable? Can it be weaponized?

Sleep well!


  1. Black Plague? Well my great grandfather, George Corley Wallace Nathan Bedford Forrest Julius Rosenberg Drackman said it began in 1619 when.....
    oh..THAT Black Plague

    1: Yersinia Pestis
    b: Fleas (the repulsive biting kind, not the repulsive Internist kind)
    3: Duh
    4: I hope so, or I wasted valuable safe space on a bunch of Z-packs.


  2. Before I read that the Iron Maiden guy was his son, I was sure he had something to do with the whole thing - guess I'm wrong then, and I don't feel like playing if that isn't the right answer to at least etiologic agent or something.


  3. Unfortunately, this story is true. While rare, there are cases of the bubonic plague in the western US. Scary, huh? I guess there's a reason they call it the wild west.



  4. sorry Frank,
    just got back from board review. pure bubonic plague is not communicable, but when it is pneumonic it is. still, I'm not rushing to the bedside nome'sayin?

  5. Board Review?
    Is there something about yourself you should tell us?
    Not Sexual Orientation, no Homo worth his salt would be caught dead dressing like you UGA fans...
    Speaking of Homos, hows UGA looking this year?,
    That Issiah Crowell, HE's gonna rack up some Yardage...
    to bad it'll be for Alabama State
    OK, got the bile out of my system...
    I know, CME's still a solid Tax D, but
    "Psssstt......"(I'm supposed to be surreptitiously "Psssst-ing" you, like I've got a shady business proposition or a hot watch)
    You don't have to actually GO to the CME..
    IF you get audited, and IF they ask to see your reciepts, and IF you don't have them, you'll still probably get a minimum security facility...
    in fact, when I got audited, all I showed the dude was a cocktail napkin from the Palazzo and an opened pack of Trojans(didn't show em a used one, I have SOME class)....
    BUT, I'd scribbled something about Blood:Gas Partition Coefficients on the napkin, so I was golden...
    They actually prefer messy scribbled records that look like they were done at the time...