Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scooping the New York Times

It used to be that scooping the New York Times by a few hours would make your career. Now scooping them by years means Jack-squat. It used to be that promising what you knew you couldn't deliver was political suicide. Let's hope it still is.

Who knew it took ten years to train a doctor? Who knew becoming a doctor was a daunting, expensive, and often thankless task? Who knew EMTALA and Obamacare would wreck our system? Hint!!! Not the New York Times. 

And Paul Krugman is still a pantywaist shill.


  1. Current Medal Count

    US of effin A, Hell Yeah! 11
    Her Royal Majesty's United
    Kingdom of Great Britain and
    Northern Ireland............ 2
    behind even Borat's country...


  2. Hey Frank,

    In answer to your earlier challenge, how about Lindsays Lohan and Wagner?

  3. Ummm maybe in some alternative Universe where the 2 weren't 50 years apart in age...
    its like this...
    Brittany Murphy/Spears!
    and even though one's dead, and the other misspelled, it works...

    and speaking of Britain, current medal count

    USA "Kicking British Butt since 1776" 17
    Britannica 3 (way to pull out that totally Hetero Male Team Gymnastics!)


  4. Men's gymnastics (OMG man-up) I actually watched you guys. PMO, and gave me a headache.

    Romney: Always knew you were a DLRF (you know that I know that you know that I know). But I actually thought you might be able to game-up if you needed to. Apparently, not even that. You are officially on my "really don't want you to get the job" list.


  5. Dumb Little Rich Fuck.


  6. I have spoken!!!

    Now, let it be written.


  7. Sigh. I, once again must sit back and wait for everyone to catch up.

    zzz zzz zzz

  8. Then dial down the obtuse-o-meter for us slow folks.

  9. I'm with SCRN on this one...
    I can see it now, last debate, EICOTUS(Evolver-ic-Chief-of-the-US)pulls out his Birth Certificate, challenges Romney to provide same, or Government Issued Photo ID..
    Turns out Romney hasn't had a Driver's License EVER(have you ever seen him drive a car, and bein a Mormon, never has to show it for a 6-pack of Pabst at 2am)
    and howcome for mere pennies I can speed down the HOT lanes of I-85, in my ZO6, playing "Little Red Corvette" by Prince(Who would have kicked Michael Jackson's Ass), giving the finger to the cheapscates in the free-lanes, but to get MY license renewed I gotta wait in line behind the entire population of Juarez, Mey-he-co???

    Oh yeah, Current Medal Count
    US 57, UK 3
    OK, I just made that up, but I bet it's close...


  10. US 24
    UK 6
    after the first quarter,
    UK missed the extra point


  11. US 37
    UK 15

    damn it, can't anyone play defense???

  12. allright I'm tired of playing with myself..

    Leryn Franco, Women's Javelin

    already got the DVR set for next Tuesday...

    Hot Chicks handling long poles, what more could you ask for?


  13. How about long poles handling hot chicks? That would be the Polish Basketball team when they get home from the Games.

    (ba-room chick)

  14. Don't think we'll be hearing from Grumpy for awhile...
    UK loses to the Good Koreans in OT!...
    I know, Penalty Kicks doesn't play to England's stengths, i.e. beating up opposing fans...


  15. Lollapalooza, day three!!


  16. Ahhh, that day I wait for every 4 years, Americas future, Hope, Change, I get so excited I don't even jerk off for a few days...
    No, not the Stupid Election,
    the Olympic Womens High Jumping Finals!
    Blank Vlassic's out with a Hammy, but its still a deep field, Anna Chicherova, Tia Hellebaut, and my favorite, with legs as long as a Horse, and the face to match,
    and if NBC/MSNBC/CNBC/NBC SPORTS/BBC/Deutsche Welle don't show more than 5 minutes before breaking back to that nailbiting Ping Pong game between 2 identical Chinese dudes, I'm gonna go all Luke 5:36....
    No mass murder, Garment, I'm gonna rend my Garment...
    How come a Jew knows the Bible better than most of you Christ-ians??
    Oh yeah, we invented it,
    the Old part anyway,


  17. OK. Riding your Huffy bike around and around a little track with a few man-made bumps put into it - is not IMHO worthy of being an Olympic sport. Neither is pingpong or handball or volleyball or waterpolo or syncswimming or kayaking... sure you get tired and winded and may fall in any of these, but doesn't mean you should call your fun an Olympic sport.


  18. Final Medal Count...
    US 104
    UK 65
    In YO' FACE Grumpy!!!
    a 4th place finish for a 4th Place Nation...
    But if it wasn't for Merry old Eng-a-land, we wouldn't have the Worlds Greatest Rock & Roll Band....
    the band I'm not ashamed to say I still own the Super VHS of their breakthrough Movie*,
    Not those decrepit Rolling stones, not those "Who" Homos, or the Sex Pistols, not the Kinks, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple,
    The group responsible for more than a few callouses, that Quixotic Quintet of Scary, Sporty, Ginger, Baby, and My fave, the chick Beckham Bends over his knee and drills like a bad tooth,
    POSH Spice...
    I wanna really really really wanna zig-a-zig-ah....


    *"Spice World" 1997. Hey, it made $75,000,000 I wasnt the only one who saw it...

  19. Frank sorry to be late to this, I didn't realise we were playing.

    Population of USA = 314,201,000
    Population of UK = 62,262,000

    Medals USA = 104
    Medals UK = 65

    USA = 1 medal per 3,021,163 persons.
    UK = 1 medal per 957,876 persons.

    So with roughly 5 times the population of the UK you only manage to gain 1.6 times more medals than UK.

    SCRN, got to agree with you. Next it will be Olympic skateboarding or hopscotch.

  20. Everybody should be caught up to me today. There will be a pop quiz.