Wednesday, November 07, 2012

O-Care Incoming

Open post.

Docs, let me know what your plans are regarding O-care. Use the comment section below. Tell me what you do now and tell me what you are planning to do differently (if anything) when Ocare hits.

Look forward to your responses.


  1. I already work for the government so I am not changing anything. I will continue to give the best care I can in a system that, by design or by incompetence, is a rationed care system.


  2. Only taking cash patients-no billing of insurance/no mediscare

  3. Soon, the license renewal process will be linked to accepting the reimbursement of the new health care law and there will be no way to take cash only....this will be here very soon...

  4. I am looking at whether I can retire earlier or not.

  5. 911, this has all got so depressing that you've lost Mr. Sunshine, Frank :(

    I'm sure my little MS1 has already hung himself...


  6. I lurk and read, but don't comment often.

    I don't know how to interpret what SCRN wrote. What happened to Frank? Hoping he is ok!

  7. I had an appointment with one of my docs this week. She has turned into a clerk. She was making entry after entry after entry on her computer, and told me it was going to be required in a few years, so she was getting people into the system now. She was upset that she couldn't talk to me face to face and actually practice medicine. She was disturbed at the entries she was making and murmured something about "Big Brother," which is how she views the system.

    I asked her about retiring, but she told me should couldn't afford to retire (good for me, but sad for her). She said several of her colleagues were getting out.

    I was sympathetic. She thanked me at the end of the visit for indulging her. I felt awful for her, for me, for the loss of freedom, and for the changes to medicine that are not good for anyone, except for those that need bureaucratic jobs because they can't do anything productive.

  8. I'm a 2nd year student. Just can't believe no one is talking to us about it. Like it's no big deal. Maybe because they just don't know yet, but still, so many of my classmates have NO clue what's going on. It's just disappointing to me when it seems like our careers are so much up in the air over it right now.

    1. hand in there little dude, Medicine is still one of the best professions, umm except for Fighter Pilot, OTR Truck Driver, Plumber, Malpractice Attorney,Adult Film Actor, Rock Star, Rapper,
      what am I saying, ABORT ABORT ABORT!!!
      no, don't quit, literally, go into the "Women's Health" racket.
      People PAY you to kill their fetus, every other area in medicine you gotta bust your balls to SAVE people,
      and you'll be doing something that will really change the future for the good...


    2. Hey 2nd Year, You're probably not hearing from your professors because they bought into govt run health care years ago. I work in student health with govt type docs who couldn't run a private practice if their lives really depended on it. They voted for O-care! Good luck to you...and consider dermatology or plastic surgery.

  9. Greta,
    What a great story.
    I tried to open a cash only practice a few years ago and was told by malpractice carriers and coder and attorneys that it would quickly bankrupt me and that I could not obtain malpractice coverage. Glad he has been able to do what he does, but we will all soon work for the government, and, in fact, I do right now because I was tired of fighting to practice as I saw fit. I took a pay cut and there is no way I'm going back to the ER even though it is what I trained to do.