Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stand Back Pretenders! Olympic Winners Coming!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Representing the French Republic of Ralph Lauren, please welcome Chuck Shick and Lacy Underall...

Mesdames et Messieurs, représentant la République française de Ralph Lauren, s'il vous plaît les bienvenus Chuck Shick et Lacy Underall.

Uh, wait a minute... WTF? FAIL!


  1. See the first sentence of my comment on your previous post. Collapses in fits of giggles at that picture. Laughing stock or what? May I direct you to this,

  2. Grumpy,
    Thanks for once. And nice one on WSC / GHWB. Nicely done old chap!

  3. Grumpy,
    don't make me open up my can of Whip-Deutsch*...
    and if my Uncle Josef Lenin Kruchef Nathan Bedford Forrest Jospephat Drackman-inov hadn't kicked some major Nazi-Butt at Stalin-grad you'd be speakin with umlauts* and glottal stops* and lookin both ways like white dudes do when they tell racist jokes, to make sure the local Gauleiter* wasn't listening...
    let me know when an English-man/woman wins something important, and I mean a REAL English-man/woman, i.e. not some refugee from one of those Islands you traded for a REAL event like Boxing or umm whats got really tough, mean, hardnosed participants..
    Women's field hockey!!


    * in America we have this thing called a "Can of Wup(American for "Whip)ass" that Alpha-Males will threaten to use on another male, often making an intimidating "can opening" gesture, concurrently with the verbal threat.

    *Those little dots the Krauts use so pretentious rock groups can think they look hip and cool...

    *Those hiccup like pauses germans do to sound german

    *See "Emanuel, Rahm, Obama, Barak Hussein

  4. Americans don't wear cravats. Well, not normal Americans, unless they're in a wedding party.

  5. Yes yes Frank we all know you are still there and daddy really is proud of you. Now get back to the children's table, the adults are talking.

    Peggy, where do you see cravats? I see ties on the men and scarves on the women.

  6. I'd be grumpy to if I looked like Jerry Sandusky's strange older brother who went into the Priesthood...
    And what's the deal with all the Jamaicans wearing English Uniforms?? Guess English Loss Prevention is about as effective as English Dentristry...


  7. I guess no-one remembers that Team USA wore berets, manufactured by Roots - a Canadian company - at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. (You know, the Games that Mitt Romney was in charge of running...LOL.)